Don't Put Silicone into Your Body

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The problem with them saying silicone is safe is...

The problem with them saying silicone is safe is that they only studied it for established diseases. If you have symptoms but they can not pin down what is wrong with you you are put into the column of breast Implants did not do anything wrong. They did not make you sick if they can't name it. I had breast Implants 20 years ago and not have a spinal cord implant due to unexplained pain. I have researched this and went to a seminar for doctors fighting against them and there ARE effects from silicone! Silicone moves through your blood! Even if most stays in the pocket some is also in your body. I does thinks to you that doctors don't have names for. The media talked about how silicone was suspected of giving women lupus and other autoimmune diseases. They then reported how the rate of autoimmune was the same with or without silicone. That is true. BUT the FDA did not count women who had atypical autoimmune symptoms that fit in no categories. All us women who got sick with no apparent reason but have implants, the only link between women with these atypical symptoms is Silicone breast implants. Also you may want to research more about the FDA processes and definitions.

For instance splenda is "from sugar". Well the beginning was sugar they changed 3 molecules to try and make a better pesticide. It was sweet and didn't have and calories so now we feed it to kids saying its safe and natural. But with those changed molecules splenda is closer in structure to pesticide than sugar.

I marked worst possible pain from the pain before the stimulator was implanted not the surgery.

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The doctors lie and get sucked up in money and marketing.

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