Recovery Home & Nurse Deposit- Dominican Republic

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I'm starting to hear Dr Baez can do a greater job...

I'm starting to hear Dr Baez can do a greater job and maybe changing my mind! I may be getting a quote soon I'm still doing my research before going to RD. I am planning in going next year in March to get my procedure done, I'm seeing what doctor has had patients with the best experience possible. This helps in making a decision, even though I want to go with Dr Duran but I have heard she does not answer many who come with Dr Baez. I just want to do more research on her work.

Done my deposit for my medical Procedure in DR

I have made my deposit hope I have a good experience, I will be updating on everything. I got my lab results my HEMO is 13, I ant taking anything yet just making sure where I'm starting off. I pray that this journey is a great experience so many of you can feel secure and safe of going to DR. I am just know worried what faja yo buy the size since I am now 183lbs expecting to lose at least 30lbs by November when its my surgery. I now have to get 1.) Passport 2.) Airplane ticket 3.) Supplies...... I am doing things step by step no rush and of course not doing things last minute. I will be on 1 year by November. Ladies just read and enjoy the reviews look like I have to learn about this journey, not everyone's journey is the same. But it does help to make good choices on Doctors, Recovery Homes, Nurses, and procedures you desire to have. I hope I can help anyone in any kind of way.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Just by reading from other people who have had procedures you can see what a doctor is cabaple of doing for you and how much do they care about your life.

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