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Whoa... I am really going all the way out of the...

Whoa... I am really going all the way out of the country to do this...physically I'm ready, mentally I'm excited, emotionally I'm a nervous wreck. I've thought about doing this for a long time I guess there is no better time to do it then right now. Am I expecting a miracle.... no I am not. I'm expecting my body to be released from this hostage situation after given birth to 3 beautiful children. With the help of Dr. Mallol I know he can give me what I want. Stay tuned as I go thru this body changing journey.....

Blow by blow to this journey

So today begins my journey and not to Mecca. I'm so amped up right now. So my bag have been packed for a couple of weeks now. Just throwing little things in here and there. Before I continue I want to shout out my mom it's her birthday with this diamond none if this would be possible.
Before I even leave I get the dreaded message " your flight has been delayed" but please still arrive at your regular time. So we're delayed approx 50 min. due to some weather issues somewhere at least the plane wasn't stuck in for entertainment people watching it is....

What to expect when you land

So....if you have read my previous post you know JetBlue was delayed leaving NY which I really didn't mind because my connecting flight didn't leave until 11:50 p.m.. the flight crew was cool, free WiFi no internet connection. TV's in the headrest (I watched Chrisley knows love that show) By the way you will be given custom forms to complete while your on the plane to be completed when you get off (bring a pen as JetBlue does not supple one). It is now 2:15 am as the piolt announces we will be landing the passengers eroupes into this loud clapping (did they know something I didn't know) hell I started clapping too I didn't want to feel left out. Also if you do not speak Spanish I would suggest you download Google translate from the play store it's free and it will help you a lot.
Once you get off the plane you follow the people downstairs to customs at that point you show your passport, you are told there is a 10.00 tax visitors fee I'm guessing (I'm calling it a finders fee) your passport is stamped (Welcome to the Dominican Republic) . Then you proceed to the "customs official" who I might add will habla Espanol (speak Spanish) to you. You will then hand him/her the form you were given on the plane and your passport again so do t put it away. You will then be told to put your left 4 fingers on this finger print scanner, then your right, then your 2 thumbs and sent on your merry little way...don't forget to hand in the customs form after the finger print you can go get your luggage.. (I told you to keep your passport out right) yup you have to show it you are done. Off to find your driver holding a sign with your name on driver was christino (I might be off with the spelling) very nice guy. The ride to the Paradise Recovery house was 45 minutes give it take. It's gated with 2 gates so there is some sense of security. I was met at the we hours of the morning by Maria she speaks English well...I was shown to my room it had 2 other women in it who were sleeping...I will meet with my team in the morning so stay tuned

Blood work

Ok so I landed on 7/15/17 this is a follow up on that day. . My driver came to get me at 10 ish and took me to get some blood drawn, chest x-ray,weight and payment & fill out paperwork. So let me tell you about the bait and switch. Most of us went thru the surgi coordinator that's where we get our quote. Well unless you go thru your Dr. you might get a different price. So I'm ready to pay the quoted price and the Dr (who by the way wasn't there he was in punta Cana for a conference) tells me via phone call thru his assistant jasmine that is wrong they are a third party company. I said that is not my fault I came with what I was quoted and that is all I'm paying. Long story short I paid even less. On a good note food is pretty good.

Paradise Recovery House

Oh yeah here are some pictures of Paradise Recovery House.

7/17/17 Surgery day

Ok so I'm a little behind on posting. Today is the big day. Not the least bit nervous...we had to be at the clinic/hospital at 5ish. When you get there you see the cardiologist and get attached to this machine with these suction cups on your chest to read your heart. Once your done they take you upstairs to start filling out paperwork. ( I took pictures of everything I signed) there is 1form that is in Spanish it's for the anesthesia. This is when it gets real.... You are then brought to your room told to take your clothes off put on the infamous you wait for Dr. Mallol and his assistant Jasmine if that is who you chose. He us super sweet. He greets you with a kiss on both checks to ease any fears, makes small talk to break the ice. You then stand in front of him with all your goods in his face. While talking to you he tell you what he is going to do. He marks your body with a permanent marker takes pictures of you. (No turning back now). You are then wheeled to this room I can't remember why..I think they ask your name...few minutes later your taken to the operating room. The anesthesiologist talks to you.. he says this will make you sleep..I'm like ok.... Everything from this point on is blurry...this is what I remember. I remember sitting in the table, I remember the shot in the back, I remember them laying me down. Oh yeah before I forget you are not completely knocked out during the surgical procedure you will be in and out.
I remember being flipped on my stomach, I remember saying I can't breath( I guess in my head) but they did put oxygen on face. I did remember waking up for a second while the lipo was being done on my back.. once that was done I felt something cold on my back like it was being clean. I was then flipped to my back to start the tummy tuck. I did wake up during that and saw a green sheet drapped in front of me. That is all I remember for surgery day.

7/18/17 day after surgery

Good morning everyone I made it... First and foremost I want to thank God for seeing me thru this surgery. I also want to send out huge hugs and kisses for all my prayer warrior praying thru this process your prayers did not fall upon deaths ears I wish I could thank each and everyone from the top of my ?. Now on to day one of recovery... So now you're awake not bright eyed or bushy tailed. Please if nothing else hire a private nurse for the night you will need one especially if your alone. I'm awake am I cute..does my stomach look like Janet Jackson... No but I feel like I've been hit by a truck. Not that I know what it feels like....oh I know my back feels like I went 10 rounds with a professional boxer ok maybe not 10 but you get the idea...I'm hurt woman down send help. Wonder twin power form of lots of pain Anyway let me tell you how mean they were to lord they made me get out the bed to walk...(yes, I'm clutching my pearls too). Oh please not now...really the best thing you should do. It was a struggle I got 1 leg off the bed( in my mind I was already up like oh yeah I got this) oh wait that was only 1 leg. Ok ok so the rest of me finally makes it to the upright position. Oh snap I'm doing it 1 step, 2 step oh no I'm dizzy back in bed I'm about to throw up.. sure enough...I threw up... It's to be expected. Ahhhh. that felt kinda good. Did I mention you are only in the hospital for 1 night then its off to the recovery house. Before you go your blood is drawn to make sure your levels are up. Mine dropped after surgery. I needed a blood transfusion....that was probably why I was dizzy. Again hence document everything with pictures. $260.00, 2 bags of blood I feel so much better. By the way they don't just give you the blood you do get to make sure it's your blood type (hope you know yours) , neg for hiv, donors identification number and the number match..??? and ? everything is good. Each bag took approx 1.5 hrs. Now it's off to Paradise Recovery House...

Let's talk about the faja

Oh snap I feel like I'm in a straight jacket for the body. I'm still trying to figure out how they got my big ol butt in this thing on the operating table. l came for lipo and tummy tuck. Fresh out of surgery you wake up in this and say what what happened. As you can see my waist is small or snatched even more than before. This thing should be a sin. First off it's a hook eye closure that is all the way over to the tightest possible I can't breathe, but I'm cute hooks. I'm supposed to wear this how many hrs, I believe I heard her say 23 hrs for 3-4 wks prison for the body. I'm not going to make Jesus. If you can see in the picture I had to unhook some of them I was hurting. The Dr. was like no no sweetie you can't do it...yes yes yes I need to breathe. There is a hole between your legs to pee with the assistance of a urinal. However, in the hospital you have a catheter in your bladder along with a drain to drain all the blood and stuff out. Can I tell you how excited I was to take that thing off..try to visualize this movie The nutty professor. The part where Sherman was fighting against himself at a party and busted out his clothes...that was like the best feeling in the world . Your body will be like freedom.....but putting it back that's a struggle.....but all in all do I regret doing this......the jury is still out on this..

My first massage

We all know massages to be relaxing, therapeutic, calming....well not this one. How can you enjoy anything with my back looking that this. When I say It hurt dog gone it, I wanted to cry. The woman who did it she is super super sweet ( I think she got a little freak in she said to me mami you have a nice butt. I was like thank you it's home grown from The purpose of the message is to push all the fluid out into your drain and believe you me you see it moving. Oh but it hurts like a mother. Make sure you bring like 3-4 tubes of Arnica gel (you can find it at Wal-mart) she will use this on you.

Recovery & what to bring

Oh before I forget the last shower you will have will be the night before or the morning of your procedure. So tomorrow will be 1 week since my tummy tuck & lipo. I am feel great minus this pain in my back. The pain is coming from the drain that is still inside. I'm told once it's removed you will feel better. Seeing as the jury is still out I will keep you posted. I do find comfort in wearing my faja. It feels like a security blanket for my body. So for those of you wanting to know what you need here it is in a nutshell. Please adjust this list to your needs...
Lysol wipes, bed pads/liners, portal urinal, assurance washclothes, arnica gel, snacks for when you need that little something, water, hibiclens or dial antibacterial soap, vitamin D, folic acid, b-12,iron (start taking them now), calcium, deodorant, maybe 1 or 2 dresses you are really laying in your bed, lotion for your skin, compression socks, sanitary napkins (wait til you see how they repurpose them, these will be your best friend under that faja). What else, what else...oh did you notice I left out undewear you don't need them because you are in the faja all day. I'm probably forgetting something... Oh yeah how could I forget bring a safe. You can find it on Amazon. I keep my passport, money, and credit cards in there. Well worth the investment. I will post more pictures later on.

Drain removed

***sigh*** finally the drain is out. But can I tell you how crazy it felt. Most of the pain I talked in my previous post was located in the lower right side of my back the location of the drain. When it's time to get the drain removed your nurse with come cut the stitches from around it (no pain there) she will then start pulling it out slowly ( omg...I can feel it moving on both sides of my back like a snake) all of a sudden she ask, " do you feel pain right here" I'm like no!!! She tells me it's stuck. ( Here is where the pain comes in) she says, "you're going to feel some pain...holy mother of Jesus...I feel this pop and this hot pain on my right side of my buttocks like someone lite a match to it. I was like like wait a minute. She was like yup. (So the pop was my inside starting to heal on the drain) she continues to pull very gets stuck....pop...finally it's out. I'm a free woman I can now stand up straighter. This was definitely an experience....
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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