Much Needed Snatched Waist. No Kids - Dominican Republic, DO

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A very snatched waist ! My first post on my...

A very snatched waist !
My first post on my journey to dr Cabral. My surgery is about two months away.
I was so into dra Duran when I first started my research. But after the difficulty of contacting her which turned me off. Made me think if I needed her after surgery, would I ever be able to reach her again ?
I fell in love with dr Cabral curves & his quickness to responding. So here I go ......


Sept is already here. Idk when should I start packing. I'm so anxious, excited, nervous... All in one.
I would love to post my pre op body butttttt I've been reading so many ppl complaining about their pics getting stolen.. Idk if I can trust it.

I keep referring back to Bella Barbie book for tips on preparing...

I'm also still confused on lats and hips ... Grrrr

Anyone stayed at sweetheart rh ?

They seem to have caught my attention due to the package that they offer... But then I seen visage of grace .... Whom seem to be the Chanel of rh with everything they freaking offer.... Grrrr

Prepping ...

Just got my plane ticket and i started buying supplies. Which ima purchase supplies every week. Still confused on if I should just buy my faja in dr. I also booked a nurse to stay with me the night of sx.

I've never planned anything this far ahead. But being so nervous, I can't help but to plan everyday lol

Hola Dominican Republic

I arrived yesterday, the driver for sweet heart rh was right on time.
There are only 4 girls here.
I hear this is the slow season.
I have my own room, it's been raining like crazy. I guess no beach for me today.

I made it to the flat side

Cabral suckeddddddddd me dry !!!!! Gracias Papi

Emotional rollercoaster

One min I am laughing
Next I am crying .... I just want to feel normal again.
Dr Cabral

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