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After having my one and only child 7 years ago I...

After having my one and only child 7 years ago I suffered post natal depression & anxiety which has been very crippling. Last April I final sort therapy & haven't looked back. With depression, self motivate is none existent. I knew part of my depression was due to the four st weight I'd gained during pregnancy but in thick depression working out is virtually impossible. But since seeking therapy I have lost 3st in weight (and still losing), qualified as Personal Trainer & now I ready to complete this chapter of my life! Whilst its been difficult, amazing, enlightening and everything in between I'm hoping th;-at Doc Mallol can help to add the finishing touches to this chapter of my life so I begin the next one! :-)
I will have a TT, Lipo and BBL.

Waist trainer!

I'm hoping to achieve a smaller waist along with my TT AND BBL so I have seen a lot of girls with the their waist trainers post op... I have purchased one from eBay and began to wear it two days ago... I just wear it before bed, at bed and in the morning so about 8-12 hours... You get used to it pretty quickly.

Pre-op pics

Waist Trainer Details

I purchased this waist trainer on Ebay... it has 25 steel bones, made from latex and has three sets of hooks. I started on the first set and slowly made it tighter when needed. I've started wearing it pre-op to help with desired shape and will no doubt wear post op but probably not immediately, can't image it will be comfortable or safe, so maybe a month or two post op or I may purchase a fabric one for post up and build up this one!

Tourist Card!!!!

So after reading so many profiles I took the advice of purchasing my tourist card for DR... I think other ladies had said you can purchase it in the airport when you arrive but the queue was really long an tedious... so I decided to buy it before hand... which cost a little more but that's okay cos I'm inpatient and I hate queuing and after a 13 hour journey it's the last thing I'll wanna do...

It took about 4 days to arrive and can be used within an year I think...
It cost me £13... £10 for card £3 delivery

Less than 3 weeks to go! #EEK

Ladies, I have less than three weeks to go! I can not believe it has come around so quickly! I'm taking all my vits on a daily basis, I've purchased everything Doc has recommended (minus the vests which I will purchase), my suitcase is ready to go and I have my tourist card! The excitement still proceeds the nerves but I'm sure that will change :-] I fly out on the 14th and have 13 hour journey ahead of me! My surgery date has moved to the 16th and I will stay at Armonia for 12 nights. May the Lord watch over me and keep me safe xoxox


Hey Ladies I'm looking for a Mallol sx buddy! I'm doing this on my own so it would be good to find someone to share this experience with.

I fly out - July 14th
I have sx - July 16th
I'll stay at - Armonia Recovery House
I stay for - 12 nights

If you share similar dates... get at me! :-)

Mental Prep

With a week to go the excitement and nerves are at a high!
I'm so looking forward to it!!!! BUT... I also know I have to be realistic about the post surgery process. With this in mind I have constantly been telling myself that this is likely to be worst pain of my life, I will no doubt question why I went through with it, whether it was really necessary and worth it! But I will rid those doubts by reminding myself I knew this would be difficult, I knew the pain would be a lot, so many dolls have said that each day really does get better even though the process is long! So I guess I'll just keep reminding myself that the difficult journey ahead will be worth it :-)

Auto-immune disease and anemia

Hey Ladies...

Wondering if any post surgery ladies suffer with autoimmune disease? I was diagnosed at the beginning of the year and so its still very new to me but I wonder how you found recovery and whether it had any sort of effect? I have spoken to both my doctor and doctor Mallol who have both said I can have the procedure but I do wonder if it will delay the healing process.

Secondly yesterday I found out I am anaemic, it's likely I will still be able to have surgery but I will definitely need a blood transfusion(s).

Any ladies out there can give who can share their experience or give any advice plz?

Post Op

Hey Ladies,

I will keep this short as its quite difficult to lay on my front an type atm. I decided to have lipo and bbl not tt. I do need a tt but i wanted to make sure I was ready and by body had the best chance at recovery so at this stage i decided to just have lipo and bbl.

As it stands I am well. I arrived on the 14th had blood transfusion on the 15th and sx on 16th. I was released from clinic today and bk at RH. I woke up post op and felt great considering! I wasn't in any pain just a lot of discomfort! I've not removed faja yet but from what I can see all is good.

I will write a more detailed review when I am more comfortable and have a bit more energy!

good luck for those who have sx soon :-)

2 weeks post op!

I must apologies for what must feel like ages that you've had to wait for an update! I will say, post surgery you need a minute for yourself, happy, sad, indifferent it's invasive surgery and you need some time to adjust and heal.

So two weeks on and I am loving my results!
As previously decided I will have a tummy tuck at some stage but as it stands my results are living up to everything I had hoped for... yes I'm still swollen, numb, achy and in some discomfort but my butt is what I wanted in terms of shape and stomach becomes flatter and flatter each day.

I'm still not sitting on my butt which is really tedious but you shouldn't for 3 weeks and only a few hours at a time week 4 so I riding this wave! I've lost some volume in my butt which is disappointing but given I asked fot a bubble shape that looks extremely natural Doc Mallol has delivered...

I didn't tell many ppl about my surgery but ppl keep telling me how amazing I look which is great.

*I will post details about the surgery and the days that follow... so watch this space
(I've just tried to upload some pics but it's not happening, will try again soon)

What to expect on the day!

Per op tests!

The cardiologist will run some test (excuse the lack of medical terminology). She'll put some sticky pads on you and check your heart beat/rate and other stuff I think!

You'll have blood work done... they'll fill 3 tubes and your results will determine if you need a blood transfusion

Blood transfusion...
$125 a pack! I needed two pre surgery and one post surgery. They put a line in you and attach the packet of blood, like a dip... it took what felt like ages to be administered... so bring some music and headphones!

A lady I met had given up smoking a month before hand but the doc wanted to do a test. This I think is $150... it's a breathtaking apparatus that measure lung volume (the lady said it was a waste of money)


The doc will confirm what you want and mark you up.
You'll be wheeled downstairs to the operating room!
You'll answer a lifestyle questionnaire and then get prepped for the epidural!
The operating room is green, cold and basic but fine!!!
They'll spray your back with a very cold numbing spray and inject a liquid into the line on your wrist...
You are sedated but not asleep! You are awake when lipo is preformed on your front, you feel what is hapoening but are not at all in any pain... and you can talk and you can move from your shoulders up but below is numb.
When they turn you over you knock out completely... I awoke in my hospital bed in my faja!

You'll spend the night in the clinic and the next day you'll be taken to your RH

(Post surgery... tbc)

3 moths post op!

Ladies!!!! Hope you're all well and looking fabulous!
In about 4 days time I'll be three moths post op.
I am loving my results. I still have quite a bit of fluid on my stomach and in my waist and the feeling in my back is stoll very numb but I am definitely over the worst of if.
Feel free to ask any questions!!!
Will upload photos on another post! #TechnicalProblems


4 months post op and I am doing great! Some fluid still and back is still tight but it was worth it. I love, love, love my results by Doc Mallol.

Please feel free to ask any questions! No matter how big or small or strange :-) lol
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