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Hello ladies..I am 26 years old I have 4 kids. Yes...

Hello ladies..I am 26 years old I have 4 kids. Yes I know lol. .I have a a set of twins 10 a 7 year old and and one year old. all boys!..and as you can imagine my body is completely ruin after that. I had my kids at a young age and ive been through alot. But I've always put my kids first. But now..see now it's time to do something for myself that makes me feel better about me ..right now I'm currently in the process of looking for that one doctor I feel comfortable enough with to transform me back to the old me. Or at least somewhat of the old me lol.. lately every doctor I contact in my state just got information as to where to start this process off is telling me to loose weight .so that's where I'm at right now..before my kids I weighed 135 now last almost 2 month at my heaviest I weighed 225 now I'm down to 210..not very far because I've been on and off my diet but I'm hoping to have surgery done in Dominican republic now because the obvious reasons it's cheaper and I would like the best possible results. So I would like to have my surgery date official by March the latest..but I have have a few questions Ladies..I more than likely will be alone just because nobody knows about accept my kids father and my mom. .don't like people in my business lol..but anywaysway!!..in your opinion who would you ladies say the best doctor based my body type should I look into in the dr?.. recovery house?..anyone else have surgery feb-march was it hectic?..I need the tea Ladies lol


Hummmm....after much research I've decided to go with dr. Robles. In the process of scheduling a date now..
Dr Robles

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