21 Year Old New Mom Desperate for Old Body. Mommy Make over (Tt, Lipo, Breast Lift and Augmentation, BBL) - Dominican Republic

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November 2012 I gave birth to my baby girl. She is...

November 2012 I gave birth to my baby girl. She is absolutely perfect but unfortunately she did a little damage to my body. I have always been fit and comfortable with my body. I dread summer because I hate wearing shorts or tank tops because I hate the way I look in them. I NEVER dare going to the pool and the worst part of it, my husband has a hard time coping with my post baby bod. (he misses my perky boobs and flat tummy) SO I began my process in finding a plastic surgeon to give me that jump start and get my confidence back. I began looking here in Dallas TX for plastic surgeons, for what I wanted i was quoted nearly $18,000 which is way over our budget. I thought all hope was lost, one day my husband said "lets get you your surgery in the Dominican Republic." I laughed thinking it was a joke. NO WAY i am going to go to another country to get plastic surgery. it sounded so sketch. but the more we researched I got convinced it was legit and a good idea. My husband and I both are in the medical field, He is a nurse doing nurse anesthesia so he has some knowledge in the surgery process and the care required.
I started looking and found Dr. Nelson Rubio I sent him an email and he replied very quickly but wanted to charge me 8,000$ for breast implants, TT, and flank lipo. I was specific that i wanted a lift after talking to a harvard trained surgeon here in dallas he told me i really needed a lift or the implants will just sag down like my boobs are now.
I kept searching and found Dr. Walkiris Robles. I got an immediate message back from her assistant Laura. then a few days went by and I didnt hear anything.. So i began to worry. I looked Dr Robles up on facebook and messaged her. She told me to send pictures and the second I sent the pictures her and Laura called me and then sent me a Quote. I will post it right here:

Hello Shae,

Dr. Robles reviewed your photos and recommend the following:

"Tummy tuck + liposuction on waist, armpits, back + Brazilian Butt Lift + Breast Augmentation with lift"

Also she said ¨I can do a very good job in her body to improve it¨, Anyways, Please see bellow the price quote for the procedure(s):



- Medical Fee's

- Post Surgical Support Garment or Bra

- Medicine

- Transportation

- Recovery House 5 days

TOTAL: US$ 6200.00

- Medical Fee's:

- Post Surgical Support Garment or Bra

TOTAL: US$ 5600.00

Note: if you decided to have this package you have to reserve in a hotel or Recovery House. Also you have to bring an extra 400.00 for medicine and transportation.

* Price are in American Dollars.

* This price are guarantee for six months.

* Recovery House is optional; you also can ask for other recovery house prices or hotel.

* You can bring or buy an extra garment for an extra cost 100-150 USD.

* Non surgical guest to stay at the house: US$55 /day.

* The procedures will depend on your hemoglobin levels.

* It is very important to have a good hemoglobin level to have the surgery done. Your hemoglobin levels have to be more than 12 gm/ dl.

So I was a little disappointed because I really want inner/outter thigh liposuction. and I never said I wanted a BBL but, I am not opposed to it seeming how my butt is FLAT. the only thing I dont want is a HUGE booty. I would like a little lift but not too much. I never thought of the Lipo on the arm pit but it will do a lot to make me look thinner. MY BIGGEST problem area are my love handles. I dont know why but my fat goes straight to my sides and love handles. it SUCKS! so she reassured me she will take care of that. I did have questions regarding the recovery house I really want to go to Virginias recovery house but she doesnt allow men and I am trying to get my husband to go with me. Has any one ever been to any of the other recovery houses that allow men? are they just as comfortable and good?

anyway I called Laura today to tell her I wanted the Leg lipo and she said that after Dr robles reviewed my pictures she thought i would look more proportional if I went with out it but if I realy want it she will do it. It will just be a matter of me talking with Dr Robles about my options when I get to the dominican republic for the labs and pre op visit. which bums me out because I want a plan like now.

I am conflicted as to how long I should stay in the dominican republic. I am a WIMP so my recovery will be painful. I definitely want to be there for atleast 10 days because i want the drains removed before I return back to the US. The surgeon I saw here in Dallas said that if i choose to go to the dominican Republic I need to stay for as long as possible because if a drain is left in or if i have complications almost no plastic surgeon here will help me here in the US because it is a liability. which was good to know. but worries me because if i return to the states and have a complication I will basically be shit out of luck.

anyway We are making the deposit now I just have to hash out the details of the recovery house and see if my surgery can be done March 16th instead of the 15th. waiting for a response i am extremely impatient and want to get everything sorted now.

Anyone going to be in the recovery house around the middle of march?

AHH I am so nervous but so excited to get my body back. Just praying my BBL doesnt make my ass huge because I know it is the dominican culture I will just have to emphasis that I do NOT want a big ol booty.. just a little lift cute round thing.

I will post my before pictures tonight. I am so excited.!

Probably switching to Dr. Fatima Almonte

So i sent my deposit. Literally have called Laura, Dr. Robles, sent emails, texts, voicemails-- you name it. and havent heard a thing from them. Along with several questions I asked over a week ago havent been answered. I am frustrated beyond belief seeming how i want my surgery March 17th and it is now February 19th and airfare is only going to get more expensive. Dr almonte responds within minutes. she doesnt have a lot of reviews but she is willing to do EVERYTHING i want, where as robles was hesitant about doing my leg lipo. for some reason she doesnt do much leg lipo. I am NOT the type of girl who wants a big booty and big thighs and i understand dr robles patients want that, which is good for them, but its not for me. I want curves but not as big as she usually gives to her patients. I told dr almonte my biggest problem area is my sides/flanks and my inner and outer thighs so I will be wanting aggressive lipo.
however her breast implants are Nagger and Euro silicone, which are NOT fda approved for the US. but dr robles does implants that are approved and used in the USA. so that has me worried.

Has anyone had implants by Dr. Fatima Almonte? any problems?

anyway, I will update hopefully when I choose which doctor i want, which IS happening tomorrow because I can't waste any more time. I am leaving saturday for a trip to my hometown in idaho, so i need to get this all squared away. I will add my post op photos. even though they disgust me. :/

can't wait to get a PLAN put together... -Stresssss

OH and my hemoglobin is awesome. 13.6 which is more than most women the assistant told me

My post op pictures.

ugh, this is so hard for me i literally despise my body. but hey, its ok because im fixing it. I am so ready for my old body back.

post op pictures.

idk why they didnt post last night. errr here are my pictures.

ITS all set y'all!!! Going with Dr. Almonte

SO even though I made a deposit with Dr. Robles, I have not heard from Laura through emails,calls, texts, google+ and facebook messages.... NO RESPONSE. so i wasted 100$ which is super annoying.

I am so happy I found Dr. Almonte, we literally talked yesterday and today I have everything set up. Her assistant Lesley is AMAZING. she speaks english, like GOOD english. She doesn't even have an accent so that is super helpful because I can't speak a lick of spanish. I got my blood test back hemoglobin is good. although I have been in the hospital recently with an ear infection and sinus infection so my white blood cell count is really high. Dr almonte said it is okay just as long as I am taking my antibiotics and am eating healthy and taking my vitamins.She doubled the dose of my vitamins because I have been so sick.

So this is what I am getting
TT-BBL-Lipo of Sides/flanls-Lipo of inner and outter thighs-Lipo of armpits-Breast Lift-Breast implants
so basically I am getting everything done.. which means i am going to be freaking sore.. beauty is pain right?
Because I am traumatized about the reviews I have read of girls having to come back home with their drains still attached and then they end up getting seromas I am going to stay for 17 days. I know its going to be really expensive ($1020 extra to be exact) to stay that long.. but its not worth getting fluid build up or an infection and not having a doctor to help me.. because drs here in the US wont pick up cases because of the risk and liability... they dont want to pick up another doctors work.

WE BOUGHT OUR TICKETS.. we are coming the 15th for a little R&R before my surgery scheduled the 17th. I am so excited my husband is coming with me for 5 days. He is a Nurse and he is going to school for Nurse Anesthesiology so he knows his stuff. He will take such good care of me its a blessing to have a husband thats in the medical field :) lucky me. So we are hoping to go to the beach and relax a little. We are staying at Tropical recovery house. Anyone else staying there? Lesley told me they have hospital beds which my husband wants me to have because I will be able to sleep sitting up to help blood flow and help me get out of bed and what not.
My husband is leaving the 19th.. and I am staying until the 2nd of April.. long time with out my hubby

OH and lets talk about my baby :'( So I am going to Idaho on saturday and staying for 2 wks to relax with my family.. and i am leaving my 1 year old with my mom to take care of her. SO i wont see my baby MARCH 12th to APRIL 5th. I have NEVER gone even a couple days with out her. She is my best little friend. I pray that it goes by fast... because I don't know how I am going to cope with it. Atleast she will be spoiled by her grandma for a couple weeks. So I have to fly back to idaho to get her.. and she is a baby so i will have to carry her and what not through the airport. My husband cant go he has to work. I hope i dont break a stitch or hurt myself caring for her. Lesley says I shouldnt pick her up for 45 days, but I dont think it is possible for me to not as back in Texas we dont have family to come help me. We are thinking about hiring a mommy-helper to help me with her and around the house.

So my surgery is $6000 and that includes prescriptions-transportation and recovery house for 10 days. My husband is staying with me for 5 days so that is 55$ a night (275$ total) and then I am staying 8 more days that i will be paying for.. so that is going to be $75 a day. also it will be about 70-80$ to pay for the extra transportation and my husband being drove back to the airport. Which we have to pay CASH. oh and 350$ was the deposit.

anyway. my vitamins are doubled so its Iron, folic acid, and vitamin C. I am going to work out to stregnthen my back because the TT forces you to be bent over and I already have fibromyalgia and buldging discs in my back.. so I need to get it in tip top shape before I go.

SO are any of you staying at tropicals recovery home the 15-april 2nd around that time. I really want a buddy because I am sure I am going to be bored out of my mind. I am the type of person who cant sit still.
I will post my list of what I am bringing with me. anyoen have any suggestions?

I am freakishly excited to get my body back. and this may be TMI but i am excited for my husband to "want" me the way he used to.. i know that sounds weird.. but I am excited to be a hot wife and mom. haha

Anyone staying at tropicals recovery house?

I cant find pictures of this place.. if anyone has found any please forward me the link. Also is anyone staying here march 15th-april 2nd.. around that time at all. I really want a buddy!! I am going to be so bored after my husband leaves on the 19th

what I used to look like. *sigggh*

reminiscing. my wish pic is myself before I had my baby! just add a little more boobies! I know the surgery isnt going to take me quite back to how I looked before the baby.. but I am hoping it gives me that jump start.

Finally heard back from Dr. Robles

FINALLY heard back from Dr. Robles... and I am conflicted now. both can get me in the 17th.. its just a matter of who will do the better job! any advice?

1 week (ish) until surgery! UPDATE

its been forever since I have posted an update! I have been in Idaho visiting family! I am so stressed out because this entire winter i swear to god i have been so sick. I somehow got a sinus infection from my entire family and now I am on augmentin antibiotic. sent lesley an email.. and she said that it should be cleared up by then--but depending on how I am doing it will affect how and what I get done. talk about a mess. Only paid my deposit and found childcare for my baby.. worked my schedule out with my husband and work and plane tickets. AH i could cry thinking about it. anyway... been taking vitamins and keeping busy. LOTS of water. praying i am all cleared up by then.

what should i purchase before going to the DR

any ideas?? I have read a good list, i just dont want to get the wrong things. I am going to be in the DR for 15 days post op to recover.. So what works best on scars? what vitamins are the best... etc. any help would be appreciated!
WOW i leave tomorrow :D

Day 1 PO

Lots to update and lots of pain. I decided to not do a tummy tuck as dr almonte said I didn't need one. My hemoglobin was a 14.7 so VERY high so they were able to do a lot lot lot of liposuction. Anything I wanted. So I did lipo very aggressive on my sides stomach and back. Lipo even as low as my knees. And my arms. Full lollipop lift and 390 cc implants. Ladies BRING pain med from the us. They give something similar to tramadol and rx ibuprofen. Not good. At all! I literally feel like I have no pain meds. I burn all over. Need help with everything. I will update y'all later on my RH and everything else: oh also got the bbl and my ass kills. Anyway in so much pain. Regretting doing it. Regretting it all. But it's done so I have no choice


My entire midsection is numb I hate it. It is so strange. I feel so much pain and numbness all over my back. I wish more than anything I could go back and undo this surgery. My doc appt is tomorrow so I hope I can get this drain out.. Btw I only have one drain in my back. I want to go home. The RH at tropical is great. Food is good. Sweet nurses but no English. So buy the say hi translator for your phone. It's a must have. Wondering when I will feel better

Post op pix

day 5 post op

okay.. so I feel SO MUCH BETTER. I went to the doctor on thursday (2 days ago) and got my back drain taken out. it didnt hurt at all. I am still really sore but not a lot of pain, just really uncomfortable. My skin is numb and itching a lot. I take benadryl to help the itching. also MASSAGES! omg.. I got one yesterday., and today. It is the best feeling.. and i feel so much better afterwords. the massage is $30. but totally worth it. she uses a ultra sound hand massager and then she uses her hands. so ladies when you come GET MASSAGES!
I cant shower yet because my breasts.. ugh. but Yoly washed my hair today and i feel so much better. I am going to post a picture of my breasts that was taken thursday at the clinic. I am no longer regretting the surgery. You Just have to get past the first few days, they are hell. My husband changed my flight to leave the 27th instead of leaving the 2nd. I didnt do the tummy tuck, and my drains are removed so there is no need to stay longer. I am ready to be in america for sure. I love the recovery house and the ladies here but I miss my bed and my baby and husband! one day at a time. Will post pics :)

Post op day 4 pic

Day 5 post op

2 weeks post op! Feeling good

Hey y'all it's been a while since I have updated! I am 2 wks post op today and I feel great! I am still sore and swollen but everyday I wake up stronger and a littles less swollen. I guess my review of the RH didn't post -_- so ill do another one! I am happy with my results so far my waist and stomach is tiny but allllll the swelling is in my legs! I am very active probably too active I went to the mall and went shopping for my daughter at 9 days post op.. I was swollen after but felt good! I basically do everything I did before except lifting heavy things as I don't want to injure my breasts.
OH I went to my DR in the US the day I got home I just wanted him to check everything! He said it all looks amazing and he was shocked at how good it all looked as he tried talking me out of it before I left.
Tonight my husband is going to take out my stitches he is a nurse so he will do a good job and bring a suture kit from the hospital he works at. I'm kinda nervous though!

picture 3 weeks post op

hopefully this picture uploads 3 weeks post op

4 weeks post op

Yay! I am a month post op! It went by quick, lots quicker than I thought it would. well, I am still swollen and sore. but not nearly as bad.. yesterday I went to church wore heels and everyhting and didnt get swollen. I have been out all day and i now take care of my daughter on my own. I was told to wait 6 weeks to pick up my daughter, but its pretty impossible. she is such a mamas girl, and although we have made big progress and im not holding her half as much as i did before the surgery.. I am stil picking her up. I know when i do too much though because at night i will have severe chest pain so deep in my muscles one night i thought iw as having a heart attack, it was BAD. worst pain in my life. so I try to take it as easy as I can. My husband took my stitches out, it was uncomfortable because one a few of them, my skin had grown over them a bit, so he had to cut my skin so that hurt, but it was not bad. Still numb on my lipo areas, its driving me crazy. My breasts are really dry and flakey, i am still putting gauze on them.. i think i will stop because it is making it so itchy and dry and my incisions are closed.. i am very clean and take good care of my wounds. I will tell everyone my ritual with my breast lift incisions..
I would shower every 2 days, though i wanted to shower every day.. it would make the incisions too dry, my dr said 2-3 days to change the dressings.
I would get out of the shower and just to make sure things were very clean i would use alcohol pads to wipe my entire breast lightly on the incisions. *I am terrified of infections on the skin. infections=terrible scarring.*
I would use Neosporin antibiotic+pain relief cream WITH a QTIP. very important,... even if you wash hands.. they can still have excess bacteria. the neosporin really helped my itching and incision burning. but dont use too muc because it makes it too soft which will make the incision healing process longer as it deters scabs, your body's natural bandaids.
I would use gauze to cover my entire breast and i bought sensitive skin tape at wal mart, its blue because i was having an allergic reaction to the regular gauze hospital tape.

anyway.. the only thing i have to worry about is my breasts... i get pains in my armpits. i am sore, but at this point im so used to it and every day it get s a little better.
I have been taking my daughter to the nature park and walking with her everyday, walking makes me more swollen, but i think it makes me feel better and more loose which eases my pain. dont do too mcuh though, listen to your body or you will regret it the next day.

pictures to come :)

6 months post op, (its been a while)

Okay, SO i haven't been on this in forever, but i thought it was really important to talk about my thoughts on the surgery now that i am "healed"
It gave me a huge head start and did a LOT for my confidence. I noticed when i was about 4 months post op that my shape was different but if i didnt begin to exercise and eat well, it would have been for nothing. ALL OF THE PAIN for nothing. So i started running, and now I am competing for my half marathon. I am so glad the surgery gave me confidence and a head start. now i know for sure i can keep the fat off.

As for the faja/garmet.. i stopped wearing that thing right at 2.5 months. I couldnt handle it. Looking back i should have worn it longer, but I am doing just fine and kept my shape with out it. not recommending it, but I just couldnt stand wearing it.

my boobs.. well, i LOVE them. that is honestly the ONE thing i would have never ever changed. I had no issues or pain with them healing. they are so much better than they were before. my scars have healed well.

I think it is really important to be realistic in what you will look like and accept that you are going to be swollen and miserable for 3-4 months.. and when you start feeling better and can exercise, DO IT or the fat will come back fast.. really fast.

I now weigh 28 lbs less than I did the day of my surgery.

I will share some pics :)

another pic 6 months post op

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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