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Hello RS! whoop! Right bit of background - I'm...

Hello RS! whoop!

Right bit of background - I'm 25yrs yum-mum from the UK, 6yrs ago I gained a blessing but lost my body.

Pre baby I developed very early and was also a bit of a fattie at school....turned kinda chubby...then average in my young teens (never knew I was average then oh boy I wish I did) all the weight fluctuation took its toll on my body....stretch marks, sag-boobs and lil loose skin....so never had 100% confidence in my body...after having my boy I now had an "excuse" for all this.... And a matching tum :-(

Had my boobs done and worked out.

Although I've always disliked my tummy (tried cream, lotion and magic potions.lol) I could disguise it so hadn't considered surgery on my tummy-especially as in my opinion the work done in England is PANTS! Scars right in the middle of abdomen, square shapes....I was like nah have to forcefully accept this tummy and hide it away, because that scar for a scar is not a good deal.

Years on and booty and cola bottle shapes thoroughly sought after these skilled surgeons emerged and now I am hooked on getting that body I've never had!!....belly tops, bikinis, confident naked sex....yes please lol

I've already had a breast uplift and implant this was done in Tunisia 2011 so surgery abroad doesn't scare me as much however in the same breath wherever it's done surgeries always contain risks which are fearful.

Upon gliding through lots of review and surgeon research I've kept it simple and choosing between Dr. Yily or Dr. Robles- their work is good, so is price, they makes decent contact (thus far.....Duran is a bloody myth..*sigh*)and has as many 'bad' reviews as the rest.lol

Robles has quoted 5200$ for a Tummy tuck + liposuction on waist, armpits, back + Brazilian Butt Lift....+$1000 more for implant replacement.....

I don't think I want all these procedures at once and/or desperately and had asked her to quote me for TT & BA only.....she quoted me 5800$ for TT, lipo and BREAST LIFT???....did I request this?? Also the difference in quotes is stupid....

I chose the latter (TT, BL & BBL) however will challenge the stupidness in quotes and poss request a re-calculation for TT & BA ONLY because regardless to my hem being high or low I'm not 100% sure about multiple procedures like this......I do want to return back to my lil man alive :-)

Yily - it's only been a day so awaiting response....

So currently swaying towards Robles. I'm booking for 23rd of August and from experience would love to have a SX buddy this time round soo get in touch!! :D

Mainly here to make like-minded friends and receive beneficial info x

Robles Doll or Yily Doll....hmmm!?! Talk to me ladies x

Quoted & Decided

Sooo I've had my quote back from Yily -$6900 near enough the same as Robles (TT+BA+BBL)

I've compared the work and Robles craft wins me over.....
Both their 'recovery stages' sound the same to me. I defo plan to have the spirit of Jesus, bottled water & google translator to hand when there....'no habla' for no-one :D

Also I've heard stories of Yily having a fellow surgeon performing on some of her client...wtf.

Robles it is!....only thing is the communication needs to climb back to 100% I think I may have ruffled them asking for various quotes and question....but so-what peace of mind please!

And lastly I've only requested quotes from these two above and have noticed they throw in 'liposuction' 'Braz Butt lift' or 'breast lift'.......who asked? Really peculiar .....I ask for TT & BA...quoted TT+BL+BBL.....I actually do not need nor want a lift neither am I likely to do 3x procedures simultaneously.....Yily states I her quotes the price is the same BBL or not o_O

Eager "Robles" beaver lol

Oh yeah I've book my flight!! Hahaha this is really going to happen hehehehe

23rd August ladies :D

As for the deposit any suggestions of what to use? Best way or just go for it....luckily for me the dollar to pound conversion rate in in my favour :D

Why they don't just use PayPal is besides me...

Dra W. Robles August 2015 TT, BA & BBL - CONFIRMED :-)

My flights are booked, deposit paid, and confirmation has been received! Whoop!!
I've given myself 5 months to make sure my body is in tip top condition for surgery - healthy eating, quit smoking and chugging vits. I'M SOO EXCITED!!

I'll be saying a Virginias RH - wanted Paradise RH but oh well hopefully its just as good.
Anyone been there or will be there same time?

Whoop cannot wait!

Pre-op pics coming soon :-)

Vitamins, supplements & confusion

I needed to know my hemo so I told my doctor I was worried about I may be anaemic and had a bunch of blood test taking revealing my hemo at 12.3 not bad but would like to be 13/14+ so I decided to get on vits but was sooo confused about how to take them!....

Robles advises taking 300mgs of Iron 3x a day, Complex B 3x a day, Vitamin C 1gm once a day 1x 5mgs of folic acid once a day
My first thought on the guideline was jheez that’s a high dosage considering I am not anaemic and shouldn’t be expected to bleed lots; secondly after researching I realised I’d have to pop a bunch of pills throughout the day to get the dosage esp. for the iron
I wasn’t completely sold on why and how to take these so I’m taking 3x 200mgs of Ferrous sulphate( equivalent to 195mg of iron), 4x 400mcg Folic acid (1.6mg folic acid) 2x vit B complex and 1gm Vit C Daily.
Also coincidentally I have just ordered liquid chlorophyll which I will be using to minimise excessive perspiration (who likes to sweat eww) and have just learnt that apparently it heightens you hemo- two birds, one stone whoop :D

This is my intake regime currently but nearer to date I want to up the dosage.
How do you take yours? any side effect?

Pre Op photos + stress....

Here are my pre-ops;

I remembered to put them up because I had the most uncomfortable conversation with a good friend and had to look at them.
My pal had caught wind of my plans (I told her sister out of sheer excitement) and had this hour long heart-to-heart with me. Highlighting she and her sis were soo concerned, how it’s not necessary and why would you risk your life esp. being a mum….really playing on the heart strings….It almost made me question myself, almost made me feel even more guilty and found myself explaining and justifying my decisions....#draining

All is correct and appreciated but this isn’t something I have decided overnight and no it will not cure the world of hate and crime, however it’s something I want to do…Jheez.

I have weighed up my options and assessed the risks and yes I have decided to be selfish.

My suggestion to you ladies is tell as little people as possible because whether it’s coming from a place of love and concern, you may not want to hear it.

This is why I want a surgery buddy :D

Thank f**k for this website!

Update long overdue

Quick update -5months PO

I love my results but I must say small things i would of changed if i done it all again would of made my results PERFECT

Heres a few random points from my journey...

-Make sure you clarify every single detail with Robles. Importantly things you DON'T want (she leaves you waiting for hours and give yiu a lack lustre "consultation")
-she gave me a full blown anchor lift when all I wanted was an implant change!! like WTF!
Did not need a lift and certainly not a friggin anchor!!(absolutely hate the scar, how dare she)
-after SX they whizz you off the oxygen tank when you are still dazed. Its a waste of time and money be stern, say NO!
-stayed at Paradise RH food is dry however its clean and staff are friendly. Marias RH is much more homely and tasty (stayed there 1 night)
-Robles after care is non-existent infact the bitch blocked me off whatsapp for questioning asymmetry. The most unprofessional thing ever.

-Gonzalez is Robles right-very-hands on doc

Recovery is a smack in the face!! Especially travelling and post op alone.... Prepare yourself mentally!!

Also prople will speculate hard! It's actually quite complimentary.lol

All in all great results poor service from the Robles.

And im sooo enjoying to have a cute tummy!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Great surgical skills but terrible listener and post-op care is non-exsistent. The results only is why I give 2 stars. Unfortunately customer care is 0.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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