TT, BBL, Lipo F/48 I Want to Be a Duran Doll - Dominican Republic

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I'm a 48 year old Mom of two, full time ultrasound...

I'm a 48 year old Mom of two, full time ultrasound student and a wife. I've been so busy studying, going to bed late and being a Mom and wife that I have let myself go. I started a diet two weeks ago and have lost 13lbs, I still have a lot more to loose because I'm at 222lbs. I'm still researching doctors, I'm interested in Duran and Tania Medina in Dominican Republic. I live in Florida and I'm been told that there are some good doctors in Miami. If you know if any please let me know, I'm in love with Duran and Medina's work but I wouldn't mind staying in the USA. I'm thinking about having surgery in November or December of 2016. I want hips, a flat stomach and some booty.

TT, BBL, Lipo F/48 Mom- I Want to Be a Duran Doll - Dominican Republic

I continue to eat healthy, I'm avoiding sugars, consuming low fat meats and fish, eating my veggies, 2 fruits per day, drinking water and taking multi vitamins and folic acid. I'm 219.lbs, my goal is to be 170lbs, I am 5'8 and have a big frame. My hemo is at 11.4 so I have to work on that while I loose more weight. I don't have a date but I'm leaning towards the end of 2016 or early 2017.

I notice that many ladies are aiming to get a huge, huge booty! Maybe it's because I'm a Mom but I'm going for a more natural look. I'll have to consult with the doctor, because I'm tall. Anyway, here's a picture that I like a lot.
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