Debating Doctors for Lipo and BBL: Cabral Vs. Duran Vs. Molina - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hey ladies! I hope you all can help me! First my...

Hey ladies!
I hope you all can help me!
First my specs:
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 125lb

Okay, so I've been researching getting a Lipo and BBL for a long time, I'm not on the heavier side but for being 125 I still have some fat that could be put into my butt for sure. Now I would also probably attempt to gain an additional 10lbs so they can have something to work with.
Now I've researched all the doctors and it seems like they are all not perfect which is understandable. I've heard the malpractice suits against Dr. Cabral so please spare me. My concern with him is that he seems to only do larger girls and while I'm on the smaller side I'm not sure, now 10lbs heavier I did email him for a quote and he did not mention anything about additional weight gain which is why I want to go at that weight.
Dr. Molina seems to do a great job at smaller girls but his butts are hit and miss and a lot of the time do not look natural, and I'm not referring to size cause the bigger the better but its shape.
Dra. Duran seems to do a great job but from what I read she's impossible to get ahold of.
So my question is which Dr. is more suggested. Also I had questions about how to prepare, the quotes provided do they include the testing. I'm also concerned because I read that you will need an overnight nurse, is that included, or are these things something that the doctor would have to provide answers to?!
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