Deciding Stage is Done With, Now to Choose my DRA.

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Hi, everyone! Yikes, last time I wrote a review I...

Hi, everyone!

Yikes, last time I wrote a review I had no clue lol. Been on RS, Google, YouTube videos and now I feel I'm ready to get quotes and book my SX date! I'd like to have AX in October 2017 because it's a great time for my family and I. Also, $$$ wise its good! Lol. I've spoken to my Husband about this life changing experience and I've also spoken to my Mum about it. They both support me which is super important to me!

My Mum has agreed to pay for my SX! She also agreed to stay with my four babies while my Husband and I go for two weeks! (She's great, I know) She just wants me to be happy in my own skin and I've explained it to her that this is the next step.

The reason we are choosing October month is because in Australia that's the time schools have their two week break and it's also a four day break for my Husband's work. Perfect opportunity to take advantage of those four days and add another 10 huh lmao. I don't know but the more time we have the more we can save!

Anyway, if you've read my first review, I'm married, 26 yo with 4 babies. My eldest is 6, second is 4, third being 2 and youngest is 1! Just giving you all a heads up on my life a little bit.

I'm a stay at home Mum (obviously) my Mum lives with us and she helps us so much with babysitting etc! So to have her support as well as my Husband's is a blessing!

I've emailed DRA Medina a month ago just asking her on prices. Dumb thing to do if I haven't sent her pics or anything regarding medical history etc. I thought to myself I'd do a bit more research before getting a quote from her because I was so sure I'd choose her. Her work is amazing and I know if I did choose her she would have done a great job. But the more I researched the more I realised DRA Duran is the spot to be (for me personally)

I love the way she sculpts, I love her TT results and most of all THAT BBL! Haha.

I'm not looking to get a massive donk just want more than I have now (and trust me I'm not working with a lot at all) which is why I can't wait to get the SX


IVE JUST STARTED CLEAN EATING AND WILL be exercising soon. My height is 163 cm and weight is 94kg which is overweight (checked on BMI) website. I need to get my weight down but I still want fat to be there for my new booty haha.

So, in my first review I was still in the stage of deciding but didn't really talk to my Husband about it properly. It's not that I didn't try but he just wasn't having it at the time.

Now with his full support I feel like it's more real. In Australia, tax time is JULY. If we submit taxes early July we will probably get it back mid August the latest. (Takes a long time now a days in Sydney too)

Our plan is to save the tax refund money and the 8k my Mum is giving me to fund this whole damn operation. Our tax refund is consistent every year of about 6/7K refunded each year. That's 14/15 thousand aud but it's still not enough as I've caulcated that maximum amount we will need to be safe is 20k. Now I know I haven't gotten a quote but I just wanted to do calculating based on prices I've seen for both Duran and Medina and yes based on procedures I want as well. I'm taking pics today and will be emailing them to Duran alongside medical history she will need to give me a quote. I'm also sending it to Medina and I know she will email me back shortly as she's emailed me twice within a day or a little over a day. With Duran, I'm not sure how long she'll take to reply but won't know until I try!

I'll get back to you with my quotes and new calculations seeing as my first could be way off. Flights from Sydney to DR Santo Domingo are almost 3k return for one adult. Flight time is minimum 27 hours including stop overs! It's scary for me thinking of our flight home but I don't know ladies I feel like it will all be okay as long I do what my Doctor instructs me to do pre and post op! It's my responsibility to do my part and be healthy/fit/mentally and physically prepare myself for these procedures. I know people do their part and something can still go wrong but I hope to God and put my faith in him that this is meant for me.

Anyway wanted to come on here and update from my first review! Things aren't happening so fast money wise but decisions are being made and it will be happen (God willing)

Sorry to bore you all but had to jot down my thoughts on here and of what's happening in my life regarding SX! Fingers crossed I get these quotes by the end of this week and I can update you all!


Quotes Recieved.. except for Dr Duran lol

Hi, dolls!

Recieved quotes from Dr's Medina & Dr Cabral. Dr. Duran hasn't replied to my WhatsApp or Emails but will be patient and wait as she is my first pick! (Emailed her in English and in Spanish with the subject being "ready to pay the deposit now". Also, WhatsApp messaged her in English)

Dr. Medina replied to my email 8 hours after I emailed her everything she needed to give me a quote. Now she quoted me an all inclusive package deal that includes the post op garment (1) all lab work pre op, cardiovascular evaluation, x ray, ekg, monitoring and cures POST op. , room 24hrs (I'm guessing it's at CIPLA??) If you need the room for longer its $200.00 USD, Anesthesiology, Surgery room, surgery equipment, waste materials room, disposables drug recovery room, honorary medical staff/helpers, post surgical care, patient co ordinator to attend all needs in my surgery process, Transportation (Airport pick up drop off) medical check up, RH MyHomeRecovery 10nights stay (I'd have to pay extra for my Hubby $55.00 USD per night AND YES, men are allowed as I emailed her back asking to confirm this) I will be posting a copy of the email for you all to see. She also reminded me that since I am a smoker (I know, unhealthy addiction) I'll have to see her lung Doctor for $300.00 USD. I suffer from Dermatitis/Eczema and I emailed her asking if this is a worry, she said yes it is as I'm at risk of developing necrosis so She said I'd have to do oxygen treatments which costs $100.00 USD per hour and she also said I'd need 9-10 hours after SX! Also, to pay her deposit its $500.00 USD?? I read reviews where it's 200-250USD?? Someone help, I'm not sure if it's just her prices going up and up and away. I'm sorry if I've missed anything else but as I've mentioned above, I'll post the screen shot of the emails!

Now, Dr. Cabral also gave me a quote on WhatsApp. He replied quicker than I thought seeing as he is popular and yes you can't deny his results are amazing! Every SX procedure carries risk and we all never know what can happen with SX. It's the truth. We do our due diligence with researching, finding out Doctor's credentials, reading reviews, pre op preparation regarding health, staying fit, being mentally, emotionally and physically prepared. Also educating ourselves and understanding these procedures and what they involve.. the sort of impact it will have POST op. We must all understand we are having surgery and being operated on is a risk in itself no matter what Doctor you choose or what country you choose to have your procedure done in. As long as I know I didn't slack off in doing what I need to do for myself , then I'm good to go. Anyway, back to my point lol. Dr.Cabral sends me a message after I messaged him my details/photos/medical history and all of that. He first says I need to lose 10 pounds before surger for TT LIPOSCULPTER BBL answer LIPO. He quotes me $5,200.00 USD. I thought to myself wow that's okay! No kidding, that's all he messages me LOL! (In his first message to me) I expected him to elaborate on this and give me the details as to where I send the deposit and how much the deposit costs. I obviously message him back with a thank you Doctor and ask him to let me know about the amount of deposit and where to send it. I also asked him a few more questions about adding in a BL/BA (I'll post the screen shot so y'all can see) He replied under 10 minutes later saying Breast Augmentation to be done in Round 2. (Bummed out but I don't stop so I message back with more questions lol) he must have gotten confused with BL? Because he replied that the BBl is included. Anyway, I messaged him back (btw I used the translator app and after he gave me my quote I used the app and sent him my messages in Spanish) asking him yet again about what institute do I send the deposit through and how much is the deposit. I also asked him whether I can have a BA/BL 1 week after my surgery with him. I sent him that message this morning and he's seen it but hasn't yet replied. I'll wait and be patient tho!

Truthfully, I'm leaning towards Dr. Duran (even tho she hasn't replied, I'll wait lmao) and considering Dr.Cabral! As soon as I get quotes and all my questions answered I think I'll know by the end of it. But until then help me out Dolls! What do you all think? Duran or Cabral??

Thanks for reading! Follow my journey! I'll be here all the time and constantly sharing my Surgery Journey with you all xx ????

BTW Ladies.. I need your help!

I'm certain I'll choose either Duran or Cabral as these two Doctors give results that I want. Don't get me wrong, Medina is gifted as well but her results arent what I'm looking for. I like the fact that her quote is all inclusive to an extent but I'd like to have Duran or Cabral.

What do you all think?? Help please! Appreciated very much on my end! Thanks dolls ??

She wasn't readyy LOL my before pics

Hello Dolls

These are my before pics and is my currently pic lol! Have about 15 kg to lose to get my BMI lower.

Yes, dolls that is a body of a 26 year old woman who has had four beautiful babies. But come on!! 26 :/:/ Can't wait to get this surgery.

My body before having babies was curvy and my fat were in the right places haha I know you cant believe it because my body is square pants right now but I liked my curves. I enjoyed showing it off and I was confident being the curvy one out of my friends. I didn't have a big donk but I had something there that you could look at.

Now I hardly recognise myself.. it's not me! It's shocking when I look at my pics.. wow I let myself go this far:"((

I can't blame it all on having children because my eating habits, lack of exercise and basically letting myself go is the main culprit. So myself is to blame.

& I have to be real right now.. I haven't started cleaning eating. Ughhhhh I know I'm being so stupid and not keeping my focus on getting healthy. none the less NOT A GOOD THING FOR MY HEALTH.

Will be trying again tomorrow.. like my Baby Girl Aaliyah says "If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again.. you can dust it off and try again.. again, again"

Yasss I love her and she was right tho!

I need to get it together real soon too lol

Wish me luck on staying focused. Being determined & not giving up like I always do. I got this. Gotta do it for myself and my happiness! It's about time. Cannot give in tomorrow. Pray for me Dolls

Since my Mum is paying for my surgery procedures. She was throwing shade at me today while I was stuffing my face with pizza, chocolate chip pie and sodas. She just looks at me &I says
"keep eating that junk and you'll regret not being able to get your surgery. You can do it, this is your chance to be happy, don't waste it... oh okay that means more shopping for me when I get your money" hahahhaha dead af.

I was like.... ohhhhh whatt fr mama no please I'll start tomorrow lmao lmao
Yes, she's right.
I need to get my ish together and not waste a chance of a lifetime!

A chance to be HAPPY IN MY OWN SKIN. Only it would be kind of like new skin (?? Lol) and a snatched waist Heyyyyyyyyyy now


I forgot to mention I called CABRAL yesterday and he answered (WhatsApp) I told him he already quoted me 5,200 USD for TT BBL LIPO AND LIPOSCULPTER. He said "Oh, did I? Okay" and then I told him I need the bank details to transfer my deposit to book my surgery date. He said "Okay, I give you my assistant Maria's number. You call her and she will help you"

He gave me her whatsapp number and I said thank you and we said goodbye.

I messaged Maria straight after in Spanish (translator app) and asked her for the details and how much deposit do I send. No reply. So, I called her today and she said okay she will send me the details and for me to message her my questions and she will answer me via messages on whatsapp. I said okay thanks so much. And we said goodbye.

I hung up, messaged her straight away. She read it but no reply. Before I tapped on send button, she messaged Don't worry. Then she messaged "You will help you". I thought to myself okay that's fine I understand the language barrier. But after she read my messages, she hasn't replied. I'm not complaining because one of my questions was for her to ask Dr CABRAL if he can add a Breast Augmentation to my quote. I also understand she will have to discuss this with Dr CABRAL. I'm a long way away from my surgery month or date but I'd like to book it and get my quote in order.

Now, please, dolls if you have any suggestions or advice let me know!

I'd appreciate it so much!

DRA Duran or DRA Medina

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