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Hello Everyone! I'm new to RS and this is my first...

Hello Everyone! I'm new to RS and this is my first post. So glad this is available! I appreciate all the help I can get.

I have been wanting to get a tummy tuck for a few years. My last pregnancy ended in a c-section and for those of you who have had one knows it's hard to lose that pooch! :( A few months ago I got a quote for liposuction in lower , upper, side planks and back bra fat with tummy tuck and fat transfer to fill in upper part of my butt in Georgia. To get all of this done is over $16,000. So I put a deposit down to start working towards my make-over. I so deserve it! It's time to treat myself. I figured in a course of 6 months, can get off another 30 lbs which will drop me down to the next BMI bracket that will lower my price. But then I started doing more research and started hearing about Dr Duran and looking at her work has caused me to question myself and think about the decision I'm about to make. Expecially when the price is less and the results look better. Yes, I'm loving how Dr Duran gets the waist snatched tight and the heart shaped butt!

I need to weigh out the cost of everything to see what direction to go into. Today I emailed Dr Duran for an evaluation with the hopes of knowing something soon.

I'm no afraid to go outside of the country but what's weighing on me now is if go DR to have this done, there is no way I'm leaving my 9 year old daughter behind. I would need to have accomdations for her too! I'm really excited. I know things will work out.
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