DOT Disappointment - No Change to my Wrinkles

Hi ladies,It's me again, just reporting in.It is...

Hi ladies,

It's me again, just reporting in.

It is now May and I had my DOT Feb.4th and there is still no improvement. I admit I am sixty, but the doc. did say it would help my wrinkles and it hasn't.

I will report back in August when it has been the full 6 months and I'm due for my second treatment. Unless I see some improvement between now and then, I won't have the second treatment.

I sure wish some ladies would post here that had DOT 5 or 6 mos. ago.

It's been six months now since I had the D.O.T....

It's been six months now since I had the D.O.T. therapy.  There is absolutely no change.  When my before and after pics are compared the look just the same.

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