TT, Lipo - Dominican Republic, DO

I have been doing research on different doctors in...

I have been doing research on different doctors in DR. While cheap is always what catches your eye, it isn't always BEST!!!
I got two quotes from the "top DR surgeons" and they were both over $8,000USD, that was a bit ridiculous since it's known to go to DR to SAVE on costs not pay damn near same price. When you think about it you're saving NOTHING. You still have to pay for your flight, hotel, cab, post op needs, FOOD, items you may pick up being a tourist LOL.

I had a tough time decided between Dra Almonte and Dra Robles. both quotes were pretty close but Almonte had a recovery home (isn't included).
I choose to go with Dra Fatima Almonte, I do like what I saw. Her assistant posted photos onto her website when I asked because I was doing research. I love that her assistant doesn't give even a hint of an attitude no matter how many times you call, email, or ask the SAME thing a million ways LOL.

At first I was hesitant because I originally only saw ONE review for her. A good researcher finds out things, and 'google' helps LOL.

I am

Flights booked

JUST BOOKED MY FLIGHT!!!!! Confirms the butterflies I've been having. I've purchased a few things based on what was told to buy, instinct and other reviewers purchases.
Theres currently a delay because where I went to get my lab work done still hasn't sent off my lab results. It's been over a two weeks now.

I've been noticing some of my clothes are getting a little breathing room that wasn't there last month. YAYYY I do not weigh myself, but I will be buying one before I leave. Im just praying I'm not more swollen than when I went in by my birthday (Oct. 3rd). I would like to show off the new me by then =[

Things I bought for my trip

sports bras/front clip bras
adult pampers (i chose the pads vs the pamper)
^ I'll probably buy that anyway
granny panties LOL
suitcase (makes sense right)
IRON & FOLIC ACID (started taking a month pre op) NO Multi-vitamins
medical tape
feminine items
dial body wash
baby powder
bug spray
mens vest
hand sanitizer
lysol wipes
loose dresses
stool softner
bio oil (not taking on trip)
belly bands
night gowns that open in the front
tee night gowns
sandals (in case my feet swell) walking with sneakers too
shower scrub brush (im sure i wont be able to stretch much)

other things im sure, cant remember at this moment =\


I sent the deposit online to Dr Almonte last night. It solidifies I'll be doing this soon!!!!

I want a few procedures done. I MORE THAN APPRECIATED the care Dr Almonte shows, she is obviously not all about money if she can turn away procedures because she doesn't want to over stress my body!!!! I am more than convinced I picked the right doctor, and I like what I've seen. Instead I got in broken into two sessions, i know what you're thinking, two sessions = more money right?!! WRONG!!!
The costs are the same, except of course you're paying the separate fees (lab, garment, taxi, stay) I personally don't mind paying the extra fees and getting to see the beautiful country vs putting risks to my health.

OH did I mention they provided recovery homes with 24/7 nurses. I'll have to wait and see how the nurses are I know nothing about the nurses int the home my husband I will be staying. He isn't staying the whole trip however :(

I spoke to her yesterday as well. SHE IS SO SWEET!!!!!


the people who oversea this site finally tagged Dr Almonte for me. People probably have trouble tagging doctors it seems. I thought I tagged her since my first posting lol.

ANYHOW, nothing new to post about besides how my butterflies are GROWNING every day!!!! TWO WEEKS OMFG yayyy and anxious bad.

9 DAYS !!!!

Everything is set. The deposit wasn't sent after all, issues with my bank. So they kindly said I can pay in full when I get there, I may have to pay the 2% fee, I'm hoping not.

I picked up a few body bands, was told not to get shorts because it my irritate the thigh area, since I'm having lipo there.
Only a few things to pick up, do laundry and finish packing. IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

dont buy up too much things!!!!!!!!!!

OK i should be the last person saying this but don't bother buying a few things until after surgery; if you're traveling, until after you return home.

Don't buy extra body garments, you WON'T know the size of your body and how quickly the initial swelling goes down. Your garments do need to go down with your body, fitting snug not 'i cant breathe' tight and DEFINITELY not loose.

anywho 7DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woop woop

still have a few random items to pick up and laundry to do. I know I want to sleep most of the time, but I probably can't I'll pick up a book and a few magazines. I should also put music on my phone since I won't have service out there. Need to get a overseas sim card. BUT the recovery home has a phone to use either way and wifi =D

I'll keep you ladies posted.

I'll update costs of everything & what was included at what costs. any extra unexpected costs and such.

If I don;t do that tonight, later this week. I'm trying to prep everything, including clean my house so I don't have that to do when I return.

Dr Fatima =]

I got quoted for mommy makeover, lipo of thighs and fat transfer 4,300USD.
Traveling cab to and from home, clinic, airport 100USD not including if you want to go elsewhere.
Recover home with a nurse for 10 days is 750USD
A deposit of 30USD is made to book your date and time of SX
total of 5,050USD Not bad. I will be back for more. I want to do my arms get a breast reduction and maybe more lipo to my thighs. We'll see how much I can get off from the minimal activity I can do.

Her assistant Leslie is a DOLL. She seems sweet, kind, caring, genuine and a pleasure to have helping me through this process. Fatima has a slight language barrier but a sweet lady as well. Can't wait to met them next week.

i'll take new before SX photos and delete the current ones up.

Sorry for the delay. I've arrived in...

I arrived in DR no problem. A driver was at the airport waiting for my husband and I with a laminated paper with our names to greet us. LANGUAGE BARRIER =[ He didnt speak english at ALL, we called leslie and all was well. We dined at a restaurant and the driver graciously waited on us while we were there.

The home is GREAT. Clean and a 24hr care taker. Who also doesn't speak english but boy is she determined to understand what we're saying. Needless to say, we downloaded a translating app to make life easier.

Tomorrow we relax, tomorrow evening I go in for my physical and most likely stay there because i'm first thing in the morning.

I haven't been able to sleep much past week or so. Im so nervous and I cant wait!!!!!

PS: TSA will take soaps lotions, ANYTHING of a liquid substance if its over 3oz. Don't even bother. Just buy body wash down here.

Today isn't day of treatment.... RECOVERY HOME

It was the day I came down sorry.
I forgot to mention, not that that was the recovery home I was staying at, but as soon as I contacted leslie in regards to bed bugs she went out and found me the most private location she could find. I was reading other ladies posts and they were saying a home had an infestation and other saying thats a lie. Either way i wanted to make sure I was not there or near it. I got the cutest little place that looks so much like an apartments. I love it.

Its in the santo domingo central city. and its #bedbugFREE

What I have here in DR...

grannie panties - like 15 pairs
thigh compression
fajas 2 different sizes
azo yeast meds ( read here it helps prevent it after taking all the antibiotics)
first aid spray
hand sani
clorox wipes
measuring tape
stool softner
pain killers (i think i get some prescribed though)
bathing suit (wanting to enjoy my last day of summer)
makeup (no need to look blah)
night tees
button down sleep shirt
house slippers
yoga shorts
tee shirts
wife beaters/ marinas / vests ....
depends pampers
poise pads
laptop & charger w/phone and charger
summer dresses
ace bandages (hey you never know)
toothbrush & paste
medical tape
scar cream
sports bras
bug spray
crystal light
flight itinerary
hair bands and bobby pins

forgot: sun screen, alcohol ..... DARN!


3am I wake up wont go back to sleep. Guess thats nervousness right LOL. Yesterday I went to the clinic to do my physical, in 2 weeks i went up 1 so my hemoglobin level is a 13. I was expecting more but its ok. I finally met my dolls =] Who are gorgeous BTW.

I have a nurse, Mila, i think thats how you say it =\ she stays here 24hrs which is great. Theres another girl that comes in today but i wont meet her until tomorrow evening. I was originally scheduled for 6am but lovely Leslie once again came to my rescue and switched me to 11 when it opened up. So here i am UP and hungry since my last meal was at 9 last night and Ill be with gas pains until i get knocked out later =\

So I was told my body has a good shape right now, with the tummy tuck i should be as banging as i'd hope. I mostly want my hubz to be pleased =] Its going to be a struggle sleeping because im having work on my back and front =[ Ill figure it out with Mila's help.

Beautiful, Im from the states and it is as clean and as upscale as a city metro clinic. Not to mention its right across the street from the president.....just to give an idea of how nice the place is and how kept it has to look to be of that area.

I went to a store yesterday and bought a few gatorade, i know i wont want to eat but ill attempt to at least drink that.


There's LOTS of horror stories on clinics, doctors, and recovery homes on here. DO RESEARCH. If you're staying there or not. I don't think I came across any bad reviews on my clinic and my recovery home, the apt not the person running it, is new.

DON'T BELIVE EVERY SINGLE THING YOU READ. It could just be someone who was ticked off at some point of their trip and trying to degrade their reputation.
Either way, look it up specifically, do research, ask other who's been there. Find shit out yourself!!!!!

Theres a search bar above, it works like google for THIS site. Use it!!!! I haven't changed my photos as I said i was I guess ill wait until post op...when ill be bored =\

late updating =\

Day of treatment. Aug 13 @ 11am

I got to the clinic at 8am. The day before i went and did my lab work so things run smoothly tuesday. So i got there at 8 and we waited. 10:30 came and i text leslie, like its almost time and i havent been marked or given the k/o pill. I fear needles so the iv wasnt going in until after i k/o. 2mins later a nurse came and gave me the pill. 10 mins later dr almonte came to mark me. I layed back down and that was it.

I REMEMBER NOTHING after that but waking up with my waist snatched LOL.

My husband was in the room we'd be staying waiting for me. He said i came at 3. I was groggy and in and out of sleep for a few hours. I woke up fully around 8.....i think. All night in and out of sleep. My body was sore and my butt hurt. 1-10 scale it was a 6. Wasn't bad mostly uncomfortable because i was hard a rocks.

Day two, wednsday, discharge day. I didnt like my day nurse but moving past that. The clinic was clean the rooms decent, the decor great. A/C, cable, mini fridge...great. I got my last bag of iv with iron. Leslie came, Dr Almonte and her other assistant. I was put into a new faja and given a bag of meds and instructions to give my nurse at the recovery home.

My body was sore but it felt numb at the same time. I had a full mommy makeover with a BBL. I cant stand straight to say how much bigger it got but it feels bigger, so does my hips. =D

The first night at the recovery home post up, wasn't bad, however, finding a comfortable position while being limited on movement had me in and out of sleep again.

I can't feel my abdomen but i can feel the incision. Weird. It feels like my belly button doesn't exist.

pics coming soon. Need to edit them

The hospital

Hours after

I have ZERO back fat and my waist is snatched YAYYY I cant tell how much bigger my butt got mainly because i cant stand straight and theres swelling of my thighs, butt and hips =[

Day of and discharge day pix

theres TONS more photos but this is what ill share at the moment.

I was inboxed a question....

Thanks for your honesty! I will be traveling alone in oct.2013 what did you notice about some of the RH's and the clinic you had your sx wasn't at CIPLA right. What's your opinion on RH Aromia or just break it down to me so I know what to expect!

Take care of your self,


I have NOTHING bad to say about my RH. I is NOT someones apartment. However it is an apartment, there is a 24hr nurse here when there are patients. Different doctors have "contracts" with different RH's. So this is when doing research comes into play. You can ask for photos of the RH and the rooms. Remember if YOU don't like it YOU do NOT have to agree to stay there. The RH i am at is clean and well kept.
As i said it is an apartment, the nurse does have a home outside of the RH. How the rotation works with patients i cannot answer this, i am the only patient here right now. There was another patient but she back out.

My hospital is CECIP directly across the street from the presidents palace. So like i wrote in a previous update, they have to keep up with the location they are in. It's beautiful. Ill take photos of the inside when i go in for my 2nd check up.
My RH is lovely, its not small, its not big, its cozy. Its set up so you move around which is VERY important starting hours after you wake up.

The tv and only mirror, aside from he bathroom, is in the living room. Its set up like a little retreat. Compared to the states, its a carib get away. Of course it doesn't feel like a vacay physically though. =\

That is going to be so tough girl. I have a 24hr nurse and its still tough. My advice if you must come alone. MAKE SURE to have communication with family and friends. You're not alone, but you are alone. (i'll write about that next). Im the only one in this RH, im sure it would be different if there was other patients there, i guess you can find that out. It may help.

I hope i helped =]

Back home - 11 days post

Im back home now, sorry for the delay in updating.

I wasn't able to remove my drain before traveling, I have a few more days left. Its ok, ill have my husband take care of that while im asleep. Im a big punk lol

Day before i leave though, the drain starts hurting UGH.
Im almost able to stand straight not rushing it, but MY BACK IS KILLINGGGGG ME (even that is an understatement)

Even though my back is hurting (and is the only plae that actually hurts) im already planning my second trip. Where ill do a breast reduction, lipo my thighs and arms.

Im SUPER surprised i have zero pain, aside from my back. I do have an issue however, my faja!
The first post op one was taken off day i was leaving and i was put into the capri faja. However, after a day and a half in it, using the bathroom fresh out out in it was THE MOST DIFFICULT thing ever. (for me). so i put back on the first faja, which now is loose. The ones i purchased prior doesn't even fit and now its too late to return. Ill throw them up on ebay i guess. Anyhow, putting back on the second one, i felt suffocated, its weird because day post op i didn't, but 8 days later i couldnt last a hour in it.

now my issue is finding one tight enough but not sufficating for after i remove my drain.

The areas still looks the same to me, swelling one day not so much the next. My lower back, looks swollen, it probably has fluids that will have to sit there until 7 days after i remove my drain. I have a little swelling around my ribs =[

Ill post pix soon =]

any questions feel free to ask, ill answer.


I choose to stay with the panty shaped raja, now to get on that is tight and opens in the crotch. I did have a bit of lipo done to my thigh and since, had ZERO compression besides the one day in the capri faja. So ill be buying spanx for that.

Today i drove for the first time. wasnt nearly as bad (going over bumps) as i anticipated. I was sensitive in previous road trips. I was also able to walk a longer before my back tightens.
Im guessing thats due to the fact im standing even more straight today ^_^ Still not upright. ill say I'm at 80%.
I know i shouldn't be trying to rush my recovery, at first i was saying i wouldn't......then reality hit. My toddler wont allow me to be bd ridden. If im in bed, he's there, on the chair he's get the story LOL I barely get to have quiet time with him up. and I AM TIREDDDD.

I was given the ok to remove the drain wednsday instead of monday like i thought. BUMMER. I think ill brave it and do it myself with assistance. Im afraid of my husband rushing and hurting me or something.

Im doing little stretches, stopping when my body says to. Not pushing through the burn like a work-out. Just to move, mostly to stretch my back and sides. Like ill reach up as far as my body allows. I still can't put my whole arm up, i still have the lipo stitches in my back. I also remove that Wednesday.

This faja really has to go. It feels tooooooo loose now. not falling off loose, but its just there, not doing any kind of work loose. Tomorrow ill drag my hubby to the store to help.


So i continue to read up on post ops to look up the different things people experience. While i have felt like REMOVING THE DRAIN since i got home. i will not. hell i'll probably leave it in 2 days after the fact i got the ok to remove it.
Seromas ... man oh man. You can get them that way. Removing the drain while your body is very much still producing a good amount of fluids is NO BUENO.
Im happy i looked that up and found this out.

Just goes to show the importance of blogging. Others do need your advice and experiences.

Standing... Depressed?

Standing up has become a struggle. I realized I do not move around as much as in the recovery home. When I try to home, my ankles swell up =[ Putting my feet up BARELY reduces the swelling. It gets huge at night, guess from the little moving I do.
I am able to stand up straighter in the night, when I have to go to bed now. Yayy what a great time.

I had a depression moment earlier, not regretting doing this. I don't know how to explain it really. I guess its really me struggling to continue to be independent and I barely can move. Especially with this drain in. My husband wants his family to come over to help and I don't want the help.
Im struggling getting my toddler to be ok with my presence again, I think he's mad at us (parents) for leaving him for 2 weeks. That has been my struggle past 4 days.

On a lighter note, I do not think Im anemic. My body heat has returned, I have always been a hot person, always wanting a fan or a/c. I've been taking iron 3x a day folic acid 2x a day, Vita C in the am, 2x aleeve at noon, and the other meds i was prescribed once a day. Mostly because i lost the instructions and I rather take them once a day than not at all. Yes i could of contacted my doctor, but they're only like a week supply, I don't think it matters.

my laptop is dying or id post new photos (not new but photos i took 1st week of the scar etc.) I guess later
GN ladies

Got the ok for my drain removal

I got the ok to remove my drain yesterday (Wednesday)


I clicked save before i finished.

Anyway. I got the ok to remove my drain, however my fear for getting a seroma is so serious i went from wanting to remove it first day home to keeping it in 3 days after i got the ok to remove it LOL

To measure, clamp tubing and open reservoir. Theres markings (clear) at the front end of the container. My doctor wanted less than 50CCs. Im tempted to keep it in until monday but Im also anxious to TAKE A SHOWER so tomorrow will be my limit. My first shower will be thursday. Oh how i want to scrub layers off my skin.

I still have the stitches in my back, im terrified of my husband doing it now, we attempted 30mins ago. Im such a punk.

Did i mention i never looked at a video of how the tummy tuck is actually done? Yup, if i saw it prior, i would of been too scared to go through with it. Ill watch the video AFTER i remove the drain and stitches.

PUNK is an understatement i know =\ LOL


I know from the tons of reviews ive read that swelling was going to happen. I just posted my back and it doesnt look anything like my day out of surgery pic. Saddens me but im trying to keep positive that that day one photo is how ill look when swelling decides to go away.

If anything swelling, the way i feel like rocks and my inability to move is what gets to me the most. Top of my list in my limited mobility.

I dont think ive read that much if at all, people complaining of the limited mobility issue. It could just be me but i doubt it.
My ankles are swollen, not pregnacy...i have no ankles swollen, but its swollen enough that im now taller than people i shared the exact height with.

Im hoping that the swelling and limited mobility stops by tuesday. I have an important place to be wednsday. not to mention my baby starts school again next week.


I experienced it...... REGRET

As i said before 'I AM A BI PUNK'. So taking the drain, took HOURS and i am NOT kidding to work up the balls to have my husband remove it. I tried tugging, it hurt, i cried for an hour straight like...what am i going to do. I took NyQuil to knock me out and have my sister in law attempt while I was asleep. She said i looked terrified even in my sleep. Like i was going to go into my panic attacks. She let me sleep.
This morning she told me about it, i laughed and cried at the same time.

How was i going to get it out. Mind you i woke up at 7:30. She left to go shop and around 10 i woked up the courage, stood in front of my husband squeezing a pillow and trembling...i said 'PULL IT......NOW" and with out hesitation 1, 2 ,3 it was out. I gasped but it didnt hurt like when we tried it slowly.

Don't watch
Deeeeeep breath count to 6 (really it wasnt more than that long lol)
Have someone do it (someone that will pull at a good speed and not stop cuz you're scared)
Squeeze something if necessary (for punks like myself)

The drain was already long, i could stand and the reservoir is touching the floor. The part inside me OMFG it was another 13/14 inches.

I would post the gross pix but i dont want to creep the untouched out. it does look gross the hole. BUT it doesnt hurt.....take this from the biggest punk i know. =D

just more pictures

I HAVEEEEE to remove my stitches today UGH

Ask your doc how long the stitches should be left in. Dont be like me and might be left with a scar from it being there too long.

OK so...

Let me make this clear...
Im too old for this internet gangster BS but I'm young enough to be ignorant and reply the way I'm spoken to.
I've been out of high school a few years now. Let's not act like immature teens. Im GROWN married with a child in our own house.
This site wasn't meant for negativity and personal issues & drama. END IT. Cuz with me it won't stop...

With that being said....since thats ALL imma say about it.....EVER again....
I wish every1 involved in the BS the best of luck.
Speedy recovery to those who are recovering.. Best wishes to those who are about to embark on this journey... dont 4get to start a blog =D
& I hope the blogs & forums help those researching.

PUNKED OUT.......AGAIN we tried to remove the upper back stitches but as soon as he'd come near me with the knife id start with panic attacks. I think I'll go to target and get tiny scissors or just wait until someone is available at a medical spa.

PS: If you're in NYC and searching for places to remove stitches, do the massages and drainage HMU...inbox me. I'll be happy to help. I don't have many contacts but they always know someone.

SUCKS... & more tips

The last blog i read got me thinking and a little sad. I REALLY cant pick up my baby for a few months. I currently can't take him to the park...give him him around the house =[ I can't even lay straight so cuddling is out the question. =[ :( ;(

This on top of feeling self pity and feeling disgusting LITERALLY. Im trying to keep positive and still no regrets. But sheesh this is going to be a tough one.....and that's just issues with my baby.

Tonight.... my back is hard as rocks...swollen and hurting in my lower back. Which is also the most swollen part. I took off my sports bra. Looking back at the pic i posted earlier...i don't like the way it looks. I know its all swelling but your clothes does shape you. I would like to give my body the chance to heal smooth like my first post op pic. Since taking out the drain and only a few hours in the tighter capri faja...the rocks that i felt in my thighs are already softer BUT the swelling in my ankles have gone nowhere.My left leg is still more swollen than the right.
(As long as it isn;t one leg and it isn't a concerning size I'm ok)

My current faja is made by Voe. Its the brand my doc gave to me. IT IS THE MOST COMFORTABLE but suffocating thing ever. Sadly you can't just buy this brand. They only sell to people that practice medicine and if you beg....they'll beat you over the head with the price for a single garment. The next best is Faja. NOT salome. Salome burns your skin.
Fajas Diseños D'Prada made in colombia is good for your sensitive skin.
OH.....your skin isn't sensitive? You mean it isn't YET. TRUST me post're skin is sensitive.
AGAIN....don't buy a faja until AFTER sx. Your doc will be able to tell u after the faja they give u...which is the next size they want you to wear.
My faja is an unrealistic (to me) XS who would of though since i wore a large. But brands do run different because in the faja from columbia i wear a xl and in salome a 2xl. -__-

I will say one positive one the is tight a hell. BUT you can't wear it until your body has recovered.


I have just realized....chances are my big punk self will need back drainage. =[ My night has officially ruined. I HATEEEE needles. now ill have to attempt to FORCE myself still to take a drain in my back #PISSED an understatement.


do NOT buy any type of faja before your surgery ladies!!!!!! I cannot stress that enough.

The best faja to buy is Faja Diseños D'Prada they are slightly hard to find. BUT is available online and on
They're good because after surgery your skin becomes sensitive and this is gentle on your skin. You must wear a wife beater under it regardless.
I should get paid for this LOL BACK ={ i hate needles but i must say im freaking out but looking forward to the drainage and massages. I just tried a vibrating back massager. Had it one spot for like 10mins and that one soft feels like a softer rock LOL. I hope the massages reach everywhere cuz my underarms are starting to get a little firm =[

Random tips I was thinking of...

-If you already had stretch marks visible or not....they will be visible while ur swollen
-Make sure to take your vitamins daily
-Plz stop smoking and don't dare pick it up while you're healing (wat i saw was really nasty)
-bring entertainment while you're there. you'll sleep a LOT but not all day
-bring a phone card to call the states. or get a overseas sim card. (roaming is CRAZY)
especially if you're traveling alone
-have a list of questions for your doctor. too many questions don't exist ladies
-find out how post op consultations will go. if you waited 4ever for quotes and replies expect that for post op......wasn't my issue thank god
-snacks aren't important to bring, if you're stay at a RH. There is supposed to be someone there to care and cook for you.
-HONESTLY jet blue....returning was SOOO uncomfortable. there seats were narrow for my new shape (how could i forget to mention that)
-drink lots of liquids. in DR i drank gatorade the most.
do NOT do bulky box braids (ei. poetic justice hair) they are big, heavy on you then weaker body and hard to put up with you being sore. try a style that is shorter NO MAINTENANCE still but not as much work to get out the way.

Great doc got back to me this back pains are do to the rocks i feel and should be resolved with the massages. Thats great last thing i wanted was to be drained. YAAYYYY

I got a Salome Flattening Board... oh and other stuff ;)

they come in 3 shapes i got the biggest one. Looks like a half circle. I wear it on my stomach, I was WORK getting it on since I already have my current faja at its tightest because i removed my drain yesterday. I just want to make sure I'm as flat as this board LOL I need one for my back.

I dont know if i mentioned this before.....but once your drain is removed you must IMMEDIATELY put on the faja at its suffocating point. I have mine at the 3rd hooks. You cannot take it off for 2 days...because I'm a punk..Ill keep mine for 3 days. SOOOO take your last bird bath before you remove your drain.
I say immediately because it'll take a few minutes to get that damn faja so tight LOL And the longer its off after that the greater the chance for fluid build up.

After 3 days You can take it off to bathe. After day 5 the drain hole SHOULD be closed. (each person is different) Once the hole is closed......HOLY LAWD....YOU CAN TAKE A SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After this you wear it every day for a minimum of 2 months after is up to you....
you can continue to wear every day...wear only at night and a less constricting garment during the day....i plan to wear one for 3 months. What ever i am told ill add time to it...just cause. LOL After that i hope to wear only a corset and the faja to bed. Spanx when i reach the 6 month mark....this all depends on my healing process....its only my plan.

I badly want to use my sugar can see how long I've gone w/o a good scrubbing...but I'm scared to tear my skin. Its so delicate right now. I have chaffing from the wife beater..faja and my clothes rubbing my under arm too much =[
Putting of deodorant kind of hurts too...but I rather hurt a few seconds than stink nest couple hours.

An unusual place is also swollen. Its normal but I thought I had missed it since its been more than 2 weeks now....
My lady parts are swollen!! 0_o It been this way 3 days now its also the most sensitive part. he bottom of my faja touches and its so uncomfortable. TMI but some of you may experience this. I personally think its from me standing up straighter.

Speaking of lady parts...I was bold enough before i left because my hubby harassed me to ask.....YOU MAY HAVE dont have to wait until you can stand straight...until swelling goes down or can do 'it' as early as same day....
I personally wouldn't ever be in the mood same day...i guess you wouldnt mind if you only had lipo but i personally woudnt want to be touched. LOL

my hubby has pix on his phone...i have to email them to myself and upload.

So Im a little frustrated...

Im upset im still unable to stand straight. OK I can but the way my back feels..hard...I feel like i cannot stand straight. It feels tight and Im not even moving. Imagine you've been sitting on a small towel in your shirt on you back a hour. How the pressure feels is how I feel whenever I move. Best I have sorry.
I have convinced myself I have fluids, also due to the fact, I've noticed a lot of swelling has gone down EXCEPT for my back. I feel as wide as I did before. My back arch is non existent. I can tell you the length of my back that feels weird. I know its still numb which is weird because a week post op i started feeling my back.

On to other things... I still haven't taken that damn shower PISSED is an understatement. I hopefully start my massages monday, i made the appointment. My ankle swelling have gone BUT today i noticed if i step too hard...and i have a heavy step...i feel like a shock weird, ill contact my doc tomorrow. I took out the stitches Wednesday. I felt all except the area of my lower back =[ didn't hurt but it was there 20 plus days, he had to pick at the scabs covering it to get to it. ladies DO NOT wait too long to remove them. Ask your doc how long to keep them if you return home with them.

As im writing this i noticed my drain area looks slightly swollen and the left side of my stomach, UGH. Lopsided swollen me =[

Im happy im able to raise my arms, but the stitch areas are still sore. Im able to try on clothes hehehehe so i've been in front my mirror all day. I don't look at my profile tho. its a bummer right now ESPECIALLY compared to the rest of the new shape.
I hope if i do need draining i remain numb LAWD i pray im numb monday still. More than i pray to be able to shower ITS THAT REAL lol

I went to target the the other day. Didn't hurt as much to walk as the first week and a half i was back in the states. i hunched over the cart because i couldnt stand completely straight. I was tight after but it was the longest i was standing and walking. about 20 mins. Hopefully next week after massages I'll be sooo much better.

more pix coming soon =D

Sorry i been MIA

....i misplaced my laptop smh...and i couldn't operate the website from my iphone.
Ill be updating now =D


I took a break from updating because I thought i was flooding your feeds with my updates =\
Anyhow Im back, photos edited and ready to talk TALK talk.

Im not sure where to even begin.
Ill find somewhere to start though.


All is well. I've had 5 massages now. I go 2x a week but i honestly have been slacking past week and a half.
The massages with the machines dont hurt at all. EXCEPT the first time. The hand massage is what kills me EVERY time. But i feel great after and my swelling does temporarily go down. I mean tomorrow ill b swollen....sometimes.

I am able to stand straight. Lay on my tummy. Turn side to side. Walk with out my back tightening or feeling out of breath. Id say for the past 3-4 weeks. More 3 nearing 4. Laying on my tummy. 2 weeks, same for walking.

My swelling has been fluctuating however thats mostly due to the fact i havent been wearing the FAJTE i was told to wear. I went back to my first garment. the FIRST ever and a corset.
Ive been having issues witht the fajate. while its GREAT. what isnt great is the 3 person job it is to get that thing closed. ANNOYING is an understatement. One person is damn near impossible to do. I took in both my fajas and i gave up after that. The salome corset actually gives me a better shape BUT it made my swelling drop into the area above my hips but under the end of the corset. So it looks like hard love handles. Thats when i put th first faja on over night I SWELL into it but the hardness subsides and im either in both or back into the corset.

Im actually looking to but the fajate waist cincher online to wear with my first faja.

honestly super tired....ill continue tomorrow PROMISE!!


I recently took a trip to the actual store in NJ. The two ladies are so adorable.
They have EVERYTHING that is online in that store...BUT i like to try on before i purchase so I found time to make the trip. I need to make another one soon.

recent photos

I think this was the 2nd week in october.
Not so much has changed but the SWELLING has gone down quite a bit. I love that. I tried a different type of massage therapy last week. Its sad how much free time i DONT have not even to go in for my massages. I haven't even gotten 10 yet!!!!!!!!!

Anyhow. This was a set of a down day but still swollen none the less.

more photos


I decided, I will make one month drop ins, when its around my milestone mark. Now that I'm able to be the old me, I'm barely bored just on my laptop LoL.

I really do hope I help you ladies out. Dont be shy to say hey or ask anything, after all no one here is judging, we're all here with common goals and interests.

Nothing new really to update. Well maybe a few things.....

MY BACK ITCHES like a million mosquitoes attacked it. =[

massage lady says thats a good thing, it means your nerves are re attaching themselves...... well my back looks scratched up...I was digging skin and i dodnt even know it.

NOPE lotions and oils did not and DO NOT help. It does calm down after a shower, fresh top then put my corset on for bed.

I have a date for procedure #2

I wont disclose but Its end of winter.

I've been kind of sticking to a diet, mostly juicing and smoothies...I've lost 15lbs. YAY I would just like the weight to leave my face and arms. My arms aren't that bad though.

Oh, I cannot give out massage places. I can however, help with your search or give you tips and pointers. Sorry

What I've been up to....

I haven't worn a faja in almost a month.
I wear a corset ONLY to bed. Sometimes during the day, but barely.
I am now able to start working out, nothing that will work out my abs AT ALL!!!
Juicing and breakfast shakes alone, I lost about 15lbs. (3months no workouts)
I cut out fried foods
The only soda i drink is ginger ale....even that has to go
i forget to use my scar care things
i still bathe with antibacterial soap....not sure why but w/e
i have scratched and marked up my skin =[

ahhh idr much...tired.....going to sleep...just a few quick updates =*
pictures soon

Nov 2013

Just a few photos of me lately.

I haven't worn any type of compression almost 3 weeks.
Soooo I've been mostly swollen. Past 2 days swelling has decreased. I just can't wait until feb for round 2.

I haven't started exercising besides walking BUT I have changed my eating habits mostly. I've picked up juicing and protein shakes daily. Yogurt and banana for snacks. I try to stay under 800 cal meals which is tough when you're on the go. If I must cheat I would either get a wrap or kids meal from McDonald's. :(

Ive lost inches but not pounds :( I don't care really because my I retest is always how my jeans fit never how much weight is in my jeans.

I was contemplating going to Dr Duran for the second set because I want my butt to be PERFECT I honestly haven't seen too much BBL for DR Almonte. Yet ill stick with her because she knows me.

Hey dec.

FINALLY washed my corsets. Ill start wearing them again this weekend. My swelling is still off and on but I'm over all happy. After all its a big difference from my before. My sister sent her deposit so we're set for my second and her first trip to Dr. Almonte. YAYYY I have to do blood work this week or next week. I have to make sure my blood is back where it needs to be.

Im going to try and have my sis make a blog. She probably won't but Ill post pictures on here for her.


Here's an update photo shoot. I'm not home so the clothes stay on ;) LOL

I'm not too sure who told some of you ladies the things I've been reading. If you're doing "RESEARCH" there's a few more people that did a review on Dr. Almonte than when I was searching but…… ASK A QUESTION!!!!!!

I don't bite I promise you. I may take some time to reply, I don't come here everyday anymore. I haven't in 2 months, I'm back to living LOL. ASK ANYWAY =]


I will be having lipo in my abdomen (some fat was left for my own comfort after my TT by request) …….I want a smaller waist.
waist: 34
pants waist: 39
under bust: 36.5 inches

Lipo my stomach, back, sides, arms, inner thighs and neck. (hopefully I can do all of this.)

I KNOW WHAT YOU"RE THINKING……thats A LOT……to some yea it is…..then you look at my photos……it isn't. Just a lot of places. =\

to each it's own.


Hey ladies. I did NOT do my booty. HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My plan is to get it rounded. And fill it out on the sides a LITTLE. I just want a bubble butt.
Right now its hard and perky from being sporty as a teen.

I wanted to get tarts to cover my scars but I obviously have to wait until my next trip. So i guess by summer. Ill give my body time to heal good.

I heard i was the best review for Dr Almonte on here YAYYY *does running man* LOL

ANY questions and i mean ANY….doc related or not….feel free to ask.

FEB 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey so I'm returning to Dr Almonte in a few weeks. Its been 6 months and Im ready for pt.2 I will start up a new review on that because I don't want any mix ups. You can always find either reviews from my profile page. Ill post an update shot before I head over. But Ill mostly be in that review starting next month!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for all the support ladies

3 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…..UNTIL I RETURN……….check my new blog/review out ladies. I'll soon only be returning to the TT review for comments replies.


This blog is officially over and onto the next....

My alarm just rang for me to start moving to get ready for my early flight. Time to bathe and get dressed.... NO WORRIES I DO HAVE THE PHOTOS!!!! Once I'm settled in DR I will post an detailed REAL update. Talk to you ladies soon =]

Back Home

Ive been home a little over a day and my back is super tight. The wheelchair assistants at JFK are assholes. I guess my sister and I didn't look like we needed assistance so this coolie guy was giving us a hard time. At one point we even put our bags in one random wheelchair and tried to push it towards customs but they were making a big stink about it. As if we REALLY needed to explain ourselves, we ended up telling him in an angry tone because we were cranky, we had surgery and although its none of your damn business we BOTH need wheelchairs. Then and ONLY then did he radio in for a second chair and said stop pushing the one we had our bags in. We were so exhausted we didn't even bother to complain to anyone and he disappeared anyway probably in case we did.

Links to other posts by me... healing

In total for the TT healing wounds 2-3 weeks.
Being able to stand a month.
Feeling in abdomen about 16months (I still don't have feeling in little small areas).
Pain stopped about 3 weeks p/o.
I formed keloids on my back 2-3 months p/o probably from constant rubbing having prone skin didn't help.
I was up and about normally w/o feeling tired and out of breath about 2months post.
I didn't lift my son up for 2/.5/3 months (he was 4yrs)
I did stop wearing my faja after barely 2 months. (wish i held on 3weeks)
FYI: you can get tatts to cover up scars but it's advised you wait a year post.

1st sx:

2nd sx:

tips & what to bring etc..:
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Sweet lady. Im happy to write a review for her. Happier with what i see.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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