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Well Real selfers I am finally getting around to...

Well Real selfers I am finally getting around to posting about my surgery journey. After 3 C-sections with 3 kids later I am finally ready to get me back. I have been so focused on my children, husband, and school that I have left me behind and I finally am doing something for me. I have been out of shape for the last I would really say since my first daughter 17 years ago with my weight going up and down from 225 to 180lbs. I have now remained at the 180 range and I am ready to get this waist snatched. I am comfortable with being a thick girl and I never want to be too thin I just want to have some curves and an overall sexier physique. Initially I thought I definitely wanted Cabral ..but ever since I have made the decision I haven't been at ease with it. Not saying he is not good but I don't think he is the 1 for me. I am scheduled for sx this week and at last minute have selected Dr. Manon. I truly believe he is a caring and attentive doctor with awesome bedside manner. In all my research I have rarely come across any negative comments about him. The contact with him as been absolutely awesome and I cant wait to meet him. I know he can get me the look I want.

So on to the down and dirty. I will post these before pics so you can see what I am working with. The pics are really embarrassing but I know what it is like to want to see before and after photos of dolls that have been to a particular surgeon and you never get to see what they look like. So here goes!

I will be sure to post after pic soon best of luck to you dolls. One word of advice follow your gut and pick the surgeon for you who is experienced with your body type and that you feel comfortable with, don't compromise. We only get one life to live. God Bless

Before pictures

For some reason I wasn't able to load the pics on my original here goes
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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