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Hello ladies..I am 26 years old I have 4 kids. Yes...

Hello ladies..I am 26 years old I have 4 kids. Yes I know lol. .I have a a set of twins 10 a 7 year old and and one year old. all boys!..and as you can imagine my body is completely ruin after that. I had my kids at a young age and ive been through alot. But I've always put my kids first. But now..see now it's time to do something for myself that makes me feel better about me ..right now I'm currently in the process of looking for that one doctor I feel comfortable enough with to transform me back to the old me. Or at least somewhat of the old me lol.. lately every doctor I contact in my state just got information as to where to start this process off is telling me to loose weight .so that's where I'm at right now..before my kids I weighed 135 now last almost 2 month at my heaviest I weighed 225 now I'm down to 210..not very far because I've been on and off my diet but I'm hoping to have surgery done in Dominican republic now because the obvious reasons it's cheaper and I would like the best possible results. So I would like to have my surgery date official by March the latest..but I have have a few questions Ladies..I more than likely will be alone just because nobody knows about accept my kids father and my mom. .don't like people in my business lol..but anywaysway!!..in your opinion who would you ladies say the best doctor based my body type should I look into in the dr?.. recovery house?..anyone else have surgery feb-march was it hectic?..I need the tea Ladies lol


Hummmm....after much research I've decided to go with dr. Robles. In the process of scheduling a date now..


Happy new years!!!.. Pretty sure most of us has the same new years resolution..To either loose wieght or to finally get this surgery..Or both!! Lol and if that isn't yours..It sure is mine lol..OK well anyways quick update I'm definitely going with dra Robles..She has been answering every question I ask without a problem within hours of Me asking or at least Laura her assistant has..And plus of course I love her after photos..So yes anyways the only thing im waiting in now is the OK from my hematologist..I have a hematologist because back in November 2015 I developed a blood clot in my right lung due to birth control I was on..Then after months of being on blood thinners it still didn't minimize my blood clot so I had surgery may 2016 to get it manually removed . So I remained on blood thinners because they thought I was prone to get another one after all that..so long story short they don't believe I'm prone to get blood clots anymore..and I've been off all blood thinners and doing just fine since November 2016..So that's the story lol..My appointment is jan.17 to get the yes or no.. I'm hoping he says yes because when I mentioned it to him over the phone he didn't sound like it was a crazy idea lol he just said "I'll talk over my recommendations for you at your appointment well go over everything" so ladies wish me luck!!!!!

just thinking

hey ladies help me out here!!!..what do you think of Dr. Maikel L. Jiménez Ferreras..ive seen his before and after pictures and they look GREAT!!!!..especially on plus size women like myself..but his entire page is in Spanish..anyone has had surgery by him or a opinion of him at least??


Ughhhh cant make up my mind!!...walkiris robles or Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes?????..please help!!! Lol

Made up my mind!!!!!

Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes it is!!!! ????????????????

He said...

Yes!!!!..omg im so happy..i can finally fo back to feelings good about myself after soo many years!!..words cant explain how happy i am right now..lol..but yea anyways the doctor proscribed me lovanox to take before and after my plane flight and during my stay there just in case..so thats good..i dont have to pay for them now because there covered on my insurance..so yea!!!!.lol now that weight is taken off my shoulder i have other things i have to worry about..i have to still get my vitamins..book my flight..get my supplies ..my passport and im paying my deposit next week to save my date!!..so yea ladies its official!!..but just a few questions..im thinking about getting the diamind recovery box basically so i dont have to buy everything separate..but i was thinking with the recovery box a robe , slippers a few sun dresses and my vitamins..that should cover everything pre and post op right?

Oh yea!!

Btw the doctor did not tell me to loose weight but just for better results im going to push myself to get to atleast 180 im currently 215..i got this!!! Lol

Paid my deposit!!!

Im soooooooo excited!!..now that ive paid my deposit and bought all my vitamins..it seems so real now!! Lol..even though i have alot of other items left to buy..its okay ..because we not gonna talk about that right now lmao ???????? ..i still have to get Passport..tourist card..diamond recovery box..and my plane ticket..i was going to buy a carry on and a safe for my money( yes ive heard about those recovery house stories) lol but then my always tryna be cheap i said i already got a safe thats shaped like a book i can keep my money in so its safe..so im all happy like ok i saved on a lock or whatever until my bf was like unless someone takes the whole thing lmao..so im like you right but damn it couldn't be that bad!!..right??? Lol but yea and as far a the carry on i was just gonna buy that because i only planned on bringing my recovery box..a few sundresses..a robe and slippers so i didnt want to have to worry about bringing my bf huge suitcase..idk what you ladies think is everything im bringing all i need? Also do you think it would just fit in a bookbag maybe??..im trying to carry light..but yea anyways im so excited..did i say that already??..lol dr.mallol have been VERY helpful too ..he answers all my questions within reasonable time and is so sweet and patient..and btw i ask alot of questions!!..ok ladies so my vitamins should be here by the 4th im going to get started on those..start checking everything off my list one by one and countdown until my day gets here!!..oh yea one more question.. I paid for the premium package so which one of dr.mallol recovery house would you guys say is the best??

quick question ladies...

hey ladies..im thinking about getting my tourist card now. Just to get it out of the way. do you know if it would expire by march 16th?..like is there a expiration date on them from the time of purchase??

travel buddy

uggh I need a travel buddy that's going to mallol during march 15-23..first time on a plane and Im thinking the worst lol

Shoulder pain!!!!!

Hey ladies is it just me or did any of you start experiencing sharp shoulder pain on the upper left side and lower neck..right after you started the vitamins and iron for surgery?? I mean its bareable just not sure what to do about this now..


Ok so i went to the hospital and the vitamins had nothing to do with the chest pains..so its okay ladies..i pulled a muscle and i had a kidney infection at the same time..just my luck..but im feeling 60% better now hopefully buy the end of the week ill be back to me..so yea anyways all my mallol dolls i have i quick question i know my surgery isn't until a month away but how quickly did you guys get the information on your driver or does someone contact you from the recovery house to let yoy know your all set..im just a little nervous its my first time flying and i dont wanna just be out there lost..i expressed my concern to dr mollol and his reply was only sealily recovery house..????????

Impatiently waiting..

Gm ladies i have 28 more days until surgery!!!..yess im counting lol..im soo excited!!. I have a countdown on my phone that im always checking..its gotten soo bad that my 10 year old twins are asking me every couple of days "how many more days you got till your skinny like us mommy" lmao but yea i got everything out of the way just waiting on my passport and tourist card to come in the mail..ladies those of you in nys how long did it take for you to receive your tourist card if you purchased online? And how long did it take for you do receive your passport?..i was gonna pay to expedite it but i didnt have the extra $60 ..so hopefully it comes on time..the only other things i have to but is my plane ticket and my diamond recovery box which i hope to have paid for before the month is over..anyways i told my manager about my surgery..i thought it would be a very awkward conversation seems how i work at a gym but it went well anx he said hes happy for me and to keep in touch while in dr..well thats all ladies ..ill update you all when my cbc levels are checked and i receive my passport and tourist card..untill then ttyl!!

Quick update..

So i got my tourist card and i ordered my recovery box..but i haven't received my passport yet and on the site it says its still processing. so it looks like i might end up having to call and pay that extra 75 to expedite it. It says on the site in order tp expedite you must have proof that you'll be leaving the country within two week..such as plane ticket..so it looks like i might have to buy my plane ticket then pay the 75 to get my passport expedited..ugh but anyways i spoke to one of dr mallol soon to be dolls and she informed me on all of the bad reviews sealily recovery house has so i asked him to switch me and he said np but he needs me to flight information asap..oan i got my hemo checked it was 12.3 i thought it would of been better than that!..mallol says it just has to be 12 but im going to try to at least get to 13.5 so i dont have to get a blood transfusion or w.e ..any ideas ladies!?!?!?!? but yea anyways im just basically im waiting for my passport..recovery box..and plane ticket..then im outta here lol..ill probably do one more review before my surgery once i have everything then after that everything else will be post op and ok and ill be on the flat side..i pray every night..that everything goes well and i get the results i want..17 more day!!!

Mermaid rh??

So as you know i asked dr mallol to switch my recovery house..after all the bad reviews about sealily..so anyways this morning he told me i will be staying at mermaid rh..i cant find anything about them online..has anyone else stayed there or are the new or something??
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