I May Be Young but I'm Ready!!! 24, 5'5,160 - Dominican Republic, DO

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I have become infatuated with the female body for...

I have become infatuated with the female body for the last 2 months. My sister is currently in DR having her surgery done by Dra. Robles (I'm watching her kids) and I blame her! Once it was confirmed that she would be having a "Mommy Makeover" I was hooked and since then I have been in contact with SEVERAL Drs. I'm 24, no children, 5'5, 160lbs living in the Land of Ass better known as Atlanta, GA. I am toned and praying that I will have enough fat to get a proper BBL. With that being said, I asked for quotes for LIPO (removing fat from areas such as: waist, tummy, inner thighs, armpits, and back) & BBL. Below you will find my quotes. Currently, I am confused as to which Dr is right for me. Any suggestions?

Dr. Fragoso Baez - 2800
Dr. Yily - 3800
Dr. Duran - 3700+130 insurance
Dr. Cabral - 4500
Dr. Robles - 4500 includes RH
Dr. Hasan - ? still waiting

The prices are all over the place, and it did annoy me that my sisters full body procedure including a tummy tuck and mine, form Robles, are the same price but, I guess. From many of the reviews I've seen it seems as though Duran, Hasan, and Yily give more of the Nicki Minaj where as Baez and Robles give more of a subtle Barbi, a more "natural" look.... but I wanna look like a VIXEN! Grrrr...I'm so confused.

What are your thoughts? Oh, should I wait to have kids before lipo?

P.S. That's me in the profile pic.

I May Be Young but I'm Ready!!! 24, 5'5,160

Vanity Cosmetic Quotes:
Dr. Hasan 4500 - 3800 if paid now *special going on* +2000 recovery house
Dr. Fisher 600 - 4800 is paid now *special going on* +2000 recovery house
I don't like the sound of their prices, it seems suspect to offer specials at such a discounted price that mimics prices that I've gotten from other surgeons.
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