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Hello! I've waited quite some time before deciding...

Hello! I've waited quite some time before deciding to write this review. First let me start by saying that I in no way write this review out of anger. I write this review to warn anyone looking to get dental work by Dr. Alonso. Sometime in August of last year I decided to contact Dr. Alonso because I saw one of the girls in a group in Facebook mention him and say how he was so knowledgeable and also answered every question you might have. I reached out to him here on realself first and was told to write to him on whatsapp. i don't remember if it was me or if it was him that reached out first either way the next day we got in contact. He answered all my questions after I sent him pictures of my teeth. He said I can correct my smile by getting porcelain veeners. He gave me a estimate of $1,800. He said I can send a deposit to him of $180. Fine I had it sent to him within a month and had my date booked (Nov 20th) the same day I arrived to the Dominican Republic. Our conversations on whatsapp were all good and I was excited to have a new smile as well as my new body. I arrived to the Dominican Republic on Nove 20th a day before surgery. I went straight to Cipla & then went to eat at a restaurant down the block from his office. I ate took my time because he was running late. His driver Vladimir picked me up from the cipla took me to the restaurant but never showed up to pick me up from the restaurant so I (A TOURIST) wouldn't have to walk down the block with my purse in the dominican republic. He never showed so I decided too go ahead and walk to the building since I didn't want to miss my appt with him. When I got there he was chit chatting with a patient of his. He told me to have a seat and take it easy. I waited about 30 minutes till he prepped everything. He looked at my teeth and said to make them smaller he suggested I get crowns. Everything was good he saw I had some cavities filled. I had two brackets in the lower part of my mouth to seal my teeth because of the cavities and when he took the mold that big metal mouth molding teeth got stuck in my mouth for about 30 -45 minutes. I was scared and he started to panic. I don't understand how he failed to realized he couldn't take the mold with that mouth piece or he probably put way too much of that glue but I know I was in that chair for a good amount of time. He didn't know how to take it out he pulled, he tugged, he used a blade to cut some of the extra mold paste off and NOTHING!! It was like 8 pm so none of his colleagues were at the University (as he said)...he started to call people and no one was available. Finally, he told me to just hold still while he pulled the mouth piece molding thing out. It hurt so much but I was glad when he removed that thing out my mouth. He apologized and he kept working. At this point I was already frustrated. He had previously told me he wasn't going to use anesthesia but he DID! He gave me about 6 injections to file down my teeth. I was very set on not getting any anesthesia since the day after (Nov 21st) I was having surgery. He filed down my teeth and made my temps. Everything took about 5 hours. Yasmin from the recovery house was very worried and emailing me and making sure I was okay during the time. 5 days later I return to get my teeth. I was excited but also very uncomfortable for just being a few days post op. I went and was there for about 3 hours. He filed my teeth down some more and placed the crowns on AND THEY WERE WRONG SMH!!!! He said he would have them sent to the lab to be redone. He texted the person in charge and said he would be there tomorrow to correct the work. Long story short I went back 2 days before I left after me and Dr. Alonso had a big disagreement over whatsapp. He said he was going to give me my crowns and to find someone who can do the work for me in the Dominican Republic. Can you believe that? SMH. I had my brother contact him and he felt my brother was threaten him but he wasn't he was just being firm because I paid my money up front. That night at 8 pm I met with Henry a colleuge of Dr. Alonso he did the work right away. I had a lot of teeth sensitivity when the air conditioner was on so they turn off the air conditioner. He finished the work showed me and I was unhappy right away. Dr. Alonso said to send him a pic so I did and he agreed it was wrong. He said they weren't straight. He then said he would fix my teeth for me for FREE if I came back to the Dominican Republic and would change my silver fillings for white fillings (I said no to the fillings). About 2 months ago I wrote to him saying I was going back to the Dominican Republic in September and would like to correct the work he wrote back to me on whatsapp and said he was not talking to his patients directly through whatsapp anymore and gave me a email and THEN BLOCKED ME! SMH so I emailed him with the title correct this and a customer service rep answered me saying the work was done twice and if I wanted to have the work CORRECTED I would need to PAY! SMH I have attached proof of my conversations with him as well as my pictures of before and after. AGAIN this isn't to hurt him but just wish he would've been a man and professional enough to admit his mistake and redo the work free of charge as promise. I still don't show my teeth in my pictures and NO ONE HAS NOTICED A CHANGE of my before and after. I haven't received not even one compliment. Also I had the top row 6 teeth in front done.

Before & afters

I went to the dentist yesterday here in the states and he said hell charge me $900 for the two front teeth. They said the color was dual. I'm telling you AWEFUL!

Our conversations

Proof of conversations as well as the receipt of the porcelain veneers I was suppose to do and the finals receipt for my crowns.

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