Don't Even Bother with Saline--silicone Implants Are Unbelievable--absolutely No Regrets.

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First of all, let me clarify--the amount I spent...

First of all, let me clarify--the amount I spent ($10,000) was for TWO sets of implants and two surgeries. $5,000 each. The reason I put the $10,000 was to point out the problem with going with too small an implant the first time and also getting saline the first time.

I had 280ccs saline over the muscle the first time--I was a saggy, deflated B before and ended up a full 36C/sometimes D. They were 100% better than what I had before, but I was never 100% satisfied from the start. I hadn't wanted to go too big because I didn't want it to be obvious, but the implant didn't really fill out the loose skin I had so they were very far apart and I didn't have any cleavage.

After 5 years I decided that if I had spent the money and still wasn't happy after 5 years I may as well stop obsessing about it and just bite the bullet and have them redone. I also had some rippling and, while they were soft to the touch, the saline ones were uncomfortable to lay on if I was on my stomach.

I decided to get 450cc silicone gels--silicone is smaller than saline so that would have been maybe 400ccs saline. They are pefect--I love them and can't imagine having saline again. You absolultely can't feel them--no edges, no nothing--they are soft and feel 100% real. It's been 2 years and (knock wood) I've had no problems and every single day I'm so glad I had them done the right way.

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