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Hey there everyone, I can finally say that I'm...

Hey there everyone, I can finally say that I'm going to take a dip into the cosmetic surgery world. I've always been a thick girl and it wasn't something I wasn't too fond of despite how much others' expressed their love for it lol Now, that I am 20 years old, and I can be fully confident with the decision I'm choosing to make....there's nothing stopping me. After endless research for doctors within the states and outside the country. I will be taking my first round to DR. The look I'm going can definitely be produced over there. My doctor will be Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes. He's the first doctor that stuck out to me, and after seeing all the positive reviews, extensive messages between us, and my personal screening process I knew that I had to pick him. My procedures include: Breast Lift with implants, BBL w/ hip fat transfer, and liposculpture (abdomen, waist, lats, armpits and full back). The recovery house I'll be staying at will be Rocio Ortega and that'll be a total of 15 days. My goal is that small waist with a medium thick shape. I'll definitely be reviewing this every step of the way with you guys. Can't wait to take this journey together.

PS: I'll add my photos and wish photos later :) I have a ton of things to say
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