My Journey After Major Weight Loss.

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I figured I would start this now that I have...

I figured I would start this now that I have chosen my Dr! I'm not 100% sure of the date ( more than likely March ) but I AM SO EXCITED.

My fist round is going to basically be the mommy make over :

Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair
Liposuction on waist
Breast lift with implants
Flank contour


My story :

I've wanted my breasts done long before weight loss, they have always been super uneven, a cup size different since puberty, that's getting done! YES! Sure is.

I had the gastric sleeve 5 years ago ( September 19th, 2011 ) I have lost a total of 165lbs from my highest weight, a settled weight of a total of 145lbs.

I'm currently 175lbs at 5'9 Jean size 10-12.

Second round is going to be :

Thigh lift
Arm lift

Anyway, hope this can help someone some how.

Decisions.. decisions..

From what I've been reading, I'm scared Mejia is saying he can do breasts on top of BBL, tummy tuck and all the lipo/contouring.

I'm scared because not many other quotes said they could do it!

I love his work, I'm lucky enough able to put a deposit down ASAP but I just can't make up my mind.

I can get my hemo up, I got one quote that said I need to be 16 for my hemoglobin levels, I'd bust butt to do it, I'm just scared I will wake up and my breasts ( that I've honestly hated since I got them! ) won't be done. I also don't want to lose the opportunity for the fat this is lipo'd not to go to my butt! Lol


This feels like the only place I can't over worry and vent about this kind of stuff, I don't have any friends considering plastics in my life and with such an expensive endeavor I'm so lucky to be able to get, I just feel like I'm complaining.

It's nice to get this out.
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Dealing with getting quotes form everyone was fun for a while and you really do get a good idea of what you're looking at. I am 99.9% sure of who I've decided to go with but until I put down a deposit I won't put anyone down.

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