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I wanted to start off by saying hello to all the...

I wanted to start off by saying hello to all the dolls out there that gave me inspiration and the soon to be dolls. I'm a 45 yr old mom of 4 with my youngest being 14. I have always wanted to get a tt but just never had the guts to take the plunge. I've dieted on and off for years and always was able to get to a decent weight that I was good with, with clothes on of course. But when I'm naked even at a low weight I hate how my body looks and it also effects all aspects of my life. I've decided to take that plunge and do it, and I've decided to go to the DR because I love Dr. Fatima Almonte's work or should I say Art, She has blessed hands, and the proof is in her work and reviews. so here's to the beginning of my journey. Anyone with any help or suggestions or insight please feel free to post...ttyl

Still on the Fence literally!

Well I'm in the running between Dr. Almonte, Dr Baez, and Dr Robles. I left off Dr. Duran because I havent heard back yet. I'm in the deciding faze of which of the three I will choose. They all do great jobs and believe me I need great...lol I requested consults from all 4 and got 3 quick responses, now I just have to decide which 1 will benefit me and my body the best. My sister is also gonna do this journey with me which is a blessing, we get to have sister quality time, and help each other though it all. I plan on taking the plunge in approx. 2 months which give me time to lose some or allot of this weight plus quit smoking, I admit I'm a lil older now ..lol 45 means 25 to me, but I want to be as healthy as possible before the surgery and have it done before the summer, because its on then! yeah! Anyone with suggestions please hit me up, I listen. But I know I have to bare it all which I'm working my nerves up to do, : o ( I'm so ashamed of what I did to my body, I take full responsibility for it too, the donuts and candy and etc..etc... But I refuse to abuse my body any longer , its time I did the adult thing and start eating healthier and getting to the gym. It all begins now. I will do this ,,I want this, I deserve this.. Pics soon just gotta upload them..Oh and I got my Iron pills on amazon today for a 120 ct for 21 bucks but its the ones with the b-12 and c all in one. ill post when i get them, its easier for me the 1 pill a day plus ill add my veggies and healthy eating on top. Ttyl...feel free to help me began....

So here I am in all my ,,no here's my soon to be...

So here I am in all my ,,no here's my soon to be old memory, soon to be forgotten, yeah that's better. Anyway I finally got up enough nerves to post a busy. To think no one has seen me naked in a very long time. And I open myself up in hopes of helping others that may have the same body type as mine. As you see all my weight goes to my stomach mainly, ugh I hate that, but it will soon be gone, thank god. Now I got my quotes but they all wanna do a tummy tuck, lipo front and back and a bbl, But I feel I need a tummy tuck and breast lift with the liposuction. I think my butt is ok for now, but what do you think? Should I listen to the docs and do it there way or mind, I'm so confused, right now but feel with the back liposuction my butt wont look as bad, and my front can do with what I want and that's to lift the bags off my tummy and flatten the tummy n lipo the waist and sides, maybe I'm wrong, but need advice so hit me up with your true unbiased thoughts please...

Iron PLus

Just got my iron pills to start on. They have everything you need, I know want to start a couple months prior to build up my iron so I hope these will work. I keep going through it in my mind and just want to choose the best dr to work with my body type, and thicknesss lol I have recieved quotes from, Almonte, Baez and Robles all do great jobs but Almonte really bring out your original curves more so to me, well we will see.

Getting things off my chest (happy B-Day to me!)

So Ive finally made up my mind and decided to go with Dr. Almonte. I love her work and her skill to reshape your ugly curves or bulges to something completely beautiful. I cant wait to get an appt with her and hopefully be in sometime in early april, I just need to works on some unwanted weight and my Iron. Im going for my passport on the 13th of feb might pay extra to get it in my time frame for the surgery. Im already in anticipation because Ive been waiting a long time to be on the flat side again, working out daily didnt do it , 100 sit ups a day didnt do it for me either, hell I even tried fasting but at last this is the thing thats going to let me see the me thats been there the whole time, but just waiting to shine through. In my opinion you can love yourself all you want but if your not comfortable in your skin... Your not complete, and I want to be complete. Today's my 46 th and to me, for me is this surgery, and I pray its the right choice and that I have the Lords Blessing. I just want to be happy through and through. have a great day dolls...Talk again soon.

Real self has taken over my life......lol

Omg,,Im on RS everyday and now I'm having second thought of who I want to do my surgery. I was settled on Dr. Almonte but her schedule is full until JUNE! So my second is Dr.Beaz I love her work also so I'm waiting on a reply with dates because i really wanna have it done in Early April, I also like Dr. Robles work and think she could do wonders for my body type also, Im just so ready to do this, Im anxious . Started the gym and eating healthier. Oh and emailed Dr. Yily, waiting for reply. we will see who makes the cut. keep youll posted....

Team Yily !

So I've finally came to a conclusion that I will be choosing...Drumroll PLease ,,,Dr Yily! I was in between but now I see, and I see Dr Yily will probably, and hopefully be the best fit for me. I love her work and her booties, so I contacted her and will be moving forward with her. She's gonna be my One. Gonna still try and go in April giving my body time to heal from a bad cigarette habit and to build up my Iron levels. I cant wait and will post before pics while on this journey and of course after pics. Please send me you'll Prayers, I'm a firm believer in the power of prayer and know everything will be alright with Faith and many Prayers from all. I'm so nervous anxious all of the above and still have two months to go. Don't know how ill even sleep in the next couple of months (smh)but ill try.......Any advice, help, or anything just let me know..will start on my supplies this week and post...Thank you Dolls Much Love TTYL

Please help!!..Frustrated!!!

So, I decided on Yily, But I cant seem to get my deposit paid, Ive been to my bank at least 4 times and they keep telling me the Iban/acct# is incorrect. Then I got an example deposit from Vicky one of Yily's assistants, ran to the bank( mine you I have to drive 85 miles to get there because I recently relocated, but kept the same bank, and can only use my bank to wire directly out of my account) Anyway gave them the info, they gave me the reciept, I left happy knowing I'll have my date set finally, got back home through a snow storm, emailed the copy of reciept, and took a nap happy. woke up to check my messages, oh look I have a call from my bank saying the wire was returned wrong iban#. Im so frustrated,tired and just want to give up to this hard to reach dream of mine. I need help and don't know what to do, If there's any Dolls out there with a Capital One bank account can you let me know what I'm doing wrong. Ill even post a copy of the receipt on here but Ill have to blank out some important info but ill leave the iban/acct# used this morning. I don't want to quit this process but nothing seems to be going my way...Frustrated! help!!!

Frustrated Need Help!

Here's the copy of the receipt, I sent it but they said it was sent
back due to wrong iban# what am I doing wrong, this will be my fifth
trip back to the bank again. I use capital one bank so if there's any
dolls that had a similar problem with this please help and reply I'll be
very grateful thanks. I think Yily and her team are great but I want to
get more info on this while I wait for a reply from my email from her
and her staff. Thanks again and I hope this will help any future dolls
in my shoes

More Information Please!

Since deciding on a tt I've been stalking realself and just reading other people reviews and find myself wanting more, Like more info more of how many vitamins did you take and how often and did it bring your hemo up, just more info on things we are all wondering so I'm gonna try and make mine more informational. Anyway lets start at the beginning again. Was a smoker figured I needed to quit at least 2 mo prior to surgery, why? I don't need any complications added to my healing progress. How I did it, I just stopped I wanted this tt more then I wanted a cig. Simple as that. Mind over matter.Choose one and I chose the tt. Is it hard yes but all I do is imagine the end results. Started the Vitamins, I take 2 45 mg Iron one in the am and one in the pm same with the calcium, folic acid and b-12. I've always had low iron on and off so I need to aggressively take my vitamins, I will post pics of the ones I take. And I will try my best to be more informative with my post. Ttyl Dolls


Ok I said I was gonna try and be more informative in my reviews so I'll try, I took my labs last week and I'm awaiting the results but while I wait I ordered the vitamins that I need to start, I know I have like 6 weeks before surgery but since my iron always seem to be a lil low I figured I'll start now, I got all of these from Walmart and didn't spend no more then twenty bucks , I'm gonna start at once a day with all and then at 4 weeks prior vamp it up to twice a day, read the labels you'll see they are some of the highest mg out there. Then I'll have my labs redone in another 4 weeks, I'll post the initial results when I get them back

Supplies and then some!!!!

Ok so I know I need to focus on pads, chucks and more pads which I have, but then I wanted to focus on the obvious also, boppy pillow a must , booty buddy for travel and sitting then the ab boards, lipo foam a must have , and hygiene gotta keep it clean, so any way here's some of my supplies thus far....

Weight loss

Well I started walking today, gonna try to lose at least 10-15lbs before my date. Took these pics in my workout clothes so you guys can get a feel on my body type,, ugh I hate looking at them, oh how far I've gained, this is my highest weight without being pregnant. Anyway talk later, oh got my labs back my doctor was like oh your hemo is within normal range but when I looked at the results it's a 11.7 so now I really have to focus on my iron so I started taking the 65 mg tabs i just got from Amazon , one on the am and one on the pm and gonna take my 45mg slow release in the noon and hope that helps bring my levels up,, what do you vets think?? Will it work or should I do something differently?? Need assist?? Let me know if you have something better,, thanks

Building up my HEMO

I've always been told that I'm slightly anemic, well I can't have that right now, so here's my new daily intake , each pill 3 times a day and a smoothie once in the am and once in the pm so wish me luck, MUCHO LUCK! Feel free to help or leave comments need to raise my levels at least 2 points before end of march

Take this fat and shove it!

Figured since I did a pill update might as well do a body, I've been walking allot and plan on walking and exercising until my time hopefully lose a few pounds. Anyways here's current (I hate) but hey if it will help others ( and me) it will be worth the humiliation and : ( face I make when looking in the mirrors. This will give me something to look back at and be like (Yeah!) : ), not anymore( with fist in air) lol

Pic didn't download!

Me in all my glory( not yet)

Cheap but nice recliner!!!

So I ordered this off of amazon it's $214 plus free shipping goes with my other furniture perfectly but I got it to sleep in after surgery and it lays all the way back, good price and very comfy......

Here's the setup of recliner..

RH Luxury/ Buddy /Yily Doll

Cant seem to think of anything else besides this surgery, all day everyday. I'm pretty much done with everything,flight booked, got my email today with the Rh (Luxury) so now that will be my next obsession researching them, Most of my supplies ordered and received, I want to stop with this crazy buying everything from other reviews and stuff because I know I've went over board with supplies( just wanna make sure i have everything!) lol. Got the recliner today put together. Just very very anxious. 40 more days, I will be pumping these pills 3X a day ,exercising ( trying to get to at least 160 lbs) eating healthy, I want the best results that I could get. I am going alone and hope to meet up with a few dolls I meant here (See you'll soon) I pray for the best for myself and everyone having sx soon and currently. Here's to a speedy and healthy recovery for us all, Amen!

Wish pic

Small waist, nice butt and I'm good,

Count down begins

Enough time to raise my hemo , lose 10 lbs , be mentally, physically and spiritually ready for this next part of the rest of my life, can't wait to begin.

Pre & post vitamins

Well as always buying things I think can benefit me in the healing process, so I ordered these today and will start them 2 weeks prior to my surgery and then after, will they work? S*** I don't know but I read a few reviews about it and most had positive comments so hey anything that will help with my healing and feeling better before and after I'm all for it, got a hot and cold Massager also for when I go home, might help with the swell hell everyone talks about( for the times I can't go get a professional one done at home) because where I live they charge $80 per session and I'm like ok, that's a once a week budget for me... lol mucho money, gonna get as many as I can in the DR though

Yily Update on Quote

Just want to update my initial review, because a doll asked what I was getting and I look at my review and thru all my excitement I left allot out. So my final decision is Dr.Yily in the Domican Replublic, My quote of $5200 Includes
Liposuction of abdomen, back, armpits, sides, and waist.
Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) across, fat grafting to the buttocks and hips (optional).
Tummy Tuck
10 days in a Recovery House (triple room)
For a total of $5,200 USD. I.m 5'6 currently 170lbs but plan on losing 10 before surgery..I've been taking my iron supplements for the pass week now 3 times a day, because my last labs for my hemo was a 11.7 and I wanna bring it up to at least a 13.5-14 prior to be able to get all of the things done. I have tried to stop posting every five minutes, in hopes that it would make the time go by quicker,lol because I'm nervous,anxious and excited all at the same time.

Trying to tone

So it's been a week and I've worked out 6 days out of the week, these are pictures just to update my body, I didn't weigh myself because I told myself I'll do that at the end of the month I don't want drive myself crazy weighing in every week and being disappointed with the numbers, so end of month weight in it is and that will be 10 days pre surgery anyway so that will do for me.

April 10th Here I Come

Just got in from the gym and jumped right on RS, Cant believe how this site takes over more then 50% of your daily time prior to the big day, but then it seems once you have your surgery Dolls hardly post anything and if they do its very little. Well I promise to post everything from here and in between at least up to 6 month post op, I think we all want to know every gruesome detail the good and the bad, I know I do. That way if it happens to me I can be like (light bulb over my head) I know what that is and what to do about it... Ding Ding And I would like to help as many as possible , to be better prepared for their journey also. well I got all of my supplies ready, flight is booked. Passport in route,checked status online..Just counting down the time and trying to tone these legs and arms of mine prior since I wont be able to work em out for a while afterwards..So excited, scared and nervous but I'm doing this for me and only me and have to have Faith in God and Dr.Yily that everything will be alright Amen. Any Dolls gonna be traveling to DR April 10th ? Staying at Luxury? Hit me up, maybe we can Buddy Up....


My passport came today and it finalized my decision, ain't no going back now,, lol I don't know if I feel excited or not about it, I need to chill from RS a bit, getting deeper into the reviews ,the good the bad and the extra bad, have me second guessing myself, but damn if I haven't wanted this tummy tuck for ever and I really really want a beautiful body again to enjoy til my end, hopefully another 40 or so years..lol for real though. I just pray I have no complications and if I do I pray they be very very very small, or none, getting down on my knees tonight and gonna pray on it and give it to GOD and pray he guides Dr. Yily hands and uplift her spirit, mind, body and soul when my time comes and also bless her in all of her upcoming surgeries hereafter, hope everyone is blessed with a safe surgery and great recovery. Amen

1 Mo Month

I keep having nightmares, I guess it's from all the bad reviews scratching at my subconscious, ughhh, had a dream that my surgery was over and I was in my faja filling out paperwork on which cemetery I wanted to be buried at, then took a nap today and was in a car crash, boy these emotions are REAL or nerves, I'm gonna pray on it and pray all will be ok and it's just the devil or my warped mind playing with me trying to stop me from reaching who I'm truly supposed to be, but yeahhh my passport came today, out of the darkness into the light a new me that I will Love looking at everyday forever...


Just went to the gym and took some pictures prop just so I'll have a bunch to look back at when times get rough and I know they will, I stopped taking pictures a long time ago because of the way I looked, it was depressing as heck to even look at myself in the mirror, so pictures I avoided with family and friends and even in private. I can't wait to be one of those people you see always posting pictures of themselves, lol Yes that will be me, every five minutes in the mirror, singing in my head "Can't keep my hands to myself" literally how I'll be at all times, anyway gonna try and stop posting every five minutes unless it's something important. But I do think you should take a bunch of photos for the days after surgery your like , I see no difference or improvement. And then you can pull up your old pictures and be like "WHOA" that's what I'm hoping for ...

A few not so essential but needed supplies

So I know it's not essential but I figured why not invest in items that may benefit your body and final outcome especially with how much money you are already investing. So the finale will be awesome more so. So I went ahead and ordered the beauti plug, which now I won't have to worry about my bb closing up or getting extra small and abnormal looking and the beauti chaise which I plan bringing with me and putting on my bed ready for after surgery day 1 , so we will see if it helps especially with sleeping. I don't wanna be needing extra pillows with this all I need is maybe one.

Wish pics

I love the shapes of the butts, just wishful thinking

Literally weeks to go

Wow emotions are really starting to kick in, I'm like that commercial you hear the tag line repeatedly, "should I stay or should I go" mixed feelings all over the place, but I can't and I won't turn back now. And why is it I can't find any real current reviews of Dr. Yily's work. I mean like for this year or even last is few and far between, but I'm gonna break that and plan on keeping a detailed diary of my journey, on paper because it's just something I love doing and that's writing, so I plan on taking a journal with me for just that, it's too many questions unanswered with different reviews out there, and I believe it's due to you being in pain most of the time afterwards, so for me it will be easier to keep a daily diary on everything and I mean everything until I feel better to type and post, and maybe just maybe it will be enough to help others, so until next week ( posting weekly updates) til SX . I'll continue the gym for toning only and of course to lose the 10 ( my goal) before sx

Exercise A Love Hate Thing!

So I know I told myself I would only do weekly updates, but S*it happens. Anyway I've decided to dust off my maxi climber, lol Really dust it off and slowly add it into my daily life, I figure for every-time my brain thinks to getting on RS I will hop onto my maxi and pump out 10 minutes, lets face it ladies, it will work to tone thing up before sx, so if your like me and wanna tone things up and get as close to your goal weight as possible what better way of doing it with the help of RS, You cannot stalk RS intil you stalk whatever exercise or machine you wanna hop on for at least 10 minutes....Motivation I say Try it.

Iron up!

Yeah just left the lab and my hemp is now a 12.3 I know that's still low but I have a few more weeks to go so my Doctor is gonna give me iron through an I'm on the 23 mar which should help raise it up more plus I'll continue my iron pills 3 times a day plus the folic acid and b12. But yeah me I got it going up, sad part is my weight is the same but mind you I'm just finishing off my period today so I thought my iron would of actually been lower,, anyway happy now!

Weekly picture update.

So I said I would do weekly picture updates, because I have been going to the gym and trying to eat right at least 6 days out of the week, gotta have one cheat day or else I would go insane, lol. I'm kinda disappointed with my pics because I see no difference from last week and when I went to the doctors today for my iron check my weight was the same, although my period is ending today it still sucks knowing I'm basically at the same weight, but then I think ok well least I'll have enough fat for her to work with, but I was just trying to tone up so maybe it's muscle? Wishful thinking lol . Anyway I took the picture with a cute crop top I got on wish, yes I'm a wishaolic, lol cheap things but long shipping but hey I won't be able to wear it right away anyway so why not start getting a few things. Well here they go, and I will take the pictures again wearing the same thing after sx. Oh how the time is flying. Soon to be on the flat side and can't wait. And yeah again on getting my iron up, but working on getting to at least 14 before sx. Wish me luck!


I'm trying to stay positive with all of this, but its starting to make me second guess myself, I mean I'm 46 whats the point? Why go thru all the pain ? Why ? I am trying to see the light at the end of this tunnel. Please God, let this not be another great mistake, but a beautiful and good thing I'm doing for myself. A memory I'll look back on and be glad I took this plunge. Please guide Dr. Yily De Los Santos hands, eyes , and mind before, during and after my surgery and all the dolls surgery's coming up and let us all have successful surgeries. No complications, problems or anything, be there for us Lord and Dr. Yily. And please Let this be one of the best decision's I've could of made in my life. Its Completely for me and no one else Lord, I want to feel good again about myself on the inside and especially the out. Thanks for listening God, Amen. Sorry RS had to vent was feeling down and unsure about this, it helps when I ask God for his support, because its the only true support I need to get thru with this journey.

The more the merrier?

Figured I get as many before pictures in before surgery to have to look back on until I get tired of seeing them, and to help others who have the unfortunate same body type as mine, as you see , no ass, hips and all the above none. I have a straight up and down figure with just the slightest hint of hidden beneath curve.

Iron iv

So getting iron today in hopes of raising my level from 12.3 and up

Iron and then some

So I'm a couple of weeks from my sx date, can't fully be excited yet, because I'm moving to a new house tomorrow and that has had my full attention all week long, I haven't even stalked RS since I'm always packing and running around trying to be prepared for this move. But once I unpack a majority of my things, where I'll be comfortable after surgery at home I'll be back on stalk mode. Lol anyway haven't been to the gym this whole pass week because of this, but figure I'm burning calories with all this back and forth, not sure but to tired to care. Had my second dose of iron today,three more to go pre surgery, im hoping to be at 14 before surgery fingers crossed.

Less then 2 weeks to go !

So down to 10 days, but hey who's counting ? Moved fairly quick to the new house, now I'm just unpacking everything trying to get the new place in order before my sx. It hasn't really hit me yet that its about to go down, so cant say I'm excited, but I can say I just want to get it over with already, so that I can begin my healing phase. I did do my 3rd dose of 200 mg of iron, I hope this will help increase my hemo because I really want to be able to get all my bad area lipoed, we shall see, I believe I'll have labs done after my 5th dose this week Thursday, so say a prayer for me, I want to hit at least a 14-15. I will pack my suitcase 5 days prior, I started taking the Clinical support vitamins,plus I take my usual Iron/B12/Folic acid twice a day and a prenatal vitamin so I'm all pilled out, Cant wait to be able to just take a normal multivitamin after this. Trying not to go crazy posting everyday until sx date, Ill rather go crazy posting after sx to keep everyone posted,, wish me the best, and say a prayer for me that all will go right, well and all of the above good . Amen


I guess I wanted to add some more pictures before the big day , so that RS Dolls could have a good idea of what I started off with before surgery ( For me too) a reminder of sorts, a pick me up , during the hard times to come. I'll take some pre the day of also, those will be my last pre. Anyway here's to the new and approved me to come.

Family time

So since my sx is right around the corner and I finally almost have the house completely unpacked, I figured I'll do dinner and a movie with my two younger kids. Quality time before the big day. I am a single parent, been this way for the past 8 or so years. So this journey is mine and mine alone, single and proud to be (for now) lol. Just finished putting the kitchen set together took all day, but I find the unpacking and doing things around the house takes my mind completely off of surgery and real self, not that RealSelf is a bad thing but I found myself on here everyday, every free moment of time I had was devoted to my obsession of RealSelf. But now that I have other things to do i.e. Packing and unpacking it has helped to completely take my obsession away. It helps let me tell you, so all I'm saying is prior to surgery find something , anything that will take your mind off of S -day and give yourself a break. Relax, breath, let it go. I feel this will help right before the big day, just my opinion, hope it helps even just one. Do something you like or don't like and just focus on you and your kids or just you.

Bella by vita

I have to vent, I ordered my lounge chase and bb plug on March 10, 2017 paid in full and have yet to receive them, and you know my sx is like 8 days away. I emailed called and I get no answers. I'm pissed because it would of made it easier , especially with the sleeping for me. I don't know what else to do, besides calling everyday and sending emails without a reply, I think the company is a scam and I lost my money? Anyone knows anything please let me know. Finishing up my 4th iron iv treatment 200 mg. Pray it helps to increase my hemo. Amen

Tired of taking Iron....

I'm so tired of taking these damn pills, Its like from the am. early I take the pre-sx clinical pills, then I take an am dose of the iron,folic acid,b12, blood builder and then at lunch, same combo and then my prenatal a couple hours after that, then my pm pre-sx pills. Its like never ending and I cant wait to be back to like 1 iron combo a day,,ughhh its so tiresome keeping up with the iron. I know after all this my hemo better be on point and lets not forget the 5 doses of 200mg iron iv, which ill have my last one this Thursday and then do some labs to see where I'm at, can't wait, Because Monday I'm off to the DR to see Dr.Yily. Sorry just ranting again,, its getting close.. But do You feel me?

Last pictures

So here it is the last of the bad, I weight in at 170 and I'm 5'6 so that's s my final weight before sx on the 11 April I know I'll weight the same. It's so hard for me to lose any weight but if I drop a pound I'll update the weight in the DR doubtful though, I do my last iron iv tomorrow that gives me four days after to pump the iron pills to 3 times a day before sx. I'm still taking the pre- sx pills and will continue those all the way pass sx for two weeks. I'll also continue my multivitamin, b12, folic acid , C ,regiment.


So I'm getting things prepared, and I have so much stuff its crazy, Like a hoarder I have like 5 of everything and my crazy a** is trying to stuff it in 1 suitcase, so now I have to add a carry on and still have no room for everything. OMg I'm gonna redo it in the am and try to only take 2 of each, I just don't want to forget something. But ughhh the pads and chucks and boppy is consuming my suitcase. I guess I'll figure it out. Time is ticking away and I'm so ready for the new me to emerge, I hope Dr.Yily is ready too.Amen Here's to new and great beginnings

Period ! But of Course!

Yeah, I know said I wasn't gonna post everyday, But why did my period come on today? I'm like hell no, after all this iron work I've been putting in, 2 days before my surgery it comes and 2 weeks early at that. Its just the devil I tell you, I'm gonna fight back and drink 2 doses of that nasty s.s.s Tonic I hate a day , once in the am and once in the pm. With my daily dose's of my Iron,folic acid, b12, multivitamin and blood builder. oh so many damn pills, but hopefully that will stop my iron from falling because of my period, still leaving early Monday and plan on having my iron on point for Dr.Yily no matter what ! Pray for me and a successful surgery and a high iron/hemo count,Amen Thanks Dolls

Finally Done stuffing.

I'm finally done stuffing my suitcase and carry on with too much stuff, probably wont use half of it. But I'm just one of those people that rather be safe then sorry..Flight leaves early in the am just counting down the hours because I'm ready to go. I hope these extra doses of this nasty a** S.S.S Tonic helps with my period being on, I think it will, we shall see. Plus the grape juice. Anyway wish me luck on my Labs tomorrow and I pray all goes well and I receive the green light for sx. I'll keep ya posted.

Big day!

So I flew in yesterday and it wasn't bad at all, was like flying into NYC terminal lots of traffic, they even drive like New Yorkers. I wanted to drive, lol. Got to CIPLA and its beautiful, like going to Hollywood. It's all glass and shiny. Dr. Yily office is pretty too I had to touch the wall paper it reminded me of gold, and they have Crystal Chandelier's all over which I love because I'm a girly girl. Had all my labs done and happy to say I'm healthy and my hemo was a 13.5 even with my period so all the hard work paid off. After I did my labs I went to Luxury RH and awaited the lung specialist who actually came to the house last night for me, which I was completely surprised that they are so nice to do that, and checked my lungs because I was a smoker so I was cleared and given the go for that. Thank you god. I then was offered dinner and it was authentic and really good. I'll post a better review for luxury because im waiting for my turn and I'm super excited so just giving a short version. I loved staying at luxury last night it was clean food is delicious and the staff is so nice and answers your questions and offer you anything you may need. I came back to CIPLA to finish my paperwork this am, and now I'm waiting patiently for my turn. Can't wait to meet DR. Yily , I saw her in the hall and she looks like family and was talking to a nurse , seems very nice and on point. So I give my experience so far a 10 because I feel at home here and that matters to me. I will try to update afterwards after I heal a bit, I know I'll be happy with my results already just by meeting a couple of her dolls this am doing there follow up and they look awesome. Say a prayer for me, all goes well and a good and speedy ( hopefully hurt free) recovery. Amen

2 day post

I made it guys, and I apologize for not posting sooner. I'll give a better update later on, right now flying on my oxies. Whew lets see, day of surgery I woke up once but since I knew it was a possibility I wasn't scared or in any pain. Passed back out again and didn't wake again until I was back in my recovery room. I woke up and my feet were still numb from the anesthesia but I regained feeling in them after a few hours. I had a roommate that I met when we first got there so we shared a room together before and after surgery, which was cool to have someone to talk to, plus we stay at luxury together also. Luxury is still good and they do everything for you, which I sometimes forget to take the help since I've been doing everything for myself for so long. The nurse gave me a birdbath today and washed my faja ( hope I spelled it right). I haven't taken any pictures because I have been sore the whole time and won't start massages until Monday. I pray they aren't as bad as they say, but I gotta do what I gotta do. I also go to a follow up Monday with Dr. Yily, can't wait to see her, she's very sincere and honest with you. All in all so far so good, every one has been nothing but nice to me even the other women that are here also for surgery. It's like being on a vacation. My Oxies are kicking in so I'll sign off now and try to continue tomorrow. Any questions please feel free to ask, I know I probably forgot a bunch of stuff sorry. I want to lastly thank the almighty God for pulling me through this and for letting everything go great for me and everyone here. And thanks to Dr. Yily for taking care of me and giving me my life back. For luxury because without them I don't think I could make it through this alone, you need this 24 hour daily assistance, for real! And thanks to me, for having the courage and strength to go through with this although I was scared but my faith in God and Dr. Yily reviews and all you awesome lady's on RS helped me extremely well. Thank you, thank you and thank you. Talk to you all soon.

Just sharing every little detail.

So it really is a Matt of mine of matter, sometimes I have to fight with myself mentally not to sink into that hole of negativity, why did I do this , was it all worth it, because honestly you can of course see your stomach is now flat and your curves are more defined but it's a lot of swelling taking place also, so it leaves doubts in your mind and questions only you can answer. And boy do I find myself answering them everyday. The pain is there but it's a bearable pain. One that if you can push past the discomfort you hardly notice it, unless you give it that attention, if you know what I mean. I haven't gotten into a faja yet they said after my first follow up and the dreaded massage, but I can't wait because the annoyance of the build up of fluid on my back causes me much discomfort getting up and laying down, once I'm up and can do things for a good ten to fifteen minutes before I have to take a break. Little thins like brush my teeth, tidy up my night stand, nothing bid. Can't wait to see Dr.yily on Monday so I can really begin the healing journey although I know I have, its like if you haven't begun the faja or massages it hasn't really, really begun. Once I get into it , I will begin to post pictures, just doesn't seem real without the faja and truthfully I haven't really looked at myself directly since surgery, I don't yet feel any differently but I know once I see myself in the faja it will become real for me. Luxury is stil the same, the staff is kind and always on duty ,24 hours everyday ( don't know how they do it) but you need care like them 100% all the time, makes it so much easier. Supples so far. I've used my neosporine, arnica cream and pellets, a few pads because I got my menstral prior to sx and it just went off. My vitamins, I put chucks on my bed but really never needed them yet. I mean you really don't need much but your comfort things. Wow , and I packed every item on almost every list, I guess better safe then sorry but damn, should of listened you don't need much at all, of course I'll put together a better detailed list later but for now this is it. Oh and I do suffer from the gas; so I take my gas pills after each meal which helps, I did a enema yesterday because I know I needed to go but couldn't do that helped also. Anyway I can go all night, all I will say you have never , ever, felt a pain, or sensation like this, the reviews are true read , listen understand, thank god I did so I don't freak out when it feels like my skin is separating from my bones when I lays down, but boy is it a weird and different sensation, yepp hellraiser there will be no deals from me. Lol just like that until tomorrow I wish all future dolls a successful sx and full recovery, and pray to God I keep moving forward in this healing process, Amen

Don't know

Just took my nightly dose of an oxy, and yes it does help with the pain and sleeping, try to get a 30 mg it will be needed. The days are going by more swiftly now, tomorrow is my first follow up with Dr. Yily, hope and pray all goes well because I'm ready to return home to my kids, miss them a bunch. The pain is the same but you can grit through it, for the most part just pain I've never experienced before so it sucks. The gas has tampered down thank god, because it was a pain in all ways. Eating, sleeping, walking, all ways. Anyway today was Easter Sunday and I had no idea. So called the kids for a bit. Oh how my back aches all the time can't wait to start the massages tomorrow??? Hopefully they help. Should get into my faja tomorrow too so I'll try to take pictures, the swelling and bloating is no fun at all. I get so stiff if I'm still more then a few minutes and the pain starts right back up. Can't wait til this passes, catching some sleep again will post shortly.


Oh how I hate these massages, I know they are a necessary evil but boy do they hurt. I got 2 today trying to get as many here as possible before I leave Friday but whew it's hard, they are no joke Dolls be prepared mentally, that's the only way I get through with them and prayer. But once it's over here comes the fluid buildup all over again, oh I hate this part. I can't get into a comfortable position at night to sleep besides on my back, and I wake up throughout the night from the pain and stiffness that your body goes thru and have to get up. The gas has subsided, thank god for that because that was just an extra pain, literally. When you begin this journey be prepared and make sure it's only for you, that way you have no one to blame or curse out besides yourself. Real talk do it for you and you alone. This is one of the biggest things I've done in my life and my last and I've been in the military, academy, traveled far and between but this journey was one of the epics that I'll remember for the rest of my life. So today after 2 massages feeling a little better and then that goes when the swelling comes back, trying to walk more and sit up more (plus it helps to do so) miss my kids a bunch can't wait to get home. I promise to do a better update once I get there mentally but I'm taking it at my speed right now, bear with me. Am I sorry for doing this, no. I accept full responsibility, but would I do it again, if given a do over , heck no, nada, Fu** that, naw. But let's see how I feel after this pain subsides and I get a look in the mirror, because right now I don't even bother looking, sorry that's just me, in pain and miserable but no regrets?? Any sleeping suggestions after a tummy tuck/lipo/ bbl??? Help please. lol I will appreciate it.

Back home

So I didn't disappear, I just needed some me time to deal with the pain and discomfort from this procedure. It gets better every day I must say but every one is different. Here's a few pics in my garment I took, sorry I'm hunched over still healing. The first week was tuff the second I started doing more things and now I try to go to the store even if I have to ride the wheelchair thingy lol, oh well still a little slow but it will get better , this I know, overall I'm so happy I did this and I already like my results swelling and all , and I do have pads under the garment for extra compression because I have lots of swelling, more pictures to come

Luxury RH

I was so at home at Luxury and Want to thank all the Women of Luxury for taking care of me, and answering my every call ( they have call buttons) and questions. Special thanks to Jenny who was always working even when she was off. It was like being home, tv, wifi and ac in all the rooms, and a call button for the times you just cant get up. Food was good at all times and your room and all other areas were cleaned daily,everyday first thing in the am bathrooms, bedrooms ,it was cleaned. I had no problems there and met some really nice women that will be long term friends for life. You can pay Jose the driver to take you anywhere you want while there, the Doctor visits were included with my package, but if you want to hit the mall or something Jose is your man, very nice and always smiling. I miss the food the Lemonade (fresh) everyday, Pineapples ( had to buy one when I got home, Any questions please ask, I had no problems whatsoever there and would highly recommend Luxury.

Feeling better?

So I did the laundry today , one load. Took the kids to McDonald's and then Carvel for me some ice cream, I know I shouldn't but come on , gotta live a little. Today was rough because I'm weaning myself off of the strong pain mess and just sticking to my daily vitamins and Motrin for the inflammation and swelling around the clock but all and all I'm feeling allot better from week one. I'm gonna continue the lymphatic massages here , plus they don't hurt like the ones in DR( Go figure, but everything in the DR is to the extreme) lol lipo, I don't think I have any fat on my stomach or back, but gotta wait and see because I'm swelling so bad but I added the lipo foam and boards under my 1 stage faja today until my 2nd stage comes this week to add that extra compression and hopefully decrease some of this swelling. So here's a picture with the board and foam under my garment.

Side Note (Supplies)

The only things you need to bring is , 1. Pads 2. Neosporin 3. Vitamins 4. Wife beaters 5. Personal hygiene 6. Snacks 7. Few chucks 8. Maxi dresses (3) 9. Pain medication 10. Baby wipes (1 pack) 11. Paper tape (1roll) 12. Ensure 13. Soap (dial) any antibacterial will do 14. Hibiclens, don't over pack like I did, it made the trip back home suck lugging that big suitcase after surgery. Bring entertainment if you want like a good book but they do have wifi. I used a little of my paper tape too, not even a full roll. But all said you don't need as much as you think and bring your go girl if you want, but you can sit and pee afterwards I did. I used the chucks the first couple of days since I had my period but I didn't even need them, it was under control, I used like 3 pads a day , so since I had a tt my garment stayed open the first 5 so like 15 pads total while there. After your birdbath the neosporin goes on your little incisions on the back and under the breast, left and right side, and a dab on the one in the center of your lower back and mid back one tube will do. You go in for a follow up like 3 times, depending on how long your there, me (12 days) so one dress or two will do, believe me your not worried about how you look neither is anyone else. I brought the Ensure for days I didn't have an appetite and they was like the first 5 so bring like 4-6 if you want they help too, I'm trying to think of anything else, but that's it for now, and definitely bring your own pain pills. But there's worked fine for me and I had my own in case.

Day by day

Today I woke up tired lots of soreness and stiffness. It's like all the fluid your body has built up pools in one location as you sleep and when you get up it all flows in the same direction of your movements, if that makes sense. But once you move and get over the initial sore and burning sensation it's better with movement. I have a 2 hour drive tomorrow, gonna stop in between to get the blood flowing and fluid in my body. I know it sounds like a short trip but after this surgery a 2 hour trip is like a 8 hour trip. Wish me luck..

1 month post

Time has definitely been flying, and each day gets better and better, I made it unintentional medium faja today, although I was supposed to be in it about a week ago, but it's hard for me doing things by myself. My mind was like ain't no way I'm gonna be able to fasten that thing by myself, it by the grace of God, after my massage I came home cleaned my incision, which is almost all healed on the outside, and put it on without a problem. I got a few pads in the front because it's bunching there, so annoying feeling. Anyway will take some undy pictures soon, all in all loving my results thus far.

Quick picture update

Just a couple of pictures I'm still swollen and sore, will add more better later.
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