43 Years Old with 2 Grown Kids - Dominican Republic

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Just requested a consultation with Cynthia Disla,...

Just requested a consultation with Cynthia Disla, MD
Will let you know how it goes.

So far super nervous but so ready.
Have been dreaming of this procedure for 15years.

Have researched this site and others.

Have probably looked through 10,000 pics online. Finally I am ready to go for it.

Here goes nothing.

Finally got a quote

I called today and Dr Disla answered herself.
She said it was her cell and asked that I send pics direct to it.
She reviewed them and responded in a text msg, bb, tt and lipo $5000 due to my BMI.
She said if I dropped my BMI below 35 that the cost was $4500.

I feel this is high considering everyone else that I see gets tt, bbl, lipo and breast lift for the same.
I guess she didnt think I needed a breast lift.

Anyway, that said I am so sold on her work I am going to pay it.
She asked that I send a moneygram for $500 to reserve my date and I told her I would do so 4/29 and that I was looking to come the 3rd week in June.

She sent me a list that broke down what was included in the quote.
Blood work
EKG Cardiology Evaluation
compression socks
one day hospital stay
postsurgical follow up

I will let you know what comes next. I am excited to have some forward movement and it feels like this thing is really happening.

I also looked up flights thru frontier that only go to Punta Cana and the cost was $600 round trip..not bad but I haven't looked to see how far this is from where I need to go...going to research this some more but if anyone knows a great airline that is inexpensive please let me know.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Just scheduled an appointment with Cynthia Disla, MD.

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