26 Y/o Mommy of Two in Need of Lipo,tt, and Fat Transfer - Dominican Republic

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So I like most of the other ladies on Real Self...

So I like most of the other ladies on Real Self have been glued to this site. Constantly stalking pictures, and reading reviews, and checking to see what doctors has what faults. I really want to have a tummy tuck, lipo to back, flacks and stomach, and fat transfer to hips and buttocks. I really want to go to the DR March 9th but have surgery on March 10th with Dr. Yily. I was interested in Dr. Duran but Lord knows she is very difficult to get in touch with. I Love Dr. Yily work. I am going to the DR by myself I would love to have someone else there around the same time I know. Let me know any advice or tips I will try to upload pics tom.

OMG if it's not one thing it'd another

Okay so ladies Right before I was ready to confirm date I asked through a email if yily was familiar with Von Williebrands disease because I have type 1 which is very mild and if she has ever performed on someone with it. I know Dr. Duran has but it's so hard to get in touch with her. Her assistant emailed me back and told me due to the disease they would not let me repeat will NOT perform surgery on me. I'm so hurt because a disease that is hereditary could prevent me from getting my dream body. I don't want to hear anyone say just exercise like my family does. It pisses me off you can't exercise loose skin off it will just get worse. The fact that I had two c sections makes it that much harder I lost way more weight than I had gained very fast. Now I feel like I'm back to the drawing board. Even in her quote she states something about if you have any condition of the blood you have to pay extra to consult with a hematologist for extra. My doctor is suppose to be giving me the clear to go even though she is highly against it. What do you guys think?
I'm planning on having this done in March time is ticking.

One month away

Okay so ladies I'm officially less than 1 month out. Talk about nerves, this surgery is all I think about its crazy. I'm so happy I was lead to Dr. Tiana Medina she is such a sweetheart. So professional, she responds back fast. She definitely doesn't make me feel like just another number you know. I have my recovery house booked as well as flight and I'm packing now. I want to travel light but with everything I will need. I keep thinking like the people at the airport gone be like who has all these pads and diapers like this with meds lol. I'm sick and started my period I'm kind of irritated because I know my period will happen the same time as surgery smh mother nature you. I still need to get the abdominal board and p ez and maybe like three other things I will upload pics so you guys can see. I'm hoping this cold or whatever it is leaves ugh. On top of that these iron pills are making me nauseous its horrible.

1 week away

So dolls I am really only a week away I leave on the 26 I'm so excited more excited than nervous. Guess what hemo was 11.4 then 11.7 now its 12.2 hopefully I can get it higher in this week I've been eating spinach taking iron with oj and even ate some liver ????????. But its all working most of all I prayed GOD is good. Because this plane ticket was already booked and this suitcase packed lol. The only thing I need is two more sundresses and a float tube and I'm good to go. I need to also print my tourist card. I'm not converting my money over I'm keeping it USD.Any other tips would be nice ladies. I'll upload more pics of some of the things I got. Also I will be completing a living will before this weekend.


Hey dolls so tom early morning I fly out to the DR. One of my brothers will be taking me to the airport. I cannot tell you all how nervous I am right now. So nervous im thinking of backing out. Im like wow am I really going through with this. With having two kids. My emotions and nerves are all over the place. Im praying and have been praying to GOD that all goes well. I am firm on walk by faith and not by sight so I know I will be okay. GOD has me and always has. So I know I will be okay. It is nerve wrecking going alone so if you can buddy up or take someone with you please do so. I am currently at work but once the clock strikes 3 I will be out running errands. I have to first stop at the bank and also get some Benadryl and try to find a boppy pillow I guess. GOD im so nervous lol. Im taking my tablet and cell phone and wireless hand set. Just my suitcase fanny pack and bookbag. Im trying to travel with not so much. I have all my meds and last I check a week ago my hemo was 12.2 which was good hoping it went up by tom when they check my blood. I still have not purchased my flight home ticket as Im waiting to see how I do. any suggestions for sleeping with a tt and bbl? I purchased a float donut ring to sleep on top of lol not sure how it will work but its worth a try. I haven't told that many people. Im seeing with the few people ive told some were not supportive and went around telling others what I was planning to do. I was hurt but I knew better if you don't want people to know something you better make sure that it never leaves your mouth to begin with. Smh so ladies be careful who you tell. The ones I thought would have been supportive ended up being the ones who were secretly jealous. Im not the type of female who ever gets jealous I want us all to win and make it, hell we need to support each other. I have witness more females supporting each other on here than my own friends have supported me. I really haven't told my family. Just my auntie and brothers and sister and they are worried but they support me. I wanted this day to come so fast now im wishing I had a couple more days lol. I just printed out my tourist card so that I wouldn't have to wait in the line once I got off the plane. I am not converting my money over just because I don't want to be confused lol. I cant wait to meet my doctor, and see what my recovery home will look like. I leave out at 4 in the morning dolls. Keep me in your prayers luvs. I will update with pics once I make it home.


Lord knows im hoping my monthly cycle don't come if she does come, I hope its after surgery I don't need nothing taking this hemo down lol.


Okay dolls so its 521 and I have officially arrived to ceiple and I would take pictures but there are other dolls and doctors in the room. So to protect privacy I won't be taking any pictures at this time. Let me start off by saying Dr. Medina is so beautiful and sweet immediately she gave me a hug and asked how was my flight. Her coordinator Ms. Marie did the same thing. I was caught a little off guard there are some really handsome men who work here lol. As there were also at the airport lol they all look extremely young though. The DR has some of the most beautiful women I have seen. They all have nice body shapes rather skinny or thick. Nice pretty long hair not sure if its real it looks real lol. So okay let me update you dolls while I wait to see what Ms. Medina says. So the flight here was not too bad but once I arrived at the airport in the DR OMG I thought I was being smart by printing my tourist card which did save me a long wait in one line. But let me tell you the next line I had to wait in where you have your picture taken and finger prints all the fun stuff. Customs. It was too long, I was probably the only one who did not speak or understand Spanish besides thank you, yes, and that's it lol. It was  very muggy ugh. My phone went dead talk about things attempting to go bad too But GOD made sure everything went smooth. Also ladies make sure you know the address to your recovery home. You will need it. Also the driving here is totally different than the driving in the states. I counted about 12 accidents that almost happened. I was so tense in the passenger seat. My driver is Moses he is so sweet and funny. He was teaching me Spanish and he has pretty good driving skills seeing the fact we didn't crash into anyone. Lol Lord I'm happy to be out the car. I see dolls here seating oh so faithfully on they boppy pillow. I'm wondering how this flight home is going to work. Well surgery will be tom I will update more later


So ladies its a little after 7:30 pm and I am finish with meeting with everyone. Blood work, EKG, urine test, psy eval, meeting with Dr. Medina its all finished. Surgery is around 3-4 tom because she wants to give my body time to calm down after the flight. Everyone is so sweet and speaks English which is a huge plus for me. I am so hungry right now I cannot wait to get to the recovery home seeing as though I can't eat after ten and my surgery isn't until the late afternoon. Talk about miserable lol. So the reminder of my surgery was 5125 I was hoping only 4850.


Okay so its around 0830 in the morning and I don't have surgery until 3 and I'm hungry. I'm in a room with another girl and her friend and they are really funny and sweet. So now the waiting game and then the surgery and then the pain. I spoke with my father and text my mom and they don't know but I made sure I spoke with them. I have put all my faith in GOD and so I am not worrying and I'm definitely walking by faith. Doing this sort of thing esp on your own you better have your faith together. I can't stop thanking GOD for bringing me this far. I miss my babies so much I swear. I cannot wait to see them, ten days is definitely going to be too long. I'm praying I get the booty I want because I don't have enough fat. Also a lot of the ladies told me the boppy pillow is useless I don't have one I'm going to use rolled up towels and pillows. Its cold in the pre waiting room that we are in. And there is two girls ahead of me. The recovery home ricoho ( spellcheck ) is nice and clean and the staff so far are nice and sweet. Also I thought maybe the house would not be as modern but it is. All the drivers including George who is so funny they all are sweet and so helpful. Its good to tip them. Also I've been seeing Barbie's and loving their bodies. A lot of the Barbie's are big on making sure they get the massages they say they hurt like a bitch but you feel better after. Ughh so not ready for that part. They also say lipo hurts the worst. Another barbie told me the percs I take may be too strong starting off on a weak stomach. And you must keep the faja on and that's where the difficulty comes in they say. Also when having TT make sure to drink lots of water and pineapple juice. Okay that's it for now I'm still sleepy and I'm hoping once they give me the little blue pill it knocks me out and I sleep all the way through the surgery and wake up in good spirits health and fast healing with a really nice body. Prayers up for me loves.


Okay dolls I will speak on this and maybe I will feel different about the situation or maybe some dolls had bad experiences which caused them to act this way. But what I will say is I witness a lot of dolls being rude to the staff. Just the way they say things so mean and I understand your in pain and the communication is a huge factor if you don't understand or speak Spanish. But at the end of the day we are not home in the states and things here are certainly different. Hopefully I don't experience anything negative or bad. My surgery buddy just went back and I am after her so right now I'm listening to gospel and trying to update on realself. Missing the heck out of my babies, I just want to hug and kiss them.

GOD is amazing I made it to the flat side

Hello loves sorry it took me so long to post and update and to all the dolls who are able to do it immediately following surgery I applaud you because it is not easy to do at all. So I am on Day three and I will give you everything I have energy to give you. First off let me say this you have to have faith to be able to come to another country esp a third world country to have comestic surgery and its really hard esp if your doing alone which I am. Thankfully being here I met a buddy and we have become like sisters and my recovery home Rocio is really good and the women here have been supportive. I won't lie they have had to force me to eat and drink and walk. Ladies you won't have an appetite but you need to eat for your meds and they will make sure you do even if they have to force you. They made me walk and I won't lie I gave them all the evil eye as to say WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? But it helped me feel better and look better. Ladies I was becoming dehydrated remember that drinking water is very helpful in your recovery luvs. And everyday they say oh you'll be dancing today I know I'm only day three but damnit I'm waiting to dance lol. Make sure you have something for gas as it hurts very bad after getting TT. Your faja is always so tight and I have padding and a epi foam inside of mine and its so tight you have to relearn how to breathe with everything being so tight. Its very hard. My auntie told me in through nose out through mouth and that's all I think about while I'm doing it. Or happy thoughts which don't last long after the pain hits and leaves temporary. Trying to sleep is the hardest ladies if u get bbl you will sleep on your new booty but don't worry too much about that I feel whatever is going to stay will stay if not don't worry about it. Gain weight later it will all go to your butt before anywhere else. Or squat. But it may look like you don't have a butt and a month down the road it grows give your body time to heal. The food at the recovery house is really good for the most part. Everything is really fresh. I will touch on more things in detail at a later time luvs. Also the massage I had one the day after surgery and it hurt like a bitch my my my the pain was like no other. Also if you can bring your own pain meds as what they give you here which is enantyum I believe I spelled it right it is not available in the USA but it barely scratched the surface my Tylenol extra strength helped me more. I actually got a few hours sleep which doesn't sound like much but it was nice for me. Also I'm always cold or hot while being cold if that makes sense. When I get my incision cleaned the worst part is them taking the tape off. And cleaning the belly button my GOD its weird.



Recovery home pics

I don't know why they look sideways luvs sorry

Before pics

New waist in shape

Idk Dolls

So I don't think my butt is big didn't want a ghetto video vixen booty but at least 750 cc in each cheek would have made me happy and I didn't have any fat for it. She don't lipo your stomach for a TT and all my behind had was loose skin lol smh I would have gained ten extra pounds but she never told me I needed to. I was already 145 when I got here.

14 days post op

SO HELLO LUVS 14 days post op let me share some info with you guys. I am feeling a lot better I took out my drain yesterday morning and it was not as bad as I thought it would be. The drain was not as long as I thought it would be. I cut the stitches and pulled the drain felt a little awkward pop in my stomach and boom the drain was out. Won't lie I was scared as shit lol. I still have the burning stinging sensation and I hate it especially on my hips. They say that's how you know your nerve endings are healing. I hope they hurry because I hate the burning lol. I really can't fit anything right now just scrubs I am taking another week off of work. Ladies listen to your body and take your time. Sometimes when I walk my back hurts like hell like I'm having back labor and it hurts. So take your time.

GOD is GOOD random rant

LADIES So last night I'm on IG and I follow a couple of dolls and I see a doll and another IG page going back and forth the IG page was @Dr. Surgery horror stories something along those lines. I send a request and I was so horrified. It had pics of women who went to the DR to have surgery and were basically disabled. Now I'm not putting this out there to scare anyone but to make you aware. Please please please research your doctor. Just because this doctor may give the smallest waist or that doctor may give the best bbl realize their are a lot of consequences that can come with it too. I can't speak for anyone else but I could not go with a surgeon who I knew had deaths on their hands. And the more I think about the way GOD had every bit of my journey planned out for me almost brings me to tears. Because I could have been anyone of those ladies. I have two kids and family who did not know what I was going to do and thank God he had me protected all the way around. But there is the what if. I constantly thought about it and I asked GOD to reveal to me if what I am doing will cause me to lose my life Lord and leave my babies behind and I'm not suppose to do this even though I was determined and pressed smh lol. I asked GOD stop me but if I will be okay and if this is in your will please reveal it to me. Ladies that night I had a dream I made it out of surgery I had my garment on and I was alive that was my confirmation and all doubt and worry left me than. And I thanked GOD because it was and it is only because of him I'm alive and able to write this now. I just want people to not look at a doctor solely based off a good body but make sure you'll still be in good health after your surgery. Will your doctor check up on you? Did your doctor or their staff make you feel uneasy? Were there any red flags? Usually if we feel something is not right it is not right do not ignore the signs they may save your life. Now like I said I'm not writing this to turn anyone away from getting surgery in the DR. I did it myself but I also did my research and got permission from GOD before I went through with it. So many times I read something on someone who has lipo burns and a flesh eating disease and I think now this doll has went through this surgery just to go through a hard recovery to not even be able to show off their body. That's crazy and probably most of the time with a doctor who does not care and will ignore her and can't be prosecuted or fined. Just because one persons surgery went well does not reflect the way another person surgery will go. Just stay faithful in GOD ask him to guide your steps in every way, trust what he is doing, research, research, and research, and ask questions, do not be afraid to ask questions, like how many patients are you planning on doing in a day specifically on the day of my surgery, how is the equipment being sterilized and cleaned? I want some of you to know their are some doctors who will perform surgery on someone who has hepatitis and you wouldn't know and say your surgery is after them and the staff is rushing and not able to properly sterilize the equipment. Just be smart, ask questions research ask how many deaths and be honest about your health also. Sorry not sorry if this offends anyone. Just felt the need to write this. I want us all to look beautiful and most of all be healthy and make it back home to love ones. I don't mind questions or opinions. Like I said I took the leap of faith when it came down to having surgery and I felt their are risks with any doctor and any surgery but I researched outweighed my risks trusted my Doctor and prayed and was guided. But I was blessed because I realized that some ppl do everything right and still fall victim. I'll continue to keep you all in my prayers and pray for speedy recovery and healthy healing. Love you all.

Omg the Itching

Dolls I'm about a little over four weeks and this itching is fucking intense. Omg I'll take the pain over this I'm going crazy lol. Nothing is working creme benadryl nothing lord. I was trying to dance the other day and still can't move how I want. Also my second stage faja uh yeah fuck u I'm not wearing it anymore lmao. He was burning and irritating my skin even though I had on a shirt underneath and I couldn't take it anymore plus it was giving me the cupcake booty i didn't have the one with the cut out either. My booty has gone down some and I can't seem to eat more to pick weight back up there yet. My appetite has not come back smh. I'm ready for it to be over but I still get swelling more so at night and when I lay down it hurts but my body looks good i just can't wait for all my swelling goes down. Overall I'm still happy I did this. I want to get my boobs done next but I want more booty just like 3 more inches and I'll be good. Ladies help me out with some weight gain tips. Have you had bbl and lipo and the weight went to your butt. How long die it take? Dr. Medina told me to eat your weight goes to your butt. People have been saying its heart shaped lol
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