23 Yr Old Mom Looking to Get Snatched by Cabral. - Dominican Republic, DO

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I am 134 5'7 i have an alright figure but i am a...

i am 134 5'7 i have an alright figure but i am a perfectionist, i have been stalking realself for months now going from this doc to that doc but ive come to realize cabral is the man, i know i know people shy away from him because hes had a death but if you do research deaths happen all the time nobody is safe and more times and others it is not the fault of the doctors, sometimes people bodies just give in from all the pressure of surgery, soo anyway i just contacted cabral, he got back to me QUICK QUICK telling me to send my pics and now im just waiiting, im so excited the only thing is i have a 2 year old daughter that i am soo afraid of leaving at home while i go friends are saying i should bring her ,idk dolls what do you think should i wait till shes a bit older or should i just bring her along with some help and get snatcheddd!!!

Contreras or fisher

I want fisher but hes booked till january and i want this done asap.... contreras is the man too

...... soooo idk
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