44yrs Mum of 4 in Need of a TT, Bbl Lipo of Back and Flank - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hey all you dolls out there I'm in need of all...

Hey all you dolls out there I'm in need of all yall help I've now narrowed it down to 2 surgeon's Almonte and Duran
Please tell anything you know about them good , bad and ugly . I'm planning on booking within the next couple of weeks for the 31 may 2016 I am excited and nervous at the same time . X

Uploaded pics

Hey dolls , I'm just feeling really worried about this hole sx thing,, seems like the more time I have to think about it is the more I feel something really bad can happen. I'm trying so hard to get these negative thoughts out of my head but I am a strong believer in "you should always follow your gut"

Deposit Payed and Date Set

I've finally decided I'm going with dra Almonte I payed my deposit and my sx date is 25.8.2016 Yayyyyy , I'm so excited I can't wait !!!! I don't know what rh to choose Any ideas ladies ???

Picked up my first bits

Hey ladies, its starting to feel real now i think it's because I bought my first bit 2 loose dress, 8 tank tops, slippers. I'm so excited right now even tho I had a moment the other day after reading one of (kimkwannabe) updates, man I ent gonna lie I was like HELL TO THE NO !! I ent going nowhere !!! But then I thought to myself no let me just sleep on it see how I feel in the morning, when I woke up I felt a lot better , I thought I can take this 2 ways, 1. Don't go or 2. Duly noted, I chose duly noted.. just look at it as she's even me a good idea of what to look out for.
I spoke to my cuz who is coming with me she said that everybody will have different experiences we see so meny good one and some not so good on RS and you will have your experience.
Rant over !!
Dra Fatima Almonte

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