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So I am a long time RS stalker, but I'm finally...

So I am a long time RS stalker, but I'm finally ready to take the plunge. I am 37, married to my HS sweetie, and I have 3 boys--all teenagers and the oldest just turned 18. I had the first at 19 and I actually believed people when they said "you're eating for two" and "if you rub cocoa butter in your tummy, you won't get stretch marks" and even worse, "don't worry, they'll fade after the baby". Well, let me tell you, I went from 125ish to 181lbs with that 9lb boy and my stomach, breasts, and thighs were left as saggy as a deflated ballon and riddled with stretch marks that may have faded, but left me resembling a burn victim and my poor belly button in a permanent frown. I make it a point to be honest will all of my first time mom friends, so they can try to avoid the damage if they can. They deserve to know the truth.

I have struggled with my weight over the years, but at one point I was almost to my pre-pregnancy weight and very fit and let me tell you, it didn't help my poor tummy. In the last year I have finally got my thyroid and some other health issues under control and have lost over 40lbs after ballooning up to almost 200. I have a steady workout routine and have changed my diet, so I am confident that I will continue to lose weight until I am happy with where I am.

This time, when I hit my goals, I'm going to get my body fixed so that I can actually be happy with myself. I'm definitely getting a tummy tuck and a breast lift. I'm considering augmentation, but I'm not sure I'm comfortable living with a foreign object in my body. I'm just looking to correct what my children destroyed, not to become someone I'm not. I'll decide as I get closer to my weight loss goals. I'm hoping to have surgery just before Christmas, otherwise I'll have to wait until early next Summer, as I cannot take off work in the Spring. I would prefer to not be laid up half the Summer, and I'm ready to rock a bikini!

I haven't chosen a doctor, but I have sent quote requests to a handful in the Dominican. You just get so much more for your money. I've been reading reviews and researching for years, so I'm confident that my choice will be a safe one. I'm am an RN and not afraid of pain, I have had other surgeries and always recovered well. I am not afraid or nervous. I am just ready.

Quite craziness.

Really, Dra Medina?? In my original request I asked for tummy tuck, breast lift and possible augmentation. While I appreciate their trying to upsell, I feel like I was clear when I said no lipo or butt stuff. Geez.

To be honest, I'm really leaning towards Duran, cause I live the shapes she gives, but I feel like I need to get some quotes to be competitive.

Closing in on a doctor

What is with all the Drs wanting to add lipo and butt lifts even after I say I don't want it??? Geez.

So I'm really leaning towards Dr Caputo. He asked me to contact him in WhatsApp to consult, which was personal and great. Most other Drs have sent automated responses and obviously not personal quotes. Dr Caputo typed perfect English and was very nice and funny too. He sent me a fantastic quote, just for what we discussed, within hours.

I've contacted many Drs and have only heard back from about half, so I'll wait for a few more responses, but I'm really leaning towards Caputo heavily.

First local consult.

I'm sitting in my truck after my first local (Austin) consult with Dr. Amy Bekanich. She was honest about what I could expect and was very kind and professional. She explained what it would take to get the breasts I want and actually advised me to not do anything with them if I was on the fence because I would probably be dissatisfied. I thought that was really cool, cause she could totally have upsold me. She thinks the tummy tuck would give me great results and that I wouldn't need lipo at all. I'm very happy to have a real, in person, opinion about that.

The only negative is that her bio advertises a full tummy tuck with lipo for $5400 all inclusive. And the quote she gave me was $7900. When I asked about the difference, she said it was because my procedure was "more involved", although she didn't mention anything when she was examining me. It's still a good price, but it is definitely a bait and switch game and I don't Iike that.
I didn't book anything. If I'm gonna stay local and pay more, I want to get a few more opinions. I really wish prices here weren't so inflated.
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