Tummy Tuck,Lipo and BBL - Dominican Republic

I'm so addicted to RS and Surgeons IG since almost...

I'm so addicted to RS and Surgeons IG since almost 3 years. I've been wanting to do this for a while but haven't been brave enough! So about a month ago i decided to finally do it! Two weeks ago i paid the deposit to Dr.Luis A Mejia,bought my flight ticket to DR,contacted the nurse,transportation and booked a hotel i'll be staying in with my mother. My mother,her cousin,her daughter and I we all are getting snatched by Dr.Mejia! I have a 3 year old daughter and my body is just NOT the same so I want a Tummy Tuck with waist contour,lipo on flanks,back(mid/low) and fat transfer to butt and hips. I've been dreaming about this moment and is just finally a few weeks away! I bought everything i need for the trip, and we all are taking the vitamins,drinking lots of water and eating healthier. I'm sooo excited about all this, wish me luck muñecas!

Last Online Order

Last few things i bought online has arrived! Soon I'll start packing! Donut Pillow and Bromelain were the last things i bought and finally they're here!!! Can't wait for these few weeks to fly!!!!!

Officially DONE

I'm officially done buying things for my surgery (and also post surgery). I've bought Gauze Pads,Gloves,Dresses,Loose Clothes, Vitamins, Neosporin, Donut Pillow, Arnica Gel,Arnica Tablets, Maxi Pads, Disposable Washcloths, Desinfectant Wipes. I Booked the Hotel, and Set Up the Masseuse, Driver and Nurses. Starting the countdown Dolls!!!!!

Change of Plans

I changed my mind and I wanna get Breast Aug, so Instead of $4,400 it'll be $5,450! I want some Big Boobies (Getting Ds) ???? Dr.Mejia Better be ready for me,lol!!!

11 More Days To Go

I'm getting even more excited now. I have everything I need for my trip, already bought the tourist card, I already packed my suitcase, my backpack, I have my headphones, meds, toilettries, shoes, flight confirmation, book, quotation and surgery book, I've talked to my driver to remind him the pick up date and time, also the masseuse and the nurses who will take care of us, also packed clear plastic piercing jewelry since I have quite a few piercings and we can't wear metal jewelry in the OR, the only thing I need is the second faja but will purchase it in the DR. And I will stop taking my vitamins next week, FINALLYYYY!! Wish me luck girls! ????????

Only a day to go

We are now just a few hours to go to DR and a few days to get sx!!!! I'm so excited but kind of scared too, i've never been hospitalized, and the only surgery I had was a c-section almost 3 years ago!!! I have a ton of anxiety and mixed feelings since while i'll be away my daughter will turn 3, plus i'll be away also for father's day!! Either way i'm trying not to think about that too much, so i'm on my way to the salon to get a mani&pedi, wax my brows and do my hair! I have my suitcase packed and also my backpack so i'm ready to go!!!

Flight got canceled

My flight got canceled and now i won't leave until the 23rd making 3 stops. This has been the worst night of my life i swear, too much anxiety, too much stress; but still looking forward to be on the flat side and meet Dr.Mejia! Tomorrow i'll talk to Mejia's assistant and see if he can change our schedule appointments. Hopefully he will! A few more days to go now! Wish me luck this time!!

The day is finally here

Yesterday we met Dr.Luis Mejia (SO HANDSOME)!!
My hemo is 13.3 so he said he can do bbl, tummy tuck, lipo on back and boobies. They did our hemo, pre op testing and x rays done yesterday now we here to meet with the cardiologist and then my mom and me will have sx today! My mother's cousin and her daughter will have sx tomorrow but they're here to be seen by the cardiologist as well. (I'm starving and i would die for a giant glass of water!) So girls, WISH ME LUCK; here i come!!!

Hello thereeee

I was first so i'm all dolled up.

Before & after pics

2 days post op

Feeling amazing and i can't wait for all the soreness and swelling go away!!!

Post Op Pics

5 Days Post Op

Loving my results even tho I'm aware that I'm still very swollen

6 Days Post Op

Here are some of my 6th day post op pics.
My back (low) & flanks are still numb and this new faja is sooo tight that i can't breath lol. Tomorrow we all are going to the mall and to the beauty salon, then Saturday to the clinic to get our drains out and then finally on Sunday back home!!!!!

8th day (Post Op)

Today Dr.Melvin (Mejia's Assistant) took the drain out!!! It didn't hurt but it was uncomfortable and like a hot/burning, sting sensation. He also took out the stitches of our TTs and my mother's eyes. We did good!!!

2 Weeks And 2 Days

I went to the mall to buy some clothes since my jeans and shirts are too big for me now. So excited to have this shape and be more comfortable with myself and the way clothes fits my new body!

3 weeks 3 days Post Op

I'm doing amazing. I can't believe how happy i feel with myself. I love my new body i feel so comfortable in my own skin, my confidence, attitude towards people is way more friendly, i feel great when i see myself naked without extra sagging skin!

3 weeks 3 days Post Op

3 weeks and 3 days pics!!!

4 weeks and 3 days Post Op (NO Faja)

What do you ladies think??? I'm sooo happy how i'm healing!!

7 weeks 4 days PostOp

Booty pics 7weeks 4 and 5 days Post Op

For all the ladies in Facebook, Add me and like my Surgical Consultant Page on FB!!

17 weeks and 5 days Post Op

Hello Ladies, I wanna update you guys about my post op with Dr.Luis A Mejia!! It's been almost 18 weeks and the results keeps getting better and better. My stomach is FLAT, my boobs are now more subtle and softer which is good because now they feel and look more natural, my waist is so amazing and small, and my ass is lovable, i was flat and now i have a shelf!!!! I'm head over hills about my body and it gets better and better everytime!!! My only concern is my scar, my healing is the worst and because of that my scar is pretty rough and a bit dark. I recently started using Bio Oil and it's way better than it was but i know my scar is not pretty but that is just the way I personally heal so there's nothing wrong with me nor with the procedure. I started using bio oil a few weeks ago and a few weeks ago i noticed this kind of rash in my belly button; it's not it hy, it doesn't bother me but it's weird looking so i think it might be from my faja since I'm still wearing it at all times. Hopefully Bio Oil will help me lol. Wish me luck ladies!


Here are some more pics of me and one of the scar so you can see how pretty it is; NOT!! My healing and scarring sucks big time, i know!

Mommy Makeover| Dr.Luis A. Mejia

I wanted to get a mommy makeover after having my daughter 3 years ago (Breast Aug,BBL,Tummy Tuck and some Lipo) and I can seriously say that Dr.Luis A. Mejia Performed, I am SNATCHED!!! Dr.Luis A Mejia is a GIFTED SURGEON, and that's FOR SURE!! I loved everything about going to him and CECILIP, the clinic is wonderful, super fancy, always looked and smelled freshly cleaned. Dr.Mejia is super funny but super serious and professional about his work. He is very clear about what procedure fits you better and what will not work for you. He is very sweet!! I will reccomend Dr.Luis A. Mejia without any hesitation!! He is truly an AMAZING SURGEON! #TeamQueenMejia

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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