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Like many of the other ladies on this site, I have...

Like many of the other ladies on this site, I have been stalking this site for about 3 months. So much great information and I love hearing of all your experiences.

I am at the beginning of my journey, so much to do, sometimes I feel overwhelmed. Will I make a wrong decision? I don't think so because I have this site and all of you!

Why I need surgery, TT and Butt Augmentatation

I am 45 yrs old and have two grown children. I gained about 60 or 65 lbs with each pregnancy. I never really lost all the weight, but lost some and that was ok. I diet occasionally or maybe almost always not totally fretting about my body, but definitely not happy with it.

I don't know if I am entering Peri Menopause or if the amounts of estrogen are going down in my body, but it seems every pound I gain goes straight to my stomach. This has been life changing this last two years. I have noticed almost all my weight gain is going to my stomach and it has me severely depressed and given me a much worse body image than I had.

My other problem area is my butt. From the side, it looks quite curvy and nice, but towards the bottom it looses it's curviness and flattens out. From the back, it looks flat. It does need some help and I've seen some of the sculpting Dr. Robles has done with butt's. Most of them have been BBL-Brazilian Butt Lifts but the shape is nice and topper is "No Cellulite". Can we all say 'Amen'.

I will be posting photos in the next couple of days. I am scheduled in the beginning of October for my surgery, do not have the exact date yet. If your going to the Dominican Republic and are a Robles patient, let me know.
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