55 Year Old VSG Patient Now Time for Plastics

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Can't wait to get plastics in May. Did vBulletin...

Can't wait to get plastics in May. Did vBulletin plenty of research. Started researching 6 months ago. Decided on Dra Yily to do my surgery. Tummy tuck with muscle repair. Lipo of back flanks and stomach. Have made deposit and have recovery house reservation. Have started packing stuff I'll need as I pick the stuff up.

Pre surgery pix

Fluer de lis tummy tuck

Well, my insurance only covered panniculectomy. My surgeon said if I just get that done in would still have a bunch of skin and fat above my belly button in my upper abdomen. I don't have the money right now for traditional tummy tuck with muscle repair. He recommended a flur de lis. That would give me a better look as long as I didn't mind the vertical scar. I don't care as long as I get rid of as much of this stomach as possible. So with that said my surgery is July 19th. I've been googling like crazy on here. Not a lot of info on here about the flur de lis tummy tuck. Anyone who has had the surgery please share information and pictures. Thank u.

Fluer de lis panniculectomy

4 days post op. Feeling pretty good. Haven't had pain medicine since Thursday night. Drains are putting out less and less. Had a little look under bandages this morning. Like what I see so far. Dr appt on Monday. May be he'll take one drain out. Getting a little bored sitting around the house.
Dra Yily

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