Dr Yily March 21 Tummy Tuck, Lipo, BA, BbL - Dominican Republic, DO

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My wish pics....In love Dr. Yily''s work...sent my...

My wish pics....In love Dr. Yily''s work...sent my pics and info, waiting on a response back. Too geek ed my mother of 1. My son is 13 and I'll be 40....I'm ready......#teamsbatched #teamyily I'm 6ft 240. I'm very curvy. My goal is to loose 15. I have what's considered a big butt and small breast...I want the waist to go with it...Looking to get.. TT/LIPOSUCTION &BREASTLIFT

I got a quote

It took a couple days but I finally received my quote from Dr. Yily. I was quoted 6,000.
Full Tummy Tuck with muscle repair
Liposuction of the back, stomach, arms, bra area and flanks
Breastlift or breast augmentation
I'm also waiting a quote from Dr. Robles.
I think that 6,000 is reasonable. I really in Enos Yily's work, but I also like how natural Robles dolls are. I'm really set on Yily however she took a few days to get back so I researched others.
Going forth, I'll be gathering my med aND try to convince my mom to come with me. I'll keep dolls posted about my sx date....

So ready, I've received my quote and I'm excited! ...

So ready, I've received my quote and I'm excited! I'm hoping and looking forward to a March 2017 date... I'll be going to the DR and I'm having surgery with Dr. Yily. I received an email explaining in full what 6,000 would cover. Very detailed quote. I'll be sending my deposit to secure my date. My goal is to be well into the healing process before my birthday in May. I've been asked why am I doing this? Why my decision to go to the DR to have it done?....LOOK I've been thicker than a snicker my whole life. I'm 6ft 235-40lbs, I'm 12/14 on the top 14/16 on the bottom...(I can get it lol) im not hurting the eyes so thats not it.This isn't about pleasing a man or anything of that nature..This is for me!!! #teamnospanx. Why the DR well i researched and researched i like how natural Yily's work is, so it was a no brainer for me...I lost my passport so that's my next step and then I'll book my flight. I wasn't asked to lose any weight but I'm going to drop 10 to be on the safe side. Like I said I'm looking towards the end of March, if any of you ladies are traveling and or planning to travel to the DR around that time and would like be my surgery buddy hit me up!!!!!! We Can Get Snatched Together....til the text post....

Deposit Sent Date Scheduled YilyDoll2017

I'm super excited and nervous at the same time. Like I stated in my
previous post I'm 6'0 tall about 235-40lbs. I'm small busted and I'm
bottom heavy. I'm considered rather curvy. My quest for surgery started
after I had my son. I only have one child and I'm 39. I had my son by
c-section 13yrs ago. He was almost 9lbs. To make a long story short my
Dr. didn't give me a bikini cut because of how my some was positioned
and the size. I'm was and still am totally fine with the decision.
However it doesn't matter how small I am I still struggle with the
pouch. It's scare tissue fat and extra skin...lol..I'm doing this for
me. I absolutely love my shape but I deserve to feel good about all of
it...I think 6,000 is all the worth it. Deposit sent. Date scheduled.
Booking my flight and working on supplies.....

90 days til Mommy Makeover

Since day one I was set on Yily performing my surgery. I've had what I consider great communication thus far. As I stated in earlier post, i was quoted 6,000 for a TT, Bbl, lipo of back waist, stomach, arm pit, flanks, breast implants. Deposit was $200. I choose Edén Recovery House. Mainly because everyone seems to be going to the most popular ones and I'd like a little peace. It was recommended by Yily so what the heck. I read reviews daily, I've only seen one doll with my date. I'm aware that Yily is none for doing alot of surgeries. I requested to be one of her first of the day of my surgery...FINGERS CROSSED...LOL.
Some things I purchased
6pk Arnica gel
Compression tights
Boppy pillow
Female peewiz
3pks baby wipes
2boxes of gloves
4btls of hand sanitizer
Lipo abdominal pads
Ab board
Tried to order my tourist card but my bank denied the charges. Fraud protection... lol.
I'll take care of that later.
My mom and sister both will be coming with. The two are coming two different parts of the country. They'll meet me in the DR. I'm going to my Dr at the first of the year. I'll check my hemo levels and everything then. My goal is to get my scripts filled here..and drop 15lbs... FINGERS CROSSED...LOL

60 days pre op

Well ladies I'm 60 pre op. I went to the DR. last week and had my blood drawn.My hemo is 13.7 YES HUNTY I'm getting there. As I've mentioned in previous posts I'm 39 6'0. 243lbs my BMI is 34.6. My flight is booked, I have 90% of the supplies need. Recovery House recommend by Yily was Eden's Recovery House it's booked. I'm waiting on my passport to arrive other that I'm ready to be snatched.

Passport Arrived

Passport Arrived!!!! Only took 12days! Whoot whoot....Shit just got real!!!!!!!!

Oh my, it's about that time!

OK ladies, I have about 17days (0?0) oh my....Lol.. I'm a little nervous but excited as well. I did a video that ran long and wouldn't upload so I took pics to show you doll my supplies. In the 1st pic: my boppy pillow, t-shirts, socks, robe and gowns gloves, wipes, toilet wipe, feminine toilet wipes, antibacterial wipes, compression garment, compression sleeves, compression socks. In the pocket of the suitcase and guals alcohol, peroxide, Arnica Gel, arnica pills, Bio oil, anti itch cream, lipo foam heating pads etc..Lol..I have a safe a flat tummy hidden money belt. So much I'm going to chop the video up and post it...Lol....Way toooo much stuff....

No meds from the US

My primary care physician won't write my scripts.... Pissed but Fuck it!

Shit just Got real Sunday is the Fun Day.

Ok, lady my flight is Sunday...OMG! I'm packed and ready. I'm about to print out everything I think I may need. I'm going to the bank today to withdraw my money and transfer some into pesos. I'm taking 6wks off from work and all that paperwork is complete. I didn't get my meds but thank God my ex is a VET I have muscle relaxers and pain meds. I order new TSA approved locks they are to arrive today. My ex husband arrived yesterday to care for our son while I'm gone. My mom and sister are traveling too. I think I'm ready. Oh and I'm buying international calling card. Purchased the travel cards as well... Oh well ladies. I'll update ?you ladies soon...#snatched

Sleepless in Texas

I can't sleep. Oh my... Jesus be a fence.lol. Ladies this time tomorrow I'll be boarding my flight to the flat side.

Touchdown in the DR

This is not for the weak! Have all your things in order. It's no joke in the airport. EVERYONE HUSTLING be careful. Labs tomorrow. Surgery Tuesday. Hit me up ladies on what's app.

Stomach on flat flat!

Here we go ladies I'll tell all about experience later.....Love y'all this site help me.
I'm Faliece Renee on Facebook

Before and after

I got a tummy tuck with muscle repair, lipo of my back, waist, arms and flanks. I already had a big butt so she added a little fat to hips.

60 days post op

I'm 60 days post op and I feel pretty good. Every thing is Healing well. I still get stiff and swollen. The itching is the devil!

Post op pics

5mths post op

4 months post op

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Here we go! I arrived in the DR at a little after 3 on 3/19/17. Flight delayed in Florida for 2hrs. No biggy. While at the airport I get an email stating because I switched Recovery Houses that I won't have transportation from the airport! Wrong! I what's app Yily and I went in on them. However, I board the plane get to the Dominican. I printed out all my info so I had my tourist card. I get the security blah blah blah. Outside it's bananas people everywhere. Cabbies hustling the whole bit. Took about 15mins to figure who was picking me up. I was looking for Jose, Carlos picked me up. We drive 15mibs to the recovery house. At the time I thought was Luxury Recovery House. Wrong, rerouted to Ruth's Real Recovery House. Took almost two days to figure that out. Ruth's Recovery House is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST RECOVERY HOUSE point blank period. Ruth got a ass her daughter's have asses. So they know what their doing. Hands down! The food was good. The ladies are nice. The massage therapist is a beast. She knows what she's doing. Ok. 3/20/17 I get up that morning hit cipla get everything done. That part was fast. Waiting around for your Ride is Hell. Never saw Yily. Yomy tells me to he a cipla at 5am I'm first. Ok cool....Hmmmm wait on it. Here's where shit gets real! My Mom flew in so she's with me. Mom and I are the 1st there. 4:30am. About 4:50 3 girls and a driver Jose cone in the guy who let me in states follow them. Jose is like no no no. I'm like wtf you mean no. You can't me from coming. Like this Dude bugging. So we meet the girl on the 3rd floor. They was like what the heck was that about. No beef with them hell we all Trying​to get Snatched. We talking about what we getting done. Blah blah blah. Yily walks by she says hi and keeps it moving. The 3 chicks are called 1st day around 6. Yily calls for me and she's like what are you getting doll I tell her. Dig this she's like you smoked a cigarette yesterday. I said, how do you Know. She said I know everything. You wait! What she meant was you was to go first but you smoked a cigarette I need you wait and think about that smoke you put in you lungs and you supposed to go under anesthesia.... Errrr.. For that I RESPECT Yily. At least that's what I gathered. Yomy said I was 1st who Knows...I was taken back about 10am. Took that blue and woke snatched... Didn't wake up during surgery! I didn't see Yiy again until the day before I left. Her assistant did all the post op care. Yily's work is phenomenal. My scar is low and thin. My body is what pictured and I'm 2wks out. Dislikes. Way too many girls. After they get that money it's over Hunty. Waiting around for a ride is hell. The communication wasn't good the last couple of months. Overall I gave a 5 her speaks for itself. Do your research. Yily is Tummy tuck, BBL, lipo sculpture surgeon. Alot of unhappy women because​they failed to research.

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