38 Years Old, 3 Kids, Loose Skin After Weight Loss(80lbs). FULL TT,BL,BTT, LIPOSCULTURE- Dominican Republic. Dr Lluberes

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Hello Dolls, my name is Taina am 38 years old,...

hello Dolls, my name is Taina am 38 years old, 5"5 and 180lbs. I have 3 beautiful daughters and a little angel in heaven. 4 pregnancies , 2 c-section and 2 normal delivery, I have struggled to lose weight for many years and decided to have a lapband surgery about 3 years ago and I lost 80 pounds. Now I have a lot hanging skin. I decided to have a mommy makeover and change my appearance to feel good about myself and sexy again. I decide to do my surgery in Dominican Republic for various reasons. The first one money and the second one it is my homeland. I decide to go with Dr. Rafael Lluberes because 2 of my friends were treated by him and he did a excellent job. He also has many years of experience. I will arrive at Dominican Republic on July 29th with my kids and sister . My surgery will be on August 1st . I'm planning to stay for a month because I have family there. This surgery has me so scared and I been struggling with my iron deficiency. I just told my pcp about my plan and she going to help me in everything. I going to see her in June and she will check my hemoglobin again. I hope the everything goes as planned.
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