Future Duran Doll ! 20 Y/o, 2 Kids, 200 Lbs, 5'10" - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello ladies, gentlemen, patients, and surgeons!...

Hello ladies, gentlemen, patients, and surgeons! I'm trying to reach my perfect tiny waist, big booty, AMAZING body before my 21st birthday. I would like to have lipo on my stomach upper back, & fat transferred from my arms to my bum/hips. I've been doing tons of research and I'm leaning towards Dra.Duran. I'm hoping to schedule my surgery for March 2017. I've already emailed Dra.Duran. I'll be calling her tomorrow morning!

Response from Surgi Coordinator

Okay so my price is definitely overestimated (according to fellow members) lol I'm still waiting on a quote. I just submitted my health questionnaire to the Surgi Coordinator. It does look like Dra.Duran will be on vacation till Sept.16 :-) I'm super excited to get more info.

Response from Surgicoordinator!

After filling out the health questionnaire 2 x's and a few texts/emails, I've received a quote! Dra.Duran has recommended liposculpture, TT, and BBL for $4,900. Surgicoordinator has a $200 fee should I decide to book with them (which I will be doing). I'm shooting for March 2017, they have March 13th available. I will be paying my $250 deposit for the procedures and $200 to the Surgicoordinator on October 7th :-) Im so excited!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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