48 and Doing It with Dr. Derby Sang

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I've decided to go with Dr. Duran for my procedure...

I've decided to go with Dr. Duran for my procedure after lurking on various forums looking at many photos, I've come to realize that this Dr. Is an artist! I received my questionnaire from her today and I filled it out and sent it back along with nude photos of myself (required) so that she can see what she's working with. I'm now waiting on a quote and hopefully an immediate availability date. I'm looking to have this done by June or July, whichever month is available. I will upload photos later of my before and keep everyone posted.

Dr. Derby Sang it is!!!!

It is taking Dr. Duran and her staff too long to respond and I'm going to be in the country next month getting a frontal hair transplant so I went with a well qualified Dr. Who made himself available to me. His staff is on whatsapp with me at 9:05pm, that goes to show how committed they are to their patients and that's AFTER I've paid my deposit????. I've sent my buddy pics, told him I want to snatched "Duran Style" and he said no problem, they are even sending me a special diet to skyrocket additional weight loss to make me more "snatchable" lol. I'm not begging anyone to take my money, not even Dr. Duran, I just want to get this procedure done and over with! Just purchased my plane ticket, and my new doctors assistant is taking care of everything else! I'll post before and photos afterwards.

I'll be staying at the Harmony House for my recovery

I've paid for my RH in full via Money Gram. I'll be staying at the Harmony House. 18 nights all inclusive (food, drinks, snacks, transportation to and from Drs appointments and pickup and transportation to the airport) for $1,000.00, I thought that was a great price. The owner of the facility seems nice.

Labs Came Back Great!

Got my labs back and my iron level is 13.2!!! I'm so happy and relieved ????. So.... I've put myself on a juice fast starting today until I fly out in 3 days. Surgery for tt,etc. Isn't until Tuesday so I'll resume my green juice when I arrive at the recovery house on Sunday since they offer them. I've paid my surgeon via Moneygram, I'm packed and ready to go! I'll keep you all posted. Oh, I had my family and friends to install whatsapp so that we can communicate with each other once I'm in Dominican Republic.

Recover House Photos

Harmony House Recovery House is Owned/managed by Mabel who is an excellent cook, hostess and nurse; she and her assistants are angels...

Tomorrow I Will Transformed Into. Derby Princess

I met Dr Derby upon arrival in the Dominican Republic. He went over my lab results, was very easy to talk to and told me what to expect after sx. I'm very happy that I went with him instead of Dra. Duran. The clinic is very clean and the staff are professional. I will keep you all posted after my surgery. Did I forget to mention how handsome my doctor is? ????

Sx with Dr Derby Caputo Today

This is it, this morning I'm scheduled to have a mommy makeover with Dr. Derby????I'm very excited!

Things I wish I'd done differntly

I wish that I'd done my homework thoroughly before selecting a RH. You get what you pay for! After Care is crucial after cosmetic surgery, it's just not worth it to cut corners! Be sure that the entire staff are REALLY nurses! In my case, only the owner was a real nurse, but don't expect to get too much attention from her, she has other things to do. Although my "companion" was a sweet girl, young enough to be my my daughter, she had absolutely no medical training, she wasn't even CPR certified. My experience was substandard, but I took it all in stride being at the mercy of a stranger in a country that I was unfamiliar with; not even being able to speak the language. When my doctor or other medical staff showed up at the RH, the owner made sure that I was clean and well presented, it was only on those days that my room was mopped and the bathroom was cleaned, to give my doctor and his staff the impression that she was operating a truly efficient, top notch RH; well that was hardly the case. Ladies, please do your homework!!!! Make sure that there is more than one nurse on site, and that the RH isn't overoccupied and understaffed! I was fed processed meat for breakfast, "green juices" that were filled with added sugar and offerd Pepsi Cola, and food that had way too much salt added to it! I was so bloated when I returned home it was unbelievable, already being home for three days, I've lost nearly 10 pounds of water weight. The last few days of my recovery I was told to eat my meals upstairs in my room, but I refused! I told the owner that I wouldnt stay upstairs in that room, that I would eat my meals downstairs and only lay in bed when it's time to sleep! After care is crucial, you can develop infections if your after care isn't up to par- please do yourself and search well. A lot of these RH's are being operated by oppurtunists, I spent at least two to three days in a urine soiled faja, not being properly bathed, feeling like a fraction of myself, it took all that I had in me not to curse out the owner- I was at her mercy. I smiled my way through it, but I knew that I warn as many people as I could about my own personal experience. I believe that if I took a friend or family member with me, my experience may have been better- there was another girl there with her mother that had a completely different experience than I did.

One Month Post Op

I'm beginning to realize my new figure! Although I'm still swollen, I've already lost a tremendous amount of water weight. My clothes are still fitting as they were before sx only they look better- I'm waiting for more weight to drop off. I can't eat as much food as I did prior to sx, seems like my stomach is smaller. Dr Derby is an absolute angel! He has never left my side even after leaving the Dominican Republic. He's been checking in on me asking me how I'm progressing and that means a lot to me! I'm free to ask him questions and he doesn't hesitate to answer them! If I had to do this again, I would choose Dr. Derby Sang Caputo again! Before and After photos are coming!

Before and After


Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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