Dont Get Fooled by Thermage Docs

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If i earn bread by selling cigarettes, i will...

If i earn bread by selling cigarettes, i will never talk bad abt them. The case is the same with thermage. If you ask a doc who offers the service, she will never tell you how bad it can be. She will just tell you how great it can make you look. Watch out for it. Don't get conned. I got thermage done from a clinic that advertised it on tv. They sounded great and when i met rhem, they sounded even better and too promising. Seeing the quality of the clinic and the staff, i was sure that this place was great. Well, it was NOT. As soon as the treatment started, i was in hell of a lot of pain. It was burning like crazy. I felt hot and it stung like hell. I just knew that i had made a mistake right there and then. Every time the tip of that machine touched me, i almost yelled . I went through that torture for an hour and i thought that was it. But no, the torture had only begun. My skin became so red i looked like a peeled watermelon. In a few days, my skin was stretching and peeling off. It was like the burnt skin peels off. I got bumps on my face, my eyes were swollen and i was in pain.

This pain went on for more than a month. Thankfully the bumps went away. I have heard about people getting burnt and scarred forever with thermage. God is kind that my scars went away. I did not see ANY improvement in my skin at all. It was back to its old state, just a little red, wierd and dry. Only i know how i lived through that one month of pain and redness. Later on, when my face was back to normal 9 almost), i realised that it had not done anything good for my skin and i wasted money. I couldn't even ask for a refund.

Please do something better than thergmage if your skin really needs help.

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