26yo Mum of 1, Live in London Finally Ready to Make This Happen....where to Start??? - Dominican Republic

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I have been wanting this for 4years but aside from...

I have been wanting this for 4years but aside from basic research never took it further then a year went by and I realised it was something I genuinely wanted for my own personal reasons. But like most am fearful of complications, so want a doctor who cares for patients and their health and not only the money they bring. I've been reading other peoples stories but notice some don't update after their surgeries and that makes me worry are they ok, did it go well etc etc.
I'm 5ft 3 and weight 7st which is 45kg, over the last year I lost a lot of weight and intend on putting it back on healthily because I find my arms and legs a little to slim for my liking, my breast size is currently 34dd/e but once I get back to my normal weight they should return to 34ff. From what I've read round implants seem to be the best but what size I don't know, I'd be prepared to gain the necessary weight for the desired look because I'm in need of hips lol...where and how do I get this ball rolling??

Wish pics...

Nothing major just babbling

Ok so I've been going RS crazy, non stop reading, Dr research on here and off here and I have a few Dr's in mind, spoke to one briefly and he was really nice and seem knowledgable but one conclusion I've def come to is that I need to put on weight for this to look natural. The whole recovery process plays a big part because travelling from London plus I don't want to put too much strain on my body, so I wanted to do the BI and a little lipo to my waist and my lower back then at a later stage go for a FT. But as my pics show I lack hips so I'm a bit unsure how that will look. It's all exciting just need to decide the Dr then make my booking. And eat lol I'm going to channel Bridget jones lol.
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