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Well I've already emailed Dr. Yily! I am Sooo...

Well I've already emailed Dr. Yily! I am Sooo excited to see how much she quotes me. I started my better body journey only wanting to get rid of this horrendous blob I call a stomach. But now as I really get into this researching process I realize "Hey, that BLOB could turn into sum BUTT" Yes Lawd!! I am really ready for this!! I'm even debating on some type of breast augmentation(lift/implants)....don't wanna go crazy tho. Also I don't want to prolong my time off from work; gotta get my coin, ladies! I'm posting more before pics, I guess.....Yuck.com! New Me coming soon. Also I'm Always looking for Buddies on here so please msg me if you want to correspond. Especially if your planning surgery around early March. I'm hoping to get a spot by late Feb.-Early March 2014.

My Dearest Puff Puff....

O my dear puff puff...I'ts been with me sine I was 18...when I was in college there was no flashing ppl in oncoming traffic or streaking across campus.....no I was the girl in the one piece swimsuit at all the spring break parties...nice shape, but my dear puff puff had to be hidden at all costs...smh. We've been through so much..thick and thin....literally. yet my puff puff never left me. Now the end is near for my puff puff...but by no mean am I sad to see her go. I'll be picking an awesome tattoo to mark the place where she use to be in remembrance lol. but yes..ne way enough about my puff puff for today.
As os yet I still haven't heard from either Dr. I'm so anxious!!! If I haven't gotten word by the end of the week i'm figgn calling somebody lol...but seriously. I really want to know that's steps I need to be taking in preparation of the procedures. I had a thought about my skin last night yes that puff puff of mine, and I'm going to look into some vitamin E or something to start making sure that area will be soft and stretchy before surgery and maybe it will make my scare look better during my healing process...hmm just a thought. I'll be doing my research on that today. I'd love to know if any of you ladies are doing anything like this
...... Now a look into my obsession with cat suits....
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