I need a great doctor!!BBL+LipoSculpture on my Abdomen +back+flanks. Dominican Republic, DO

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Im a 36 year old female looking for a board...

Im a 36 year old female looking for a board certified plastic surgeon to give me a tiny waistline and a huge, round, and perky booty. In a hospital precedure with 8 day recovery and meds, ground tranport to and from airport with 5-10 massages and garment included. I been doing this research for 2 years and now its finally coming and im haveing trouble picking the right doctor because im deciding to travel abroad so its a lot of thing to do but i am ready just need to pick the best doctor. Help me im ready ..

My before pictures

I'm going to get lipo on my full back ,side flanks and abdomen with 1800cc in eat cheek BBL. I'm trying to find a great doctor in the Dominican Republic.. Please help..

All I'm seeing is wish pics

Where are the success stories and pictures and updates of the procedure being done in the Dominican Republic by a good doctor with great experience?? Why so many wish pics and no update pictures who's writing the reviews,,?

I'm ready for the DR

I have been corresponding with numerous doctors from the Dominican Republic and I need to get this done ASAP. As I sit here waiting for class to start my stomach makes me feel ashamed. Within a year I gained weight out of nowhere sitting around eating bullshit. I did not have time to work out with school and work and now I'm paying for it . My butt looks like a half moon with craters lol. I haven't boom my flight yet because I'm still waiting on A doctor that's more concerned with my health instead of extra pocket money.
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