30 Mother of One Girl 10 Years Old - Dominican Republic, DO

A little about me I'm 30 years old mother of one...

A little about me I'm 30 years old mother of one. I have been thinking doing a tummy tuck for years now but because I have only one child.i would try to have one or two more kids before I do my tt.but after two miscarriage I kinda gave up. .now I'm 30 years old and single.i need this tt.to boost my self confidence a little. So I'm schedule to my surgery on June 10 in DR with dr.Robles

l haven't buy nothing yet

Ok ladies I need your help***I haven't buy anything yet I REPEAT I HAVEN'T BUY ANYTHING YET. Please help me. Can u nice ladies send me a list of things I will need for my journey. .thanks in advance

ooh one more thing

One more thing dolls can u tell what garment I need and what size I don't want to buy it 2 big or 2 small help help help please

ok dolls

Ok dolls book my flight ye sterday it was $430.10 send the rest of my deposit to Dr Robles. so there is no turning back now. still waiting on my results from the doctor he say results will be ready about Wednesday.omg it's getting real y'all.

just got this

Ok ladies I read a lot of reviews on massages so I when to rite Aid and I found this A hot and cold massager.i tell u ladies I this i turn it on its so powerful and easy-to-use I think it would be cheaper than what you get in DR . FOR 30 plus dollars.


For get to add pictures

hello my RS sistas

Hello my RS sistas. I'm asking for a big favor. ladies if u live in the NY.area or Bronx and u have your surgery already can you please please give me what u don't need anymore. Like nursing pillow, recliner, walker and thing else that you have that you don't need and u think it would be helpful to me. ...thanks In advance ladies for your help. please please please. Thanks

blood work are in

Well today I when to my doctor for my blood work results it's 13.1 yes yes. so now the countdown continue
16 days to go.

looking a travel buddy

Hi ladies I'm looking a traveling buddy it seems like my sister isn't coming any more .I'm leaving jfk airport ny. On the 9th of June flight leaves at 6 in the morning I'm sx with dr.Robles. and will be staying at Virginia recovery house. in box if u interested.

ok dolls

Ok dolls . the count down began 7 days more to go. I'll be in DR omg I am so nervous about this

6 days

Ok ladies 6 more days . I'm so nervous and excited at the same time

recovery house

I need help with recovery house ok dr robles book me for Virginia recovery house I haven't heard too much about it so I need u dolls help I want a recovery house were they speak English and the place is clean and nice and have hospital bed. and something a little cheaper then $75 a night

I did it on the flat side

Ok ladies 6 this i had my surgery and around 11 am woke up belly gone I am so happy I'm in bed now I want to sleep so I just show you guys some

I made it to the flat side

I made it to the flat side

I made it to the flat side

I made it to the flat side

Ladies let me tell you the liposuction is no joke

3 months update

Hi ladies it's been a while but this is my 3 months update
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Not sure yet

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