Hopeful TT /BA & Lipo Work...the Beginning of a Journey - Dominican Republic

So I am new on here. I am in the beginning...

So I am new on here. I am in the beginning stages, meaning I am currently looking at two doctors (dr Fatima Almonte and Dr. Duran). I am awaiting consultation from both. Once I have considered the options I will send my deposit to hold a date (the above date is probably likely, given what I have seen so far). I hope to have a firm date within the next two weeks. I will try to walk through the process on here, maybe it may help someone else out.

December 19th!!!

Ok so I placed my deposit ($500) to secure the date above. I am so excited! It was a little frustrating because I was having the worst time trying to do a wire transfer from my bank (I live in NYC and Chase online just wasn't having it I guess smh). Anyway I was able to use ShareMoney and it was quite simple. So I'm on my way. I also went to my regular doctor to get an idea of what will be needed beforehand and of course I got an earful. But I did set up all my appointments (blood work, ekg, cardiologist), so that I can be prepared a month before hand. Next step is to start purchasing items for my trip, booking the recovery house and booking my flight. I will try to keep up with my posts. Hopefully this will help.
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