BBL, TT and Full Body Liposuction - Dominican Republic

So I been look ???????? at this page for about 2...

So I been look ???????? at this page for about 2 weeks now.. I must say I'm addictive. I talked to Dr. Alejandro Hernandez, Dr. Almonte and Dr. Julio Molina out of all of them I love Molina. He asked me what I want and I told him then he suggested what I should get. The only thing with him is he do not provide RH. Oh and his deposit is 1,000 usd. Oh yeah!! I tried Duran but she don't respond back so I'm sadly letting her go because she was my first choice. But any way since I'm having second thoughts about Molina I was thinking of going to DR. Almonte. Her quote was $5,150.00 which includes 10 days at RH and transportation to and from airport. A 24 he nurse and a faja however you spell it plus massages! Sound like a good deal to me. All I would have to worry about is plain ticket, I already have my passport. *sigh* torn in between the two!! Let me stop rambling.. What Ya'll think I should do!

Bust -38
Hips 41

Dra. Duran e-mailed me!!

Excited Dra. Duran Emailed me after I sent her like 20 emails lol. I didn't get my quote but she asked a few question I answered and emailed her back so hopefully she responds soon. I hope the quote is as good as Alamonte. If not Alamonte it is. Meanwhile I'm just stacking up my money!! Wish me luck ladies!! Oh yea I'm am now 178 from the last time I blogged on here yaaaay!! So proud of myself. That's a total of 17lbs! I haven't stopped yet and I won't stop!!

Making my Deposit.

Unfortunately I did not get in contact again with Dr. Duran but I have all the faith in Almonte. I will be making my deposit today before I got to work and will upload picture of receipt. I'm excited and nervous at the same time but I know it will be worth it in the long run. What a wonderful 30th birthday gift that will be to me next year.

Deposit Slip

I'm not sure of actual date I want, but I def want it end of April beginning of May..

April 25, 2016

I finally got my confirmed email. So April, 25th it is and I'm so excited yaaassss *two snaps* I just had a birthday on Tuesday. Around this time next year for my bday I'm gonna be snatched and hopefully have my heart shaped booty! GN

Feeling a little Selfish

Ok I'm a mother of 1 she is 9 and I'm in a relationship. I don't want anymore kids but my BF do and he keep asking me for a baby. But I'm like you do know I'm getting this surgery right. I don't want to spend all my money and get pregnant. We not even married. This will totally be a waste. Am I being selfish??

I'm a very indecisive person!

Ok. So come to find out I been emailing wrong account for Dra. Duran! *Shame Face* So when I figured the correct email, which I have emailed before to get her response it's just some kind of way it switch to the hacked account!! *Rolling Eyes* I got another response from her. She gave me a quote of $4,000 for bbl and Lipo. $4,900 for bbl, Lipo and TT. A $250.00 deposit!! She is my first pick Doctor. I want to go to her so bad BUT I already sent Almonte my deposit and its non-refundable or transferable. *CryFace* I'm willing to give my spot up to anybody who want Almonte. The deposit is $350.00 but I'll let you have for $250.00 inbox me if you are interested.. It's a list of 100.00 but I don't mind for what I truly want. Have a blessed day Dolls!!

My journey in Instagram

I have my journey in Instagram!! Follow me I'll follow back!!

Changed my mind about surgery. I am now getting the sleeve!

Hey all! I been MIA for awhile due to confusion. I decided to get the sleeve in Tijuana Mexico. I want to lose weight and these diets are not working for me. I'm scared I'm going to waste my money if I get just a tummy tuck and lipo. I was doing good at first. I lost a total of 20lbs. But guess what?!! I gained it back. I lost my mother and I been eating uncontrollable. Idk what to do anymore. Well I know. I'm doin Gastric Sleeve. I sent my deposit of $250 plus 1500. I have a total of 1749 left to pay. Flight is paid for. Surgery date in April 8, 2016. Wish me luck.

CW 190lbs

3 Day Pre-op Diet

Hello all!! My surgery is around the corner! I officially start my 3 day pre-op diet tomorrow. When I tell you I've had a food funeral! Lol I been trying to eat all my favorite foods for the past week. But anyways I'm so excited and nervous all in one. I know I need this. No turning back now. Flight booked and the surgery is half way paid up. On April 7th I'm getting on that plane for a healthier me. On another note, my best friend was suppose to come with me but she waited to late to get her ticket. So I will be going solo. I just hope and pray that I have a successful surgery and a speedy recovery! So if you reading this say one for me. I'm so not looking forward to this liquid diet. Grrrrr

I was sleeved on 4/7; 1 day post-op

Hello all! Im finally on the other side. I got sleeved yesterday! Yay! I'm happy that's over with. Everything went smooth. The only problems I had was my blood test. The nurses had to poke me 5 times before they got my blood! I have a phobia of needles. So that process was not good. I kept telling them I need a butterfly needle but the don't carry that here in Mexico only the big ones! This surgery is no joke! I did not get no sleep last night whatsoever! Gas was not my friend. I threw up because the pain was so bad and the worst part is I didn't have anything to throw up!! Uhhhh so horrible! All I can think of was bihhhhh you gonna be skinny!! Lol now I'm in my hotel room. I been sleep all day trying to catch up on lost sleep from last night. Doctors are very friendly and good with checking up on you. I will be doing my leak test tomorrow so this is just a rest day. Other then that all is good.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Very informative! Did not miss nothing! Everything explained in email!

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