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Hello and thank you for tuning in :) Firstly I...

Hello and thank you for tuning in :)

Firstly I would like to apologise for my grammar and spelling, I am just going to keep typing and not re-read this. I just am doing this to help anyone else interested etc.. so If you do have any issues just email me personally. Okay so I am still in my healing phase, I am about 4 weeks out of Surgery and at this present time I am absolutely overwhelmed with joy! I had Vaser Lipo 2.0 on my flanks and inner thighs and had the fat harvested and transferred to my side buttocks to give me a more hourglass figure. I am quite slim already and athletic built so anything minor makes a big change for my body. I did put on weight for this procedure though, probably about 5-6kg. I did a lot of research and was even considering going to America for this procedure as they have the best surgeons and plus having family there. I didn’t though as I was satisfied with the Sydney Doctors before and after pictures… plus he was very knowledgeable and comforting. I am in my last year of Medicine so I understand the fundamentals of this procedure. Regardless of that I have no specialised so I know it takes about 3 months to get an idea and 1 year to know the actual results for both procedures. I’m pretty sure Vaser liposuction would only take about 6 months to get the results though. Just due to personal reasons I won’t comment just yet on whom the doctor is as every day is different and I am unsure of the foreseeable future results.

I would like to run you through the procedure day and 1 week of healing etc. So before my Surgery day I went to Kmart and bought some harem pants, a long black loose top, some protein shakes and baby wipes. I had also bought a woman’s urinal.. Which you can buy on e-bay…. I was told that it would help with peeing as you can get it on the garment which makes me sick thinking about it. Anyhow the day came and my procedure was at 8am – the doctor did give me medication to take the night before the procedure as apparently it would help with anxiety the next day. It does work the same as Valium however stronger components (It certainly it and made me numb). Okay so back to arriving at the clinic which I did 15 minutes before 8am- I was met by the nurse who took some before photos and grabbed a number of someone who would be picking me up. I was then met by another doctor who put 2 cannulas on each arm. I was then escorted in the procedure room where I was sat down then told to breathe some of the gas. The PS then came in and told me to stand up so he could mark me up .. which he did and then I laid back down. Now this part is completely and utter blur for me… all I remember was the nurse telling me to breath the gas in as I have a tendency of breathing through my nose.. I remember looking at a pump and what looked like my fat .. then before I knew it I was done. I really don’t know how people could actually recollect what happened… even though I was awake.. I literally was falling asleep and couldn’t care less… haha!
So I got out of the procedure where I slept for God knows how long … probably 5 hours! I didn’t react well to the IV sedation … I did throw up quite a lot but the nurse then pumped fluid in me ( which helped a lot). Not long after that my sister came and picked me up from the clinic and I was off to hers. I was given post op care and 2 towels to sit on. I remember going home and looking in the mirror… I was very large.. so I can only imagine that I had just swollen up so fast! I just laid down and chat to my sister, watched movies on my ipad and then fell asleep. I was given a prescription from the doctor for all the medications that I needed to take which my sister happily went out and got for me. I personally don’t believe in medication so I only took the antibiotics and about 6 tablets of the inflammatory mediation plus only 6 pain killers during the first week. The second day I was told to have a shower which I did and unfortunately one of my stitches popped… which totally freaked me out. I went to the clinic office and they confirmed that this was nothing to be worried about and so since I was there I got myself another garment. I strongly advise you to get a second garment as it takes longer than 2 hours for the current garment to dry. When I took my garment off for the first time I was on the bed and I did it very slowly, I had my sister just outside the room if I needed to call her .. I lay down for 30 minutes and then off I went. I was very weird and I felt like a whale.. my vagina was swollen and just everything was odd. No pain though just unconformable. The first three days was okay , I honestly stopped taking the pain medication after the 3rd day as I felt it was unnecessary and had no pain. It was actually one of the easiest procedures I have ever had. I was up and walking the second day and they encourage this to avoid DVT. The 4th day I went back to work… and then had my lymphatic massage.

When I had my lymphatic massage the massage therapist was like … you need to stop having carbs and start drinking water… etc etc. It was a wakeup call as I had been consuming so much bread etc to put on weight for this procedure but now it was done it was time to start eating well again. From that day forth I started drinking 4 liters of water and massaged myself … every morning for 1 hour and throughout the day and when I got home for 1 hour. I ate all fresh vegetables and fish and just changed my diet completely. After 1 week I went back in to get another massage and she commented that my body was doing very well considering it had been only 1 week. I would strongly advise you to rub your lipo areas as much as possible as this will help with your swelling. She then told me then that she only needed to see me the next week 1 time which I did and she could not believe how well I had come along, all my bruising had gone and most my swelling gone. I am now not booked in until my 5th week which will be next week. I will upload some photos and if you have any questions please ask..
Ps arnica tablets and cream are amazing for bruising!

Pre Photos and 1 year Post Op

Very happy. 4 weeks after my surgery my results never changed, fat stayed.

Pre &!post 1 year

Pre photos :)

Pre photos and post photos - 1 year after surgery

Dr Joseph Ajaka

Most amazing human

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