Hopeful TT /BA & Lipo Work...the Beginning of a Journey - Dominican Republic

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So I am new on here. I am in the beginning...

So I am new on here. I am in the beginning stages, meaning I am currently looking at two doctors (dr Fatima Almonte and Dr. Duran). I am awaiting consultation from both. Once I have considered the options I will send my deposit to hold a date (the above date is probably likely, given what I have seen so far). I hope to have a firm date within the next two weeks. I will try to walk through the process on here, maybe it may help someone else out.

December 19th!!!

Ok so I placed my deposit ($500) to secure the date above. I am so excited! It was a little frustrating because I was having the worst time trying to do a wire transfer from my bank (I live in NYC and Chase online just wasn't having it I guess smh). Anyway I was able to use ShareMoney and it was quite simple. So I'm on my way. I also went to my regular doctor to get an idea of what will be needed beforehand and of course I got an earful. But I did set up all my appointments (blood work, ekg, cardiologist), so that I can be prepared a month before hand. Next step is to start purchasing items for my trip, booking the recovery house and booking my flight. I will try to keep up with my posts. Hopefully this will help.

So Late but So Pleased

My apologies, but I've been kind of busy. Nonetheless this my post op review of Dra Fatima Almonte. So I had surgery December 19, 2016. I had breast augmentation with a lift, a tummy tuck and lipo sculpture (basically a mommy makeover). The surgery was very successful. I am approaching 2 months post op and I feel great and look great. I will be post pictures shortly.
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