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So hello dolls. I'm new to this although I've been...

So hello dolls. I'm new to this although I've been doing research for quite a while. I made the choice after going between Yily, Robles, and Duran....finally I'm stuck on Robles. Now it wasn't easy.

First off, I must say the whole communitication part has been difficult overall. Let's start with Dr. Duran. It took me a while to get a good contact number but once I did SurgiCoordinator was fabulous with answering questions. The only downside is Duran didn't have any openings until April. Yily's assistant responded the fastest and was the most thorough. The only downside are here reviews. Whew, wipes forehead lol. Just read them for yourself. Back to Robles, I absolutely love her work! Im so ready to get rid of this stomach. I'm getting Lipo on my arms, arm pits, full back, flanks, waist, and bbl.

Before pics

Here are my before pics as requested.


I'm still waiting on my female urination tunnel, arm compression sleeves/faja, anti embolism thigh high open toes socks, and my incentive spirometer to be delivered by Amazon. I still have to pick up the rest of my supplies from Walmart and Walgreens today so I can finish packing. I need Arnica gel & tablets, Mederma, Clorox wipes, baby wipes, iodine swabs, locks for bags, and pads. It's sounds like at lot but I've already purchased a ton of items. So fingers crossed. Hopefully today I will be all packed.

Registered With the STEP

I enrolled a few weeks ago in case of an emergency while I'm out of the country. This is highly recommended.

Bags are packed

I'm so freaking excited!!!!! Oh did I say I'm EXCITED????? This time next week I will be in the DR.

Feeling a little down

But I'm not going to complain. So I had me hemo checked again this morning and I'm at 12.4 :( I was at 12.5 on 1/12 so I'm like WTF????? But anyways, I just have a few days and supposed to be at 13 to get all procedures compared to 1.... But I'm going to pray & let it go. I've been taking my supplements and even doing what I've supposed to do sooo idk.

Just read the reviews.....

I just need 0.6 ???????????? Y'all pray for me..... I'm so glad I planned around my period. It's so heavy. I need my hemo at a 13 or higher!!!

Dinner >>>> Juicing beets & oranges.. YUCK!!! Lol

So I'm not even going to lie, I've been eating IRON this...IRON that... ALL freaking day!!! Tonight I'm going to juice a little different and pray this work:)

My trip to Whole Foods

So I bought some organic beets, mandarin oranges, spinach, and molasses for my juice this evening. It's all full with iron!!! Hopefully it won't taste too bad lol :/

So my Boppy Pillow came....

Well "nursing" pillow. It will still work for some soft custoning to sit on after this bbl. But guess what??? It was FREE!!!!! I just paid for shipping. So dolls go to & use promo code ENBABY. You only pay for shipping!!! :)

Traveling alone

So I am indeed traveling alone. Tomorrow is a full day of family time with my husband and son before leaving. I'm a little sad :/ BUT I'm excited and anxious and can't wait to get rid of the kangaroo pouch all at the damn time. LOL...

I drafted the money from our bank account today and also made sure I got plenty of $1 bills for tipping just incase I may need them. ONCE I WITHDREW THE FUNDS......IT GOT REAL :)

Anyway, I've decided to leave valuables like my wedding set here at home. I have also purchased locks for my luggage. I printed and made copies of every email, my credit cards, debit cards, ID, passport, plane tickets, etc. I have a copy and my husband will have a copy of everything here just in case.

Although I will not be using the locks on my luggage in the airport since it's only TSA approved for the US & United Kingdom, I will however, use them once I get to the recovery house.

Ok dolls here exactly what's in my luggage...

Now, let me start by asking you not to judge me lol. Of course I received a list of items to bring from Dr. Robles' assistant BUT in my opinion it was not enough for my comfort level. I'm the type that would rather be safe than sorry. I've also read a lot of reviews and have done a lot of research. So here it is:

1.A box of wipes
2. A jumbo pack Kotex maxi overnight pads (to go under faja)
3.Underpads (to line faja) not sure which will work better, these or the pads. I just don't want any burns from the faja so I'm going to see which work work for me.
4. Female diapers (Although drains are inserted, I heard you drain ALOT, this will help that area stay dry)
5. Arnica gel & tablets for swelling
6. Stool softener
7. Gloves
8. Medical tape
9. Gauze
10. Neosporin
11. Iodine
12. Antibacterial wipes
13. Benadryl
14. Dial antibacterial bar soap
15. Toothpaste/toothbrush
16. Deodorant
17. Mouthwash
18. Quips/cottonballs
19. Rose hip oil
20. Washcloths
21. 5 dresses
22. 2 pairs of flip flops
23. 2 bras
24. Pill organizer
25. Anti embolism compression thigh high socks
26. Arm faja
27. Femail urination tunnel
28. Vitamins and meds
29. I think that's it lol :-)

At the airport.....YAY!!!!

So I'm at the airport..... :)


You won't believe what my hemo is!!!!! Try a 14.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am doing the nutty professor dance, LMBO :-) Like those blood builders really worked. The lord is also in my side. I picked them up Tuesday in the evening and had been juicing and adding iron to EVERY meal up until I left this morning. I cut any and everything not iron related out of my diet. I'm sooooo happy!! It's almost unbelievable!!

Just took the infamous "Blue Pill"

& met Dra Robles. She is absolutely gorgeous. I'm all marked up. A little disappointed about not being able to get my arm Lipo BC it would leave my skin saggy. She advised me when I come back for my breast lift to get that done as well BC for now adding an arm lift would be too many procedures at once. Safety first right? So I won't complain just venting. Wish me well & I pray I see y'all on the other side!!! Xoxo dolls!!

Tears of joy!!!!

I made to the other side!!!!! I thanked God for watching over me and my husband for supporting my decision of going under the knife although he didn't want me to. But I have to thanks to you all as well!!! Such kind people wishing well & all in the same boat...wanting our sexy back!! I was able to glance down at my tummy when the nurse unbuttoned my faja to put some cream on my back for bruising & my oh my am I SNATCHED!!!!!! I can't wait until I can move and take some pics. Until then I'm going to rest up. I'll keep you posted. XOXOXOXO DOLLS!!

I promised pics.

They're not the best but I managed to snap a couple here at the recovery house. The pain is so so but I'm just really uncomfortable and swollen. Everyone is doing a great job helping out I just wish I brought my husband or a loved one with me. But I got this :) No pain, no gain. As soon as I'm up to it I'll post some more. Excuse my posture in the pics. The tt make it hard to stand up straight. Xoxo dolls!!

PreOp test you should consider....

Good evening ladies. I'm still hear at the recovery house & all is going well. Thanks for the good wishes & blessings!!!

I had an interesting conversation with the house doctor today. We discussed safety and the reason why Doctor recommend iron IV infusions, oxygen therapy, etc after surgery. It's all for our own benefit. So when you come make sure you have a minimum of $300 extra for additional meds and treatment incase it's needed. Bring that extra $309 on top of what you were already planning to bring just to be on the safe side.

Also prior to me officially scheduling with Dra Robles I had put a deposit down with Dra Yily until later I read some review that changed my mind. Primarily her not performing her own surgeries and scheduling 10-15 ladies in a day for surgery. But Dr Yily did send me a complete list of pre op test which happened to be the same except for Yily also tests for VDRL which my PCP explained it's a syphillis test. So just to keep you in loop make sure you're clear before coming. That goes for your CBC & all. If your hemoglobin is low you would have the option of iron treatments but keep in mind that would prolong your time in the DR & may be extra to change your plane ticket and be extra money each day of your stay. Just a FYI dolls!!! Ttyl, xoxo!!

Excuse my typos...

Excuse my typos on the previous post.

I hope this isn't TMI but....

I looked in the mirror today and boy am I happy :) My incision is so low. So low to the point I didn't realize when she made my marks she marked part of my private area as well & pulled it up so to speak. So to the point, down there looks really good. Lol. Dolls, Dra Robles is the shit, I so wasn't expecting that.

Just sitting here watching tv.... A sneak peak lol

I'm still really swollen around my waist. But I'm loving it :)

Good evening dolls!!!

My apologies for not posting lately. I'm just not one to be negative and I had the blues for a minute. Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely pleased with Dra. Robles' work, it's just anyone going through with this many/type of procedures need to understand the importance of patience and allow your body to heal emotionally, mentally, and physically. The last thing I want to do is be negative or discouraging. Im just keepin it real.

With that out of the way, I'm LOVING my results. There's still a lot of swelling. I'm finally walking straight too. I'm sore to the touch on my back and side Lipo areas but the massages are really helping.

Sorry I've been MIA

Thanks dolls for your comments and checking up on me. I LOVE my results. I still have some swelling in my stomach area... But guess what??? I've gotten my quote back for round 2!!!!!!! I will be going back in October for my breast lift, arm lift and more upper back Lipo. Best wishes to you all!!! Muah xoxo

Plane ticket booked...YAAAAAY!!!!

So my second round is scheduled for September 26th. I'll be landing on the 25th and this time I have a surgery buddy:) I've been eating right trying to get my body prepared and my hemo where it need to be.


My hemo is 14 & I'm about to get picked up & go to the clinic:)

All marked up..

My breast, arms, & abdominen is now marked. Just waiting on my blue pill!!

Yesterday's follow up visit

So I went to my first follow up. My boobs look awesome, no natural. My intention was just to get a lift and no implants but while in surgery Dr. Robles determined the result would not be as perfect and we all know she is crazy about her work. So she made them small and natural looking. Also my arms look awesome.

So this round is a bit easier for me

So this round is a bit easier for me than last time. I'm about to take a wash up and figured I'd take a pic. Although my breast and arms are wrapped I am pleased with the results so far. My abdomen is really swollen from the lipo and I have some fluid on my back as well. Hopefully the swelling go down soon:)

My last appointment

My last appointment before leaving today. I'm so swollen but LOVING my body :D
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