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So my journey was to be continued........ After...

So my journey was to be continued........ After having the Vertical Gastric Sleeve on July 22, 2014 and losing 146.4lbs (starting weight 323.4, current weight 177) I am left with flap jack boobs and a meat apron that I can't bare to look at. At first I would not have even thought about going to the Dominican Republic for surgery because after all I have my very supportive husband (we're newlyweds) and our three daughters (2 biological 1 step daughter) to live for. Although they are very important in my life I can't shake the feeling of unhappiness when I look at myself naked. Now my Husband says I'm fine, hell I would say that too I'm almost 150lbs lighter (I must add he loved me and proposed to me at that very weight) however I want this for me I did a lot of hard work to lose the weight that I've lost. Although some may feel like the VSG is the easy way out however they make your stomach 70% smaller, they do nothing to your head, so it is a struggle and I have to be conscious of everything I put in my mouth. I also have to workout which is something I hate to tighten the lose skin which is inevitable when you lose the amount of weight that I have. Okay now that I told you all about my start here is where I am now, I am scheduled to have a Mommy Makeover, Breast Lift with implants and a BBL with Dra. Fatima Almonte on July 18, 2016. I am super excited although I am nervous, but this has to be done. I am not happy with my body and I should be so since it can't be done naturally so Dra. Almonte is going to help me with that. I pray everyday but I've been praying like 3-4 times a day that I have a safe surgery and a speedy recovery. I chose Dra. Almonte whom I've been researching for about two years because she does great work for dolls whom are bigger girls plus she has a lot more satisfied dolls than unsatisfied dolls. I think her work speaks for itself. I have already book my flight I will be in DR from July 17- 27, 2016. I have sent Dra. Almonte my deposit so my surgery date has been confirmed. I have also decided to stay at Maria's Recovery House and my deposit was also sent already. So now the only thing left to do is work on getting my blood levels up, I went to my primary care doctor two weeks ago and my hemoglobin was only 10.2......NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I have added to my vitamin regimen I take B12, Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Biotin, Calcium, Geritol, Iron (twice a day) Blood Builder and a Multi-Vitamin, oh and I forgot Miralax. I have been eating liver, beets, spinach, greens etc. I also started drinking a juice recommended by Dra. Almonte which is watercress, carrots, spinach and apple juice I drink it twice a day. so my primary doctor whom might I add is very supportive of my decision to have surgery in DR said he will do everything in his power to ensure my levels are where they need to be prior to me leaving as well as write whatever antibiotic and pain meds prescriptions I need. He only made me promise him that I will do my research prior to selecting a doctor and also follow all their post op instructions, because he stated their are great doctors in DR, just do you research please. I love my Doctor!!! so I am now scheduled to have my blood work redone on March 25, 2016, I can't wait to see if all the things I've been doing will make a difference I really hope so. I must say I feel different, I am no longer always cold or tired so maybe its up at least more that it was Please Dear God Let It Be Up!!! I only told a select few about my surgery I don't need anyone making my more nervous than I am already nor do I need them judging me!!! I think that's all for now!!!


So I got my hemoglobin checked yesterday and it went up guys!!!! Yes it went up to 11.7 from 10.2 and I am ecstatic. Even though I gained back the 6lbs. that I lost I think all of these vitamins I'm taking is opening up my appetite. NOT GOOD!!! because the last thing I want to do is gain weight. My body is weird because I go up and down with these same 6lbs. but at the end of the day with or without these 6lbs. my sx can still happen because it really doesn't affect my BMI. However I still want to be about 175lbs. the day of surgery, and trust me I will be!!! I HAVE 96 DAYS UNTIL DRA. ALMONTE MAKE ME OVER. I can't wait, I'm nervous and excited, I've been praying to God about my sx since I decided I would have it done in DR, so I'm confident that I will be fine. I'm going to continue my iron regimen and continue to eat my liver, spinach and beets as well as (my blood builder drink that's what I call it) watercress, carrots, spinach and apple juice. I also drink a beet and banana smoothie. All of the above has raised my hemoglobin from 10.2 to 11.7 in a little over a month so if I continue this I don't see why my hemoglobin won't be 13+ by my July 18th sx date. Just wanted to give you guys a little update.


So 18 days!!!!!! I am excited and nervous all at the same damn time.... I have been getting my supplies ready for my upcoming sx, I think I kind of brought too much but I want to be prepared. I also brought a small pillow for my BBL and a couple of protein shakes and a small amount of snacks, just in case. I'm trying to find a protein bar that I like so I can take a few with me but I haven't found one as yet. I'm getting more and more excited with everyday that passes. I can't wait until I'm recovering. I have been praying nonstop for a safe procedure and a speedy recovery with no complications. I have full faith in God that I will be fine and he will bring me back home safely and healthy to my husband and our kids. God is so Good I was a little worried a few weeks ago and I bumped in to a coworker whom I gave all the info to about vsg sx when I did it and she finally had it and she looks fab!! I've been hearing that she went to DR and got her body done and when I saw her she told me she did and her tummy tuck looks amazing she did tell me that Dra. Almonte was her doctor and that made me feel so much better because I was able to see her work live and in living color. She said Dra. Almonte and her staff was amazing and they made her feel so comfortable and took great care of her while she was there and she is currently planning her round 2. The one thing I was a little worried about was my back fat because like I said she was also big before she had the sx and she said Dra. Almonte said that what she considered to be back fat was actually excess back skin. So now I am a little worried because she is planning her round 2 to have a back lift. So although she looks fabulous, she does have some rolls on her back. When I explained this to my hubby he says what's the big deal it will be better than what you have now and you will still feel better about yourself. Plus I love you at any size fat rolls and all...Lol!!! I thought that was sweet of him, anyways I will be happy as long as this meat apron is gone. Spoke with Leslie and I sent her new pics of my body because I did gain a few pounds, I did tell her I am going to lose the pounds I gained and she recommended that I only go down to 180-185 so I can have some fat for my BBL. so I agreed and now I have approximately 6 pounds to lose in my 18 days, I know I can do it, I lost 4lbs last week by having a protein shake for breakfast and lunch snacking on fruits in between breakfast and lunch and having a sensible dinner. I am going to continue that until I leave. I Got This!!!!!

Pics of my supplies


I forgot to add in my last post that I'm currently still working very hard on raising my hemo, I have been loading up on iron pills, folic acid, b- complex and blood builders. My mother in law has been making me fresh beet juice and I have been eating lots of spinach and peppers and liver and steak. My next appt. to have my blood work done will be on July 5th and I should get my results a few days after that. I am praying that all my hard work will pay off and my hemo will be up and I will be all set for my sx, the last time I had it checked it was 11.8 so lets see where it is now.... Wish me luck guys and I am so open for any suggestion on how to get my blood and keep it up.... Thanks

Pics that didn't upload


Okay Dolls, so let me update you guys a little, Got my hemoglobin check on the 5th and guess what Dolls it went all the way up ....... LOL!!! It is now 13.2 Yaaaaaayyyyy!!! I sent Lesley a copy of my results and she said we are all set. I leave on Sunday with my sx buddy/ friend who I've known for 12 years she gonna get YILYFIED. I've been praying non stop, I'm confident that my God will bring back home safely to my family. Surprisingly I am not nervous just ready to go and do this, this have been a long journey from 323lbs. I'm all packed and and ready to go. I will miss my Hubby and my daughters I have never been away from them this long but I'm doing this for me, so let these 10 days come and go so i can return home to finish my recovery. I start my vacation as of Friday and will be off until August 8th but if I'm not up to it i will take additional time off. I think I packed too much but I rather have more than less. That's all for now dolls, I will keep the updates coming!!!

I'm Here!!!!!!!

Good morning Dolls, I'm here, my schedule buddy and I arrived yesterday safely. I came straight to CECIP to have my blood work done, then we went to Maria's Recovery House which is not bad at all, surprisingly all the girls there had good thingstuff to say about it, I then went back to CECIP to spend the night because I'm first this morning, for some strange reason I'm very calm I prayed, I paid, did all my paperwork and answerEd everything honestly, just took my 2nd shower with the hibiclens, I feel so clean, now I'm just waitin for my good good doctor to come and mark me up!!!! I was already told that I don't have a lot if fat, which is something I already knew. Anyways I will write a complete review of my time here after sx, I will try to keep you guys informed on what's going on with me. God Is Good, please keep me in your prayers.

No pain, just discomfort

Hey dolls, I'm here at Maria's Recovery House and it is great they are clean, attentive. They have hospital beds but it's great for my recovery, Leo is the driver and he's great, we are staying at her new recovery house right now it's just me and my sx buddy staying there, but 3 more girls are coming today. The food here is also really good you pick your breakfast, lunch and dinner from a menu and they prepare it for you. They wail on you hand and foot. I will give a complete review later. As for mexample I'm pleasedoing with my sx, my tummy looks amazing, I haven't seen my bbl yet but I can feel the difference I wanted a more natural look not to mention I didn't have a lot of fat, my sx buddy and the girls who work at the recovery house says my buttons looks good. I keep touching my stomach and I can believe it's me, I have my first post op appointment tomorrow, I think that's when they will put me in my stage 2 faja..omg . But that's all for now dolls, I will keep you all posted!!!

Isn't she lovely!!!!

Another pic of my tummy tuck

Just updating

Hey dolls trying to take into consideration what my Co worker who went to Almonte in January told me about her results. I love love love my tummy tuck but my butt the verdict is still out,the first faja she put me in, is not doing nothing for my shape. But the nurses said tomorrow when I go into my stage 2 faja my body will start to take shape. I don't think my butt is gonna be too big one because I wanted a natural look plus we already established I didn't have much fat. Just remembering what she said about results which too her almost 2 months to see. Today was kinda rough I fainted 2 times when they took my faja off to wash it and once when they tried to put it back on me since having it back on I feel so much better. Just keeping you dolls posted!

Maria's Recovery House

Still in my stage 1

Hey Dolls, I had my first post op appointment and everything went great. Tania cleaned my incisions and covered them, gave me my Dra. Almonte, T-shirt, which I love!!! I love Dra. Almonte and her team, she said I'm healing nicely they closed my faja up on the second hook, my next appointment is tomorrow I should be on the third hook, then after that I should move to the stage 2. I'm a little consipatated so the doctor said I can take a laxative to have a bowel movement TMI ......I know guys.....sorry!!! Maria's Recovery House is still great waiting on us hand and foot, great service. I'm just pleased with everything thus far!!!! I'm glad that my sx buddy and I are friends because upstairs at Maria's first recovery house, they got a little drama, thank God we don't have them problems, but until next time later dolls!!!!

Up Thanking God

Hey Dolls, it's 3:58am and I up, I can't sleep I'm listening to gospel music, just thanking God for allowing me to be ok. Guiding me through this process. I kind of feel a little selfish for leaving my husband and children to travel all the way to DR to have major sx. I guess this is part of the emotional Rollercoaster that I hear comes with having sx. I home sick at this point I just want to go home to my family. I tired of eating this food, lying in this bed, not being able to take a shower. I'm so thankful that God showed me grace and mercy and got me through this thus far, no round 2 for me, I'm just sitting here reflecting on what's most important to me and my husband and children are. So as I thank God for bringing me this far, and I believe that I will continue to recovery and heal without complications I just want to just carry on and focus on my family I miss them so much. God is so Good, and I just had to let you all know that I serve an awesome God. This sx thing is a lot mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, dolls please just be patient with yourself and the process because I'm up and down and all over the place. May God guide and protect all you dolls out there on your journey's. I am so grateful for all God has done for me, I'm just counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until I'm home.

Recovery is rough

OK so I made it home safely, thank God that flight was no joke. I still have my drain in, I will have it removed in 2 days, right now I'm draining like 75cc by Sunday I should be at 50cc. I got a massage yesterday and on today and let me tell you it was the absolute best. This lady has like magic hands and I feel so much better when she done, the massagesame in DR hurt so much more than my tummy tuck. I will continue to get my massages and my drain will be removed soon so I'm getting stronger and stronger every day. I brought my stage 2 from Dr. Almonte and I hate it , it'seems a weird fit, so I brought another stage 2 from the faja store in DR which is made by fajate, my sx buddy who went to yily got her stage 2 from there so I brought one too. It was definitely a better fit than the first stage 2 I brought however it was a size small and although it was a good fit whole I was in DR after my flight home I was in swell hell and it became unbearable so I went to the faja store in NY and order the same stage 2 made by fajate in a medium, can't wait to pick it up tomorrow and put it on. I had to put my stage 1 back on until then. Here is my one complaint Imy so swollen that I can't see where my back ends and my buttons begins, the doctor, Lesley and even the massage therapist said it is just inflammation and it will go down and I will see the results. All the ladies at the doll spa I get massages done at said Almonte did a great job with my tummy tuck, my incision is low and straight. I also agree that she a great job on my tummy tuck. My bbl not sure yet I do see a difference in my cuff my lower back where she lipo is so swollen I think I will be happy once it goes down but right now . I'm still on this emotional Rollercoaster. I know I'm all over the place in this post but just wanted to let you guys know whatso going on with me. The pain isn't to bad. But the day to day recovery is rough, but I know this too shall past.

I'm pleased with my Ass!!!

I think she did a good job, it's not too big not to small, I now have a cuff, just what my hubby wanted he's happy. The massages are helping me so much with relieving the swelling of my lower back. Here's a quick pic, the swelling is not completely gone but you can see a big difference. I'm happy with my progress.

Almost 2 months post op

3 1/2 MONTHS POST OP!!!!

Hey Dolls, I am 3 1/2 months post op and I'm feeling great and looking fabulous!!!! Turning heads I was the other night!!!! Dolls both men and woman tried to pick me up, I had to keep saying "sorry I'm married". I feel so good, Dra. Almonte did an amazing job, I am so pleased with my body. I'm thinking about planning my round 2, as I stated early on in my post my breast are horrible but this bra is giving me life. But I still have saggy breast and back skin not back fat because I don't have a lot of fat. I'm really considering going back next year July to get a breast lift with implant, a mini back lift and a arm lift. I'm still undecided about it, one day I say bump that I'm going in July for my round 2 the next day I say I'm good I'm not doing no round 2. So we will see, I will keep you dolls posted!!!


5 months post op

I must say I'm pretty pleased with my results, even though I still have some swelling it's nothing compared to what it was, so for that I'm thankful. I will say I would like to go fir a round 2, I want a mini back lift, breastfeeding lift with implants and a arm lift. I swear this sx can be addictive, you can always find something on your body to tweak....LOL. Any who, I hope you all are doing great and healing well. I wish you all a happy holidays and a happy new year!!!!

Just 2 weeks shy of 8 months

So sad.........

Good day I just found out another girl died from sx, in Miami. May both Nikita Lewis and Ranika Hall, rest in peace. May God comfort their families in their time of need.

Dra. Fatima Almonte

She is the absolute best, I love her planning my round 2, would trust anyone else with my body, my health, my life. Her staff are amazing. They answered all my question, responded to my calls, texts and emails promptly. I give them five stars. The one thing I was not pleased with was my stage 2 faja that I brought at her office. I liked my stage 2 faja I brought from the faja store much better.

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