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I have had a septorhinoplasty about 12 days ago...

I have had a septorhinoplasty about 12 days ago now. i had a broken nose which was crooked but didnt actually bother me that much, but was closed up on the right hand side and made it awkward to breath.I made the decision to go ahead and have my nose fixed to prevent any future problems.I didnt really think about the outcome too much as i just thaught it would still look like my nose but straighter. I always had a bit of a pug nose anyway but was never unhappy with it, it suited my face. I am now seriously depressed as my nose is complete and does not suit my face, it makes me look much uglier than before and i feel i cant identify myself. I have been reading many stories and a lot say its because it takes time but i just cant see beyond the uglyness im so scared this is how i will stay. It dosnt turn up like most people say theirs did at first, it seems to bend over more and i havent got the little bulbous end that i have been used to all my life. I havent even let my boyfriend see me since ive had it done as i feel so ugly. I feel like my nose is flat even thow it is built up higher than it was before. All i see is ugly ugly ugly and cant see how any swelling will change the shape that i dont like.:(

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