October with Dr. Diaz in Dominican Republic - Dominican Republic, DO

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I have been researching this site and all over...

I have been researching this site and all over the internet to find the best plastic surgeon in Domincan Republic to do my breast lift. I think I have found the one for me. Dr. Robles is conservative in her surgery scheduling, as she schedules no more than two people per day, the reviews of her aftercare and bedside manner are all super, and her packages include recovery house. I was partly overwhelmed by the prospect of having to find a recovery house in addition to all the other arrangements, so this was part of the reason that I leaned toward her. Her assistant Laura is very professional and responded quickly to all my questions. My date is nearly six months away and I have a lot of planning to do, but I am excited.

I am really confused and trying to decide.

All I think about is this surgery. I have the money and I am scared to tell my boyfriend and family that I am going to DR... but that's not even the issue. I just really want a quote from Duran. I have tried everything. Is she that popular? I have tried to reach out on Facebook, Instagram, Email... soon I am going to try to start a fire and send her some smoke signals. LoL. I am pretty sure that Robles is my girl, but I want to see what Duran is talking about because she is supposedly the best. Her results are the TRUTH!!!!! She builds better Barbies than Mattel Toy, Inc. I want all the quotes from all of the doc in order to make my final choice. Anyone know of a secret way to get Queen of Barbies to respond? Help!

it's getting real!

I am requesting my off time and have decided to move up the date. I started purchasing some items on Ebay and Amazon.com. I ordered a Large Fajate and abdominal template, that's the board that you place inside the garment to keep the tummy flat. I have also gotten a shit load of vitamins.
i will know by the end of the week about my date. i change my mind about my doctor about every time I read a review or see someone's results. I am still team Robles thought. Although I have been thinking about Diaz, Almonte, and Baez.....

paid my deposit to dr. diaz

I went to the bank and paid my deposit and emailed him the receipt!
It's really happening people.

got confirmation from Dr. Diaz

After emailing him my receipt, I received my confirmation from Dr. Diaz. I am getting more excited every time I take another step. My package includes everything including my mom staying with me for free except I have to buy her meals everyday. Most of the other places require $45-$55 for companions. I'm stoked! I have been talking to Dr. Diaz every day. He speaks English and he answers all of my countless questions. Oh yeah, my mother has agreed to go with me. I talked to my boss about taking the time off. I have started buying supplies. I just need to get the blood to make I cleared before I even get on the plane.

hemo level

Ok, so I have been reading about all these girls being sent home with no surgery due to low hemo levels. I have a history of anemia so I have been eating a lot of beets? Spinach, ans vitamins: c, folic acid, iron, and I just bought a Hemo que which I an at home iron blood test. I know I have to go to the lab, but I want to male sure my blood is good before I GET THE OFFICIAL LABS DONE. Dr. Diaz asked me to send labs at least one month prior to surgery. I hope this works. Blood iron and or CBC is the only thing I am worried about at this point.

Hemo Que machine I got on Ebay

Tracking my iron levels with this bad boy to decrease my anxiety.

OGM!!!! Ticket booked

I purchased my airline tickets for DR!!!! Only $325.00 from Jacksonville, Florida. I am still tow months out, but I didn't want to risk ticket prices going up any higher. I looked at the ticket prices and was shocked at how cheap it was. This is it people. no turning back. I shared my flight information with the doctor and will use the next two months to lose some weight and get all of my necessary items.

trying to make sure me iron is up while trying to lose 10lbs

I am really proud of myself for staying on point with my diet and water and vitamins this weekend. I have a wedding at the end of the month and wish my cousin would get married after my surgery. LoL

Things I have checked off my list...

I had a little fun getting in the mood my buying some of the things the RS vets here have suggested. I am getting more excited now that i have my date, paid my deposit, and booked my ticket. Here are some of the things I got. :o)

some before pic at two months to go

I am finally putting up those before pics. So, I am counting down the days and two months feels like a long time. I am buying things and checking off items. I am so ready to go. I think of this every day. I am working out at the gym and eating well and taking my vitamins in order to make sure I have the best possible outcomes. I keep thinking of what my body will look like after the procedures. I want good results, but again who doesn't? I'll continue to make sure I am as healthy and positive as possible. I deserve this gift to myself and I have chosen an excellent doctor to perform this. I plan to do my lab next week to sent to Dr. Diaz.

57 days until i meet Dr. Diaz in thye DR

I have been buying stuff and have even started packing my suitcase. I am counting down the days and I am finally under two months. I am at 57 days, 16 hours, 58 minutes, and 38 seconds...37, 36. LOL.
I got my compression socks, a couple of shapers, and waist cinchers, maxi pads, chux pads, and anti bacterial soaps. I am "retay!"

49 days before i know it...

I have done all the preparations! all that is left is for the days to fly by so I can get the deed done. everyday is an emotional struggle. I know I will love my results. I just have to stay positive. I am excited. I wish time would go by faster.

Finally, the day has come!

I leave tomorrow. I don't KNOW what to expect. I am going alone and am Worried about being robbed. Should I take my laptop with me? I am not wearing any jewelry or expensive or flashy sun glasses. I cant wait to meet Dr. DIAZ.
I'll keep you updated.

i am finally post op!

So far i love ny results. My breasts are perfect. I am 1 day pos op and walked to the market to get some air. It was about 6 block and i wore a dang velour track suit because i had to conseal my drain. I nearly passed from the heat and my breasts were stinging by the time i got back to the hospital. I was so scared for nothing. The pain with lipo is fn annoying and the breast pain comes and goes. Everytime i want to complain about the pain, i look at at my new body and smiles. I dont want to offend anyone because, i a, a lady, but i cannot wait to take off my clothes for someone... anyone. I just want to flash the world. My results are only 1 day post op and will improce and i am this happy.

an itch that's a bit#@/@

At day five, i am feelinf great. My 1 complaint is the intense itching all over my back. Grrrrrr. Benadryl does not help. Love my results though.

bathing suits are fun again.

The faja hurts, but it hurts more when I don't wear it. I am in hell
Today, Dr. Diaz checked on me for a follow up and told me I would have to wear the Faja for 3 to 6 months!!! I hate it! I know I need to wear it and I will.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have had thw best experience with this doc amd tge entire staff. He is wonderful. He has been to see me 3 times since my surgery and i enjoy looking at him to. I have gotten naked for him everyday for the past three days amd didn't mind at all. He even made me feel comfortable naked preop. He is awedsome.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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