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Consultation Day I made the decision to do this...

Consultation Day
I made the decision to do this because over the last few years i had turned my life around, becoming fit and healthy. I had lost over 20 kgs, my BMI and Body Fat were all in the healthy/athletic range, yet the stupid manboobs would not flatten. I googled a lot of doctors, and sent in a few emails, Cosmos were the first to get back to me, Laura was so friendly and gave me all the information i needed, no matter how many silly questions I asked. I also googled Doctor Joseph Ajaka, and was very impressed, firstly because he had been on television so many times, and also his before and after pictures of male chest reduction pictures were way better than any other doctor i had looked at.So I decided it was Cosmos Clinic I was going to go with.
I visited Cosmos Clinic for my consultation about getting rid of my gynecomeastia (manboobs). The clinic was super fancy, and it’s in Double bay, so I was expecting a bit of a snobby receptionist to greet me, but it was the total opposite, she was so friendly, not fake at all, and really made me feel at ease and less nervous and embarrassed about being at a cosmetic surgery clinic. (The clinic also has free Nudie Juice, which i thought was a major plus!)
I filled out the new patient forms and waited for about ten minutes, reading over the brochures in the clinic. I couldn’t help but notice something in there that I hadn’t really looked at on the website. There were some amazing before and after pictures of average guys with average bellies, transforming into guys with abs, no love handles, and toned chests. I kinda thought, well im already here, why not ask about this procedure aswell. Then Laura came out and it was time for my consult.
Again, another super friendly lady, Laura made me feel at ease, Dr Ajaka should really be commended on his choice of staff, so far they have been amazing! Laura went through the details of the procedure, what would happen and how it works, which was all great. The thing i was most curious about was how long it would be until i could go back to the gym, turns out its around a month, then you can get back into it, slowly making sure you don’t do too much too soon. Which sounded okay with me!
I then asked Laura about what i had seen while i was in the waiting room. What she explained next was amazing. The Vaser Hi Def Liposuction is so accurate that Dr Ajaka can remove the fat from the lines inbetween your muscles, bringing out the abs and pecs you already have. At this point, She could probably tell i was excited about that procedure. She then went to get Dr Joseph Ajaka to assess me and to say hello.
Dr Ajaka was very welcoming, and after a little intro, he went straight into assessing my chest and body, he also had fellow friendly doctor Dr Mitchell Kim with him. As the two talked to each other it was very interesting to hear what they were saying. Every few moments Dr Kim would interrupt and explain to me what they were talking about. Apparently i made the right choice by coming in for my chest, as i had suspected my ‘manboobs’ were not just fat, there was actual breast tissue that shouldn’t be there, which would have meant no matter how much i exercised i wouldnever have had that flat chest i wanted. Dr Kim also mentioned that i would be a good candidate for the Vaser Hi Def on my abs because he could easily feel the muscles underneath my skin. Dr Ajaka then explained some more about the procedure before the doctors left the room. Laura then came back in and i asked about price, it was exactly the same as was quoted on the website, and there was not much difference in getting just my chest done and getting my chest and the hi def done, because i was doing it all at once, so i signed up for the works! All aftercare and any massages were all included in the one price, so i didn’t have to worry about money after paying that one cost. There was a date free only one month away so i paid my deposit that day. Laura then gave me a pill to take to relax me the night before the operation.
Day of Operation
On the morning of the operation i was greeted at the gate by Nurse Tomi, who prepped me for the doctor, taking all the before photos and giving me another relaxing pill. After this i can’t remember what happened. Dr Ajaka did say that the drugs they give you while you are operated on will make you forget everything that happened.
All i can remember is waking up in the recovery bed, only because another nurse was checking to see if i was ok, then i think i went back to sleep again. I woke up a second time and a nurse took the drip out of my arm. Then i think i fell asleep again. Finally i woke up, and Nurse Lisa was there to look after me. I felt a bit woozy, she fixed that up with some chocolate, and i was good to go. Lisa helped me out to the car, and my friend drove me home.
All this time i was wearing the support garment. I was a little wobbly and stiff when i was walking out, no pain yet though. And I’m not sure if i was walking like a robot due to soreness or due to the tight and awkward support garment.
The support garment, is made up of two pieces. One is like a really tight leotard with a zip down the front of the torso. The second piece is a corset, i had to have this as well because i had hi def done to my abs. This corset is the only thing that really got in my way. It has a thick layer of cardboard in the front to keep you straight, I’m guessing so you don’t squash your new abs? But it made getting in and out of cars and even getting up and down out of seats quite challenging, not sore, just awkward. Felt a little bit like an old guy, or a really fat guy.
When i went home after the procedure i was awake for a few hours, then i crashed. I think there must have been some traces of sedation left over because i had a really good sleep.
Day After
Ok so now is when i felt some pain. I woke up with a really sore back. It felt as though you’d been laying in the same spot for days. And you needed to stretch or twist, but you can’t. This is the only pain that i would feel throughout the whole recovery period. It is due to the garment you have to wear, and you’re not supposed to sleep on your side during the first few months, and sleeping on your belly after you’ve had all that work done, is painful. So you are stuck sleeping on your back, and you can’t really toss and turn during the night. This just means once you wake up with a sore back, you have to stay up, it’s too hard to get back to sleep, even with the pain relief, it is uncomfortable. After you wake up and walk around a little, or even sit up instead of lying down, the pain almost immediately goes away. Still no pain from the actual liposuction sites though. I thought i would be very sore.
Today i went back to the clinic for a shower and a massage. The shower is completely private, it is just safer to have it at the clinic, Dr Ajaka said that you may get a bit lightheaded the first time you take the garment off so that is why it is advised to have your first shower at the clinic with nurses and doctors around, just in case. He was right, the first time i took it off i did feel a bit nauseous, but that also could have been because i saw the fluid that was on the garment and on my body.
I had a shower, a very gentle one, i was not game enough to touch anything or wash anything too hard, i just washed enough to get the fluid and blood off me. When i got out of the shower i saw myself in the mirror, i could not stop smiling. I wasn’t even swollen; my chest was flat, no more puffiness or pointiness. My sides were straight, no love handles, and my abs were really defined, no belly, there was no fat anywhere i could see. One of the biggest differences was when i lifted my arms. When Dr Ajaka was assessing me he said he would lipo underneath my arms, under your shoulder blade, i didn’t think there was any point to that. Now i could see what he was talking about. The shape when i lifted my arms up was the perfect v, with bulges underneath my arms, to the side, I looked very defined. It was awesome.
The physio Pam then knocked to see if i was going okay, it was now time for my massage. This was very relaxing, Pam very softly massages the areas that have been treated, and pushes down and along the lines of the abs to push out any fluid build up. It was working too, it tickled a little bit as the fluid seeped out the tiny holes left open by Dr Ajaka. This is to let the fluid come out and help you recover faster. Still no pain, at all. I will keep you guys updated, will post my pictures in a week.

Week 1 ( A bit slow uploading!)

(I’m a bit late updating this, sorry! I wrote it in bed but never got around to uploading it. Better late than never right?)

So, week 1 is over. Still no pain and have had no pain at all since the procedure has been performed. I was taking a couple of panadeine forte a day for the first few days, but that was because i was too scared not to take them. When i went to see Pam on the third day she said to try not to take them anymore, i stopped and there was no pain.
Dr Ajaka came in to see me again, for my one week progress check. He was very happy with the results so far, and pleased with the healing. A few band aids and a massage later, i was ready to go home again. It’s getting more comfortable each day, and now that I am not afraid to shower properly, I feel much better, like im back to normal already!

Week 2

I went back to work at the beginning of this week. No one even noticed the garment. I was a bit slow getting up and down out of my seat, but i just said i hurt my back and no one was the wiser. I’m still going in for massages every few days, and Dr Ajaka pops in every time i go in to see how i am going, he really seems to care how the healing is going and how your feeling about the results, i happened to mention something about a stretch mark i had, from previous weight loss, and he straight away organized a PRP injection for me, to help reduce the appearance of the stretch mark. (Free of charge!)
Every day the swelling seems to be going down. I have noticed that in the morning when i wake up, im less swollen and the results are amazing, this is what it would end up looking like permanently when all the swelling has settled.

Week 3

I'm now past the week 3 mark, and you would never even know i have had anything done. I am in no pain, i can easily get up and down, walk around, go up stairs, everything. I am really keen to get back to the gym, especially now i look good! But i still have another 2 weeks before i can go full on with lifting. So ill just continue walking around the neighbourhood for now. The garment is fine, i have gotten used to it now. I've mastered getting in and out of it in a snap! I'm still going into Cosmos Clinic every week to see Dr Ajaka, he loves to check out the progress. And i get photos taken each week. The PRP is starting to make a difference already! My stretchmark has gotten flatter. Still another week until the final results of that should be shown. So far i am VERY VERY happy. The staff are like my family now, they are so friendly, even after you have paid your money!

I can see the definition even more now too, swelling has gone down a lot this week compared to other weeks. (Check out the pic!) My love handles still feel numb, but that is expected apparently. Its so cool to run your hand over your belly and feel abs!

Week 4

Week 4 past last week and my results are so amazing. The PRP Dr Ajaka gave me for my stretchmarks has worked and it has nearly disappeared. I can now take my corset off for half the day, no need to wear it for 24 hours a day. It's much more comfortable to sleep without it. and when i go out i can take it off for a few hours. it still feels safer with it on though.

My definition is amazing, the Dr Ajaka is very pleased with the results. I have showed my results to my family now, they can't believe how real it looks and how much different i look.

There is still no pain, i have no bruises, hardly any swelling. Yet Dr Ajaka has said that the results will continue to improve! I don't know how it can get any better, but i cant wait to see!

Two and a half years later!

It's been a while and I have been getting people ask for more updates and to answer them, I'm still really happy, it was the best decision I ever made!
The initial results gave me the kick start I needed to start looking after myself, so now I eat healthier and even hit the gym.
My confidence also took a boost which I didn't expect and since about the 10 week point I found myself being more outgoing and generally happier with myself. I'm far from being a vain or a superficial person but since having more defined abs the impacted on my life has blown me away

Two years later

another angle, I had to get a mate to take this one

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