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OK so I wasn't going to do a review due to the...

OK so I wasn't going to do a review due to the fact I didn't think people actually follow but being that I am on this app 24 seven and I follow multiple people I guess it actually gets read. I am 25 years old I have two children a nine-year-old daughter and a one and a half-year-old boy. Since before I had my son I have contemplated having plastic surgery. I used to weigh 245 pounds this is some years ago since then I have lost 80 pounds and I maintain active lifestyle that being lifting weight or just working outside in construction. I want to have surgery to finalize my weight loss journey I put in tons of hard work to get to where I am and I have recently in the last two months put on an additional 10 pounds my weight was 168 and I am now about 180. I have a Naturqllt curvy body. I have bounced in between Dr Duran and Dr Yily. There's pros and cons to the both of them.I personallyoing to Durrant and when that is g I personally know two girls one that has gone to duran and one that has gone to yily. Both have phenomenal work but they did get different procedures. Duran does an amazing tummy tuck down from a very thin incision to a extremely small snatched waist, but she does give a very unnatural look. On the other hand Yily does an incision on the tummy tuck that isn't so thin or Straight she does give a small waist but it's not exaggerated. Being that I do you like to work out and I am active I figure whatever is left after the surgery I can just get rid of by continuing to work and work out and diet. I am scheduled to go April 26 I bought my flight already cost me about $600 total and I am seeing a princess recovery house. I am traveling by myself and I'm nervous about that. The procedures that I am having done is a tummy tuck, breast lift with implants, Brazilian butt lift, lipo, and arm lipo. I am going for ten days. I posted wish pics and before and after my weight loss journey. I will be updating constantly and if anybody would like to be sx buddies inbox me or any questions. I am not ashamed of having plastic surgery I'm completely open about it nor do I try to hide it

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Okay I want to lose 15-20 lbs

Okay so after reading in various places it's better to be closer to your ideal weight before surgery I've decided to try and lose 15-20lbs before the 26 of April. That is 5 weeks to accomplish that goal which I know is tight and hard and will be very stressful with planning a trip and balancing being a mommy that still breast feeds an 18 month old and a 9 year old who will be doing state test, a full time construction job that is physically strenuous and a relationship ???????? but I've done it before it's time to hit the cardio hard the weights light and reps high and no carbs just lean protein and up my supplements. I love a challenge!!! I just want to make sure I'll have enough fat to harvest for my bbl.... if any other woman out there are trying to lose weight before surgery I'm with you!!! We are in this together I know the struggle!!! If you need dieting tips or meal plans and calorie counts let me know I'm happy to assist ????
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Yily has always responded in a timely manner. She is reasonably priced and gives very natural looking results.

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