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Hi. So I'm officially scheduled to have BBL with...

Hi. So I'm officially scheduled to have BBL with Dr.Duran 3/2/16!!!! I'm 29 years 5'5 170 lbs (want to be 160 for surgery) I want a teeny tiny waist and a big round basketball bootay. Please and Thank you lol.... I've had a few surgeries in 8/2014 (BA/BL TT+Lipo) in Miami but as most of you know, the Lipo isn't as aggressive in the US as in DR. I want aggressive and I want perfection and from my research I know that Duran is it for me! I had originally scheduled with Dr. Fisher in Miami for 2/19 but ultimately decided to go w/Duran because she gets sht done the right way lol. I'm so excited and super nervous because they do not give you the option of general anesthesia just epidural w/sedation and I prefer to be knocked the fuck out but the pros outweigh the cons and I want What I believe on Duran can give me. I also loved Cabrals work but that's a whole other story in itself because of the deaths he has had. I paid for the "premier" membership with Jazmine from Bellavita and managed to get a date within about 3 days. Pricey? Yes $350 but, everything comes with a cost and I needed shit done like yesterday. Hehe. This is the 3 time I am attempting to start a review/blog to document my journey but RealSelf keeps kicking me off....... Let's see if this goes through now.. By the way, I am flying out of Boston 2/28 late night and will arrive around 3AM on the 29 so I will have a few days to meditate and relax before the big day. Anyone else have surgery on the week of 3/2???

Here is my before pics ;) forgot to post them last night....

I naturally have a pretty small waist but I need it to be teeny tiny........ I am going to stress this to Dra.Duran.

13 Days til I Fly Out!!!

Hey Dolls,
Here we are and I am just 13 days from flying out and 15 days from Surgery! I'm nervous, excited, and can't wait to start the healing process... I'm not looking forward to it but know that it's necessary for me to get where I want to be! Last Tuesday I had my lower wisdom teeth removed one was more impacted than the other so I was put to sleep but according to Jazmine (bellavita, my coordinator) she spoke with Dra.Duran and she says it's ok. Still so painful and I'm in oxycodone5 ibuprofen600 and just finished clindamycin.... Still Dra. Says it's ok so surgery is still on...... My personal life has been so hectic, I left my husband and decided to move forward with everything alone. It's been a hectic time and I know that I need to get my mind right before surgery... I'm trying. As for supplies and an RH, I have yet to get started on arranging either. Tomorrow i go to Quest and do my bloodwork. Then next week I will go once more. Just to make sure I'm on top of my levels...... Also I'm up to 175 which I know Dra. Said i was perfect at 164 I need to be sure there's enough fat!!! Hey does the DR not have Percocet or Vicodin? I've heard from just about every girls review that the pain meds there suck??? Please let me know =)

I have Arrived!!!

Hey everyone,
So I arrived yesterday at 5:30A.M. Ended up renting condo and ultimately allowing hubby back to care for me.... So we are here. Did blood work and other tests yesterday but had to come back for ekg today because the woman who does them left early yesterday. Did ekg blood work everything looks good. (Hemo was 14.5 a week ago but got period so my levels here in DR came up as 13.5....) So, I meet with Dr.Duran. She speaks to me in Spanish so I'm not sure if she speaks English. (I'm fluent) she's neat and polished and very sweet. We go in the exam room where I undress and tell her what I want. She chuckles at me telling her to please give me a tiny waist and a basketball booty lol.. She notices my tan and asks where I've been. I tell her that I was in Brazil for my birthday so I did indeed catch some sun. She is concerned that my skin may burn from the Lipo because I am so bronzed? (I've never heard of this and had my last surgery very tanned lol) so she tells me that she doesn't want to have to cancel my surgery so we can try a treatment? I am then sent to an address to an esthetics lady who exfoliates me and showers me twice along with body masks and ect. Don't get me wrong, the lady was amazing but seriously? I feel like this is all about money, because we're talking about a tan for christs sakes! I she tells me to come back for one more treatment in morning which totals to 130$ for both. Ok. So back to cipla to register for the morning. Registered and good to go. All staff is so sweet from what I've seen no complaints here but this could be because for me there is no language barrier. I have one now skin treatment at 6:00 AM then I'll be off to cipla for my surgery God willing . The girl told me that since all the paperwork is done that means I'm definitely going to get in for surgery so let's keep our fingers crossed! This whole tan thing threw me off so now I'm like wth really... They better get me in. Hehe. Other than that, DR is nice just like Miami. All is well and I'm about to go shower now and try to exfoliate some more lol..... Until tomorrow!! Xoxoxo goodnight

Duran Doll Coming through ****

Hello girls...
So here we are yesterday morning was surgery and I'm feeling wonderful! My hands are sooooo swollen so it's hard to type but I promise to update you all tomorrow on the entire surgery!!! Talk to you all tomorrow!!!! Bum looks amazing by the way.. Waist is super duper tinyyyyy!!!

So here it goes.....

I woke up early the morning of surgery and off to my skin treatment I went... There I went through the Bs treatment at like 5:45 AM skin exfoliated to death, shower, body mask, another shower, then off to surgery with the hubby. I arrive just before 8AM to Cipla where already it's pretty full. I'm called in after a while where I am marked up and ask Dr. To please let me go first =D my husband was very very stern with her because he wanted her to be careful when administering the antibiotics during surgery because I am allergic to so many of them. (Amoxicillin, Docycycline, and Macrobid) They agree on the same antibiotic (finally) and then we pay and right after I am then sent up to the 4th floor with an envelope and some papers to give them and then we wait for my room. There's a large waiting area up on the 4 floor where everyone who has surgery that day waits for there room. I am called in pretty quickly. There almost immediately I am given the infamous blue pill and am instructed to put on surgery gear and my anti embolism stockings. I'm not sure how much time passed maybe like 40 min before the pill starts to kick in. It was weird I kept blacking out if you will.., not to be confused with padding out lol. I felt great my husband says I sang my way to the OR. Lol. I don't remember any of it. That blue pill is amazing! It's a benzo so it's made to calm your nerves but it literally put me on cloud 9 hehe. All I remember is putting my arms out on the OR and them starting an IV. Painless by the way because of that wonderful blue pill lol. So next thing u know I wake up in a recovery area where there's 2 other girls all fresh out of surgery. My husband was taken down to see me but I was out of it and don't remember. He says I was asleep n looked dead. Lmao. I just remember feeling so calm and high but in a good way. I was relaxed and went in n out of sleep but in a good way. The time from me going into surgery until coming back to my room was about 4 1/2 hours. I woke up a little later feeling great I really never had severe pain or discomfort. My husband was amazing through it all and we also hired a nurse there that night which we ended up letting go by midnight because I felt great. She came in handy when ever I did need a nurse or to order Gatorade and water which they have delivered. I'm not sugar coating anything I really had an amazing recover and those first hours where most have it the most difficult, I had it pretty good. From 1 day post and forward I took oxycodone 5 for the pain which worked perfectly for me. I did take it every 4-5 hours though. I saw my doc 6 days post op and had drain removed and got my stage 2 faja which I was told to put on Friday and I did. I was also told to start my massages that very day which I did and yes it did hurt and the lady was soooooo aggressive.. The most uncomfortable part was trying to get comfortable enough at night to sleep. I did indeed get Lipo on my arms too so the compression sleeves suck and it felt like my circulation was being cut off my fingers were always tingling because the swelling was so much lol. That was the worst part oh and trying to turn on my sides. I always sleep either face down or on my sides. And moving in bed at night was difficult and painful. I'm still healing tomorrow is 2 weeks to the day. I still can't turn that easily in bed and I never sit or lie in my bum except briefly during my massages... I know I probably missed a whole lot but I will add it if need be.. My first real shower was yesterday I'm ashamed to say haha but I did get nice hot bird baths regularly before that. My massage lady is so amazing I love her I will put all her info up.....


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