Dr.Yily. Lipo with Tummy Tuck, Arm's & Back.

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Hello Dolls! So I've beenn researching on and off...

Hello Dolls!

So I've beenn researching on and off & i finally decided to go with Dr.yily my aunt friend & her daughter both with & had a great experience + they look the bomb!. Im 25. 2 pregnancies one of them being twins. I then got my tubes tied so me having the operation then to get pregnant is out the window. Me & Dieting seem to bump heads too much so this seems to be what's best for me and what i want. Well i got my quote for 4,900 which i think is great im undecided for a BBl but if i do get it. It will go to 5,200. Before yily operates your BMi has to be a 35 im at a 40 so i have a good 20 to 30 pounds to loose. Im also going to start taking the vitamins from now to then & try to remain positive obviously when you come across the negative it starts to worry you but with any surgery you have risk. Everyone body is different but i love how the woman are supportive on here. So im ready to begin this journey. I do know im going by myself which im cautious on. I've seen taken tooooo many times. What if the taxi driver take me else where. Or caring that amount of cash over there, the painful ride back home etc etc but as they say beauty is pain right.
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