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I'm new to this and kind of confused. Well for...

I'm new to this and kind of confused. Well for start I'm a mother of 3 I want a tt,bbl,and bl. My first doctor I've chosen was dr yily but then i seen dr duran reviews whats a girl to do. Dr. Yily was very up front with everything she quoted me 3900 for all three procedures which i thgt was a very good price she gave me information about the meds i need to take. What recovery house i need to go to. How i will get 3 free meals and one garment she was just very professional with everything i need and what to expect. Dr Duran quoted me 3800 and i had to email her in Spanish just to get a response but after she emailed me the quote i emailed her back asking for more details. I'm still waiting. All i want is the best results. I guess i will do more research because if i do choose dr yily she will be on maternity leave and i'm a full time student who cant take off until xmas break. Feeling confused and exhausted

wrong quote

Dr. Yily 4900 and Dr Duran 4800 for tt,bbl,and bl still waying my options and being more patience on Duran for more information

still waiting on Duran

Still waiting on feed back from Duran hopefully she will answer my questions soon then i will be able to choose an doctor

patiently waiting

OMG.. still waiting to hear from Duran i'm so ready to make an decision already. In the mean time its still Yily vs Duran who to choose?

Duran Doll

I decided to go with Dr Duran I've been doing a lot of researching and I heard more negative things about Dr yily yes yily does better waistline but i want a doctor with less negative commits for 1 im going out of my country which is already scary so I want a doctor that will be confronting my needs im not a needing person but I'm getting 3 procedures done so I need a lil TCL. Only problem I'm having is getting in contact with duran. So I decided to just give her all the money at once and set up a date. Money talks so I know she will respond then. Still waiting......


Just seen the most terrifying review about Dr Yily. Lisaandra34 check her review out its disturbing and sad

Money burning a hole in my pocket!

So I emailed Duran even tried to contact her on fb. She gave me an quote but I still wanted more info. She has not emailed me back and its has been almost a month I keep sending messages and emails, no reply from her I want to send her the money but how do I send it to her since she is not responding. Feeling frustrated looks like I will have to find another doctor

Thank You Bella Vita Consultant (Jazmine Navarro)

So after trying Duran Fb, whatsapp, instagram, and email address I almost gave up and went to another doctor. But thanks to Jazmine Navarro from Bella Vita I finally got a repl. Jazmine will handle everything for me finding me a place for recovery, a nurse, chauffer, and a cook for me and my family. So now I'm stress free. She charge $150 but to me it is worth the wait and checking your email everyday to see if Duran has response. I will be going to Duran in 9 moths June 2, 2014 I wish I can go right now but I am a full time student and I decided to take off for the summer to get my surgery. But I'm so excited I can't wait. Yaay!

9 months and counting

It feels like im having a baby lol anywho waiting on Jazmine to let me know how much additional lipo is I want my arms, chin, and thighs done. I can't wait for my new body. I want my body back, before I had kids every thing was in all the right places. Well I have along time before my surgery but I waiting 9 months to have my kids I can wait that long for surgery. June 2, 2014

wish pic

Love it love it love it!!!!!!!!!

it's official

So I sent my deposit to Jazmine who transferred the money to Duran. My final quote is $5050 that include TT, BBL, BL, and Lipo. My quote was originally $4800 but I wanted to add lipo to my arms which was an extra $250. So I will basically get full lipo. Now I'm just waiting on Jazmine to tell me what vitamins Duran need me to start taking. Can June 2, 2014 get here any faster.

The Countdown

Jazmine really has came through for me she is really an angel. Exactly 244 days for my new body..Duran here I come.

Ready to be Duranafied

Cant wait til my sx date. I find myself stalking ass lol sleep and dream of big butts. I know i have a long way to go before my sx but i have already started to get supplies. I started taking iron ferrous sulfate, one a day multivitamins, vitamin c, and folic acid, my stomach has not been agreeing with these vitamins but i will wait it out my body has to get use to them. I'm so excited Jazmine Navarro has really came through for me. Xoxo

Confirmation for my sx

Its in spanish but I used Google translator. Yaayyy im can't


Typo I can't wait

Yaris Sanchez wish pic

HOT MAMACITA! I love her curves yes maam she winning lol.

My Birthday Gift

So thinking about my sx date then i just realized that i will be in DR for my birthday. So i will call this a two for one special. If all goes well I will have new dunk for my birthday. A gift to me from my hubby. Yaay!

Wow Duran Prices Are Going up

It seems like the more popular a doctor get within a month their prices seems to get higher and higher. Reading some girls procedures I'm like wow just in August her quotes was $1000 to $2000 cheaper. Glad i got my quote before the popular started. But going over my email and quote from Duran i asked her how much for a tt, bbl, bl but she only quoted me for a tt, bbl and that was 4800. Now I'm think i have to add a $1000 on to that since she is raising her prices. Ummm got to ask jazmine to email duran for my final quote now

More wish pics

Kiya Renae love her projection. Small upper body with a nice butt


So I have exactly 220 days until my sx. Seem like time is dragging. But until than I am preparing myself mentally and physically for my sx. I'm trying to get myself healthy inside and out. I emailed Jazmine today so she can ask Duran do I need to shed some pounds. My height is 5'4 my weight varies 158-167 right now my weight is 165. I've read Duran comment on twitter stating that your Body Mass Index (BMI) have to be under 35 because if your over weight you will waste your time and money. So far I'm ok my BMI is 28 I will still like to shed some bonds at least have my BMI at 15 or 10. So lady its important to get in shape and healthy before your sx that's uf you want the best result. But I'm so excited everyday I'm stalking RS and video vixens butts. All I do is dream of me getting a new body. I can't wait. Tt, bbl and bl I whole new me/me before I had my kids

Duran IG stating your BMI

Sorry this was on her IG not Twitter

Don't have to drop some pounds

So I emailed Jazmine and Duran say I am the prefect weight for surgery. But I have to try not to gain any more weight. Jazmine says after surgery I will loose 10-20 pounds. My main concern is I do not want to have chicken legs with a big donk. I hope Duran can give me a good portion of trasfer fat to my buttocks. I want to look realistic not fake. But I want a real tiny waist with a phat ass.. so confusing

Big booty girls (hump with it) lol

All these girls with these big booties. I love them all so hard to choose the one I love the most.. Ashley Amour, Tammie Torres, Amazin Amie and Cubana Lust, love these women slope, and projection

About Me

26 years old
5'4 height
165 weight
Married and got 3 kids together (I am so not having anymore kids lol)
Full time student

I've been dreaming of getting my old body back. But I wanted to wait until I was completely done having kids. My husband is very supportive he is actually paying for my sx and can't wait either. Reading z lot of these women reviews and they are so helpful. No one want to go into surgery yet alone another country blindsided so thanks to all the ladies of RS for sharing your experience and your preparation xoxo

My Obsession!

My obsession with Amazin Amie. Love her body. She is very toned with a lot of curves and a nice big booty. Love her small waist and tiny upper body. I'm hoping i can get results like this. Make you wanna drool lol

Pics of Amazing Amie

Love it love it

Which recliner chair should I take?

Ok i have two chair to pick from both chairs/bed i was going to cut out a square so i won't but and pressure in my butt and hips. I'm getting a Tt, Bl, and Bbl with hips so i have to sleep upwards with a recliner position. So these one of these chairs/ bed will be where i rest for the whole entire recovery stay. Help which one should i choose

209 Days until Sx

So sitting here letting RS and Google consume my life. All I do is my homework my kids homework, and then I'm back on the Ipad researching on the different shapes of ass' s. My husband tells me I'm an addict because my daily conversation is about having a nice round upside down heart. Seem like my time is dragging but I can't wait I'm so excited and emotional in a good way at the same time. I always had a nice shape with killer legs. My mom and family always tell me I have nice thighs and legs. But now I'm a lil big on top I have rolls from my son I had that pregnancy diabetes and boy did I blow up 208 pounds they put me on a diet. Being pregnant and have to be but on a diet is the worst. Its torture lol. But since than I drop my weight from 208 to 165 my lowest was 158. I love my size I don't want to lose weight I just want a small waist 25 or 26 inch waist with a 42 or a 43 inch butt. Thanks to all the realself ladies you guys have been real helpful especially with the supply list. Just counting down my days. I always said I will have a Tt after I was completely done having kids and my time is here now. Yaay. My husband is happy he said he is proud of me because I finally doing something for myself. I one of those women that will do so much for any and everybody and forget about myself. Can't help it even though I'm 26 everybody tells me I have a old spirit. Hey I'm old fashion was raised like that. Especially with a grandmother and a mother like mines you have to be an old country gal lol. My mother doesn't believe in having sx she doesn't want me to go through with it. She say god made me this way for a reason. Talk about a joy killer lol but at the same time I understand my mom. But she has jumped on board she doesn't like it but she says she will support me and pray for me. Love my mommy. I know when I do get this sx it will be a life time of joy every women love to look good inside and out. I just can't wait the anticipation is killing me. Booowhooooo...

Thinking of getting some courage!

So i decided to post some pics of my body. Wow can't remember the last time i took pictures of my body without clothes.Oh boy wish me luck ladies will post soon. Pics coming soon.. to be continued..........

My Pre op pics

So I finally got some courage and uploaded my pre op.

Might get my chin lipo instead of my thighs

Thinking about get my chin lipo my goal is to look as ting as possible waist and up besides my tits lol. I want my hips and thighs, butt and thighs to match and look properly proportion. I don't wanna have skinny legs with huge hips and butt. I might look like a cartoon character. Well 7 month to go until my big day. Duran will give me body. Yesssss I can't wait. Until then I plan on working out a lil to tone my thighs and legs a lil more. Take my vitamins daily to boost my hemo level. Time will fly by fast I hope. Watching these girls review that are having there sx today best of luck, wishes, and prayers. And I can't wait to see yall new body. ????


Thin as possible.

RS beef between Doctor Duran and Yily

Ladies please stop the negative comments about both doctors. Both doctors are amazing at what they do. Yily os very talented at the waist and sculpting your body. Duran is talent at giving you project. Each doctor has their flaws no obe is prefect. I was reading a review where these ladies where arguing about which doctor they prefer. Yily has a attitude, she burn her patients and etc, Duran got to famous she can't response to emails, she is not too busy if she can post on fb, or ig and etc. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But i don't care what doctor you ladies choose as long as you are comfortable and your heart and gut tells you what doc to choose than im all for you. I would buddy up with some of yily patients im not going to say oh no your going to yily I'm team Duran. We all will be right at cipla getting a new and stylish body. I just hate some of the comments i read. All the belittling has to stop. We all are grown and we all want positive feed back because no one want to go through sx alone.

My price will change :(

So i did mention Duran only quoted me for a tt and bbl. But i asked her how much was a bbl,bl and tt. I re-read my email which she wrote me in Spanish thanks for the google translator. Lobg story short she quoted me 4800 just for the tt and bbl. What made me think it was for all three procedures was because Yily quoted me 4900 for all three and i thought Duran and Yily prices was almost the same. I know Duran has raised her prices but i had my quote since August thinking it was for all three procedures. Well now i know she will probably raise me price to 2000 more who knows. Waiting on jazmine to give me my new quote. Whatever it is my hubby said he will still pay for it. So im happy about that. I was just so excited about my first quote.

More Wish Pics!

I told myself i will RS a break. But i lied i can't help it i love seeing the transformation of these women new body. I can't wait to be transformed myself. Until than i will get my body prepared inside and out for sx. The count down exactly 204 days ready to be Duran new live size make over doll.

Doing Sx Anlone/ Recovery House

I can't wait for my sx date june 2. I will be doing this alone which I'm cool with i have the man above and a praying family. So i will be fine. I know my stay in DR will be ok i know i will run into some one who will have sx the on the same day as me. So far i have 3 recovery houses i like my top choice is The real recovery armonia. Second choice is angie silhouette. Third is daisy recovery house. Most likely i will choice the real recovery armonia my gut is telling me to go there especially since i'm going alone i will book my reservation in February that will be my 4 month pre po. So hopefullythe real armonia have availability. Again i am so excited can't wait to began my journey

Duran response

I was waiting on Jazmine to email me my new quote which she was still waiting on Duran. So I became impatience.. so around 8:00 Sunday night I tried to contact Duran on Facebook and whatsapp with full details. Yesss it worked Duran emailed me back at 8:09 saying to add a breastlift to my tt, bbl is $2000 more. Ugh... even though my husband is paying for everything I'm not selfish we have three kids together and I feel like I will be taking from my kids if I go with all three procedures.

LYMPHATIC MASSAGES- $31each for 10 sessions
Supplies I need for sx
Make me heal vitamins $50-$100
My sitting/bed folding chair cutting out the bottom for butt-$6-50
Maxi dresses
White tshirts
sweat pants
purified water bottles to bath my open wounds with
hand sanitizer
band aids
non-stick tape
antibacterial soap
tooth brush/paste
Poppy pillows
heating pad
I might missed something rounding grand total if I do all three procedures $13,000
Just bbl, and tt rounding grand total $9000

So I'm will just get tt, and bbl my mom and sister think I was over doing it because I do not have saggy boobs in fact they are very plumed with volume I just wanted my nipples to be move but I can always do that in states. So no breast lift at the moment. I can't wait I'm so excited it seems so serial.

Thinking of switching doctor!

So I'm having second thought i had previously got an quote from doctor Yily for a tt,bbl,bl for $4900 i had got some advice advice from a person that know all the doctors of cipla. Basically i was told money don't grow on trees and Duran is charging me 1900 more than Yily. Last night i got an quote from Dr Disla she is a sweet heart she responded very quickly and answered all my inquiries. My quote with Dra Disla is 5000 for all three procedures only 100 dollar more than Yily. Dra Disla does nice work also i would like to see more of her work i do know she did an amazing job on Supergirl. So I'm so confused on who to pick do i keep duran. Or go with Yily or Disla. I emailed yily waiting on a reply to see if she keeping her promise about honoring my quote i hope she will because i'm leaning more towards yily. I love her work especially njprbeauty and thenewmecomingsoon those girls are sculpted so prefect and natural. I want a natural look i don't want the nicki look. But i do want a very tiny waist with a nice bubble upside down heart booty. The decision i need to make. Gotta follow my gut and instincts. What to do ladies

Ass Ass Azz! More wish pics..

I'm starting to question my sexuality lol jk. But i find myself very obsessed with getting a new body/butt. Rs has become my life lol all i want for my birthday is a big booty me lol

Happy Thanksgiving!

From my family to your my you guys have a blessed day. Let's be thankful for everything we have hood ans bad. Lol and today is exceptional to gain weight and get stuffed

Happy thanksgiving pic!

Thanks to Mamacita1987.. I made a switch

So mamacita1987 has been real helpful she gave me the info on how to contact yily. Ive been talking to yily on whatsapp and she has locked in my date for June 2. Same sx date just a different doctor. I have choose Yily because she have time to answer all my question and concerns. I love Duran work but i am very nervous about going to another country and non of my questions have been answered. So yily it is. Yily old account has been hacked. So in January she will give out the new one.

Getting the works! Yily curves

Im Getting a tt,bbl and bl with lipo of the inner thighs, chin, arms, flanks, full back, arm pit total 5500. Im Saving 1300 yaay. Hook me up yily with the signature waist and curves lol. I'm so excited

Might have a sx buddy!

So if all goes well i might go to DR with a buddy fingers are cross. If not I'm quite sure i will meet someone in DR getting sx same day as me.

Time is flying!

6months pre already wow exactly 181days before i become and Yily doll i can't wait im so excited. And the more i see these new yily dolls make me realize my switch is a good decision. I still love Duran work she is an amazing doctor. But yily will give me grown woman curves lol yess give me my old body back

yily doll

Downloaded Period tracker app lol

Ok ladies i know this might sound crazy but i downloaded a menstrual app a.k.a the period tracker app. I'm making sure my friend lady red doesn't come and visit me while I'm in DR i need my hemo level to remain high. So far my cycle has been exactly on time with this app. Its looking like lady red will visit 2 weeks after my sx yaay for that for real. Now i have to remain stress free so i won't miss a day or make her visit early. Whoo siii (in martin voice) i will remain calm ladies until than. Hope this help ladies download an app keep calm and plan your sx weeks after your cycles. Until next time dolls xoxo. :-)

Already searching for tt tatoo cover up lol

I know its early but I'm already looking for a tt tattoo. I'm somewhat of a pain freak i have 12 tattoos already but i want to combine my thigh tattoo to my tummy tuck scar. I have my tattoos in places that can be cover up for job wise. My husband tells me all the time that he thinks i enjoy pain. I don't enjoy pain i just have a high tolerance. When u have kids it seem like pain is a nonfactor anymore. I feel like i'm Ford tough lol. But i know sx gone be a killer but i should be fine i think nothing is worst than giving natural birth. Those contraction are a killing lol i'm so excited cant wait until june exactly 178 days to go yaay!

Got A Buddy!

So found me a buddy my friend since way back decide to go to dr yily with me yaay. What a relieve. Doctor Yily emailed me yesterday saying june 2 is full but she told me on whatsapp that june 2 is available i think i confused her by emailing her and using whatsapp but she did say june 3 is available but either way its all good don't matter what day i go as long as its the beginning of June waiting to see if my friend can get a date with me. DR we are on our way to get fine and sexy yess I'm over due for getting sexy back have had 3 kids and i can't have anymore so now its time to get me back. I'm so excited

Prayers going up!

Praying that all these post op and pre op ladies have a safe and great recovery got wait to see you ladies. HAPPY HEALINGS TO ALL XOXO!

I'm a Real Friend

Yaay i got upgraded! I got a badge now lol but thank you RS i will continue to update and keep everything positive. *Muah* xoxo

Date got changed/ got to book flight!

Well I'm still satisfied Yily just emailed me saying June 2 is full but June 3 is available i told her i don't mind I'm ok with coming june 3 tbt i don't care when i go i just wanna go in june. So i can definitely wait a day later. But now i have to book a flight to lock in my day. Flight searching time

Yily Email

No sx buddy again :-(

I'm having the most worst luck called my buddy last night wondering why she haven't got back in touch with me to book a flight and rh. She said she wanna go but she just started a bew job and cant take off for too long. Ugh so I'm going to DR alone. I have join fb yily group I'm just going social site crazy lol this sx is taking over my life lol

Have anyone heard of Janet's Recovery House?

Wondering have anyone every stayed at Janet's RH it looks very nice it is also a spa she does facials, mani's, pedi's, and lymphatic massages. I'm thinking of staying there waiting on her to email me back to see how much it is and what will be included

Pics of Rh...booked RH with Janet Beauty Center

Talk to Janet Deschamps last night and booked with her for 12 days at $80 a day. Which includes pick-up from airport 3 meals a day and 10 massages for $200 here are some pics of the RH

Detox tea

So i had this Wu-yi oolong tea for a while its for detox and weight loss. I ordered it from ebay it is actually good its loose leaf tea which is very healthy. I don't want to lose weight i just want to detox so i will drink one cup a day if you want to lose weight then drink two to four cups a day. Only thing i hate is that i have to urinate a lot but that's part of detoxing your body is getting rid of the waste and pollution...

Wu-yi oolong tea

Forgot to post the pics of the tea

Worried :-(

My time is approaching very soon. I'm at the 5 month mark. But I'm worried about not being satisfied
I pay that my doctor can deliver the results. I only want to do the in one round. I know my doctor will snatched my waist that is guarantee. But my breast and butt is my main concern my doctor breast is not that great and her butt are somewhat bigg. But all I can do is have faith that my results will be stunning. Also I can't confirm my date until February 1 with yily and I pay she doesn't give my date away I sent her a long email about my financing right now and the holidays have put me in a dilemma. But February I will back on track my family comes first had to put a smile on there faces for Christmas. Maybe I'm just paranoid and excited at the same time all these mixed feelings can drive a person insane. Well while I gathered my thoughts hope you ladies had an excellent and blessed new year xoxo!!!

Good News From Yily

So yaaaaaaaayyyy Yily emailed me back. I'm still on the schedule for june 3 I explained to her about my financial situation that occurred around the holidays. Everything is back on track. Im so glad thw holidays is over. As for me well my classes start back on January 13th I want see rs that much time to focus back on my education. Anywho yaayy im screaming I'm going to be a freaking yily doll.............. I love the fact that Yily respond to my emails every time I like that I can talk to her without the third party. I still love my coordinator but I'm a very hands on person. I like to handle things on my own.

Found the perfect wish pic # Miracle Watts

I absolutely love Miracle Watts body she is the perfect wish pic for my body frame. She is not to big or small so hopefully yily can achieve this look.

Nothing have changed!

Just waiting for June 3. Been so focused on school and waiting for my sx date

Yily IG

Yily boobs are starting to improve... more confident in getting a breast lift now

Janet Rh!

I talked with janet yesterday to ask how big her rh is. She says its five bedroom but I fell in love with the rh even more after she told me that I don't have to bring any supplies she has everything. So now me and my buddy is ready to go. We only have to bring our clothes less luggage for us. Janet is a sweet heart love her can't wait to see her. Sharing a room is $70 a single room is $80 which include airport pick to and from doctor appt, 3 meals a day, healing supplies, hot water, spa treatment, massage 10 for $200 so $20 per massage, and 24 hour nurse care. I read her reviews on fb and everyone loves her hospitality. I know this is a good decision for me... I'm ready DR

Jaw dropping pic

I absolutely love this pic ???? blank look stare face 0_o

More Yily Boobs!

Yily dolls!

Yaay 4 months

So the count down is making me so nervous its becoming so surreal now. The anticipation is so overwhelming. But any who this week I will book my flight, apply for my passport and also send my deposit. Beforevi sebd my deposit I have to sit down and pray. I'm having doubts don't know if its just my nerves but I pray I will be satisfied with yily. DO u dolls start to have doubts at the last minute?

Booked flight/ Date confirmed!

Seem so surreal now booked my flight and sent it to Yily. Sge emailed me back and sent an automated message that let you click and accept the sx date and then you will be confirmed. Love her new email system. Only concern I have us the invite/confirmation date was June 2 so now I'm confused I don't know if my sx date is June 2nd or 3rd either one is fine with me. Now Monday I will apply for my passport. So far everything is falling in place. I got my rh, sx date, flight. DR here I come in full affect. Can't wait so excited 4 monthsvto go!


What's New!

Well for start I applied for my passport today let's pray it goes through. I bought my make me heal kit called Harmony Healing Kit (Pre/Post Surgery Vitamins, Arnica Montana & Kelo-Cote Scar Gel 2-Pack) everything is going ok so far it just seems so surreal right now I'm going to DR yaaaaaayyyyyy so excited!!!

It's Official!!!!!!!!!!!! Drum rolllll...

Well I got my old date back June 2 actually it wasn't never taken from me Yily had me schedule for both days June 2nd and 3rd lol. I called the office to see exactly what date I have and that's when I was told I was scheduled for both days. Lol weird but I picked june 2. So yaay a day early. I can't wait 107days left

Heck Yeah!

Well I'm at my 90 days mark. Yes I'm so ready and excited. I got all my supplies now i just have to pack them. I brought make heal vitamins, boppy pillow, Tylenol extra strength, stool softner, lipo foam, ez travel urinal, breast lift surgical bra, hibiclens soap, wipes and pads. I will also pack tooth brush and paste, a lil makeup bag, maxi dresses, t-shirts and deodorant. I put $100 deposit down for my rh (janet rh). Now i'm just waiting on my passport. I also have to buy Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer. I ready to be a DR Barbie.

Wish Pic!


So my passport has arrived. Yaaay its so official now i have everything i need for DR.. super excited

My final change!

So i changed doctors again. I'm going to the King of Barbies Dr Hector Cabral this is my final decision. He always have time to answer my questions. He speaks English his communication skills is excellent. I switched because is work skills is amazing despite all the bad talk people say about him I'm still going to him because his work is consistent it never changes. With yily her butts are sometimes big but her waist is always perfect. Duran is good also. But Cabral i am promised to get the results i want i refused to do round 2 i don't want to put my body through any more trauma. I'm getting a bbl,tt,bl without implants and full lipo he quoted me $5800. Consultation is $185, medication $220 if you don't bring any from home, faja stage 1&2 $220. I'm extremely excited i know this is the best decision for me. Every doctor isn't perfect and every patient has different health issues. So just be honest with your doctor so that any mistakes can be minimal. 67 days until i become a Cabral Barbie

YAAaayyyy 60 days

Well time is really flying I am now at my 2month mark and i started at 10 months away. I'm excited i have everything packed and ready. I'm have been nervous lately but can't let it get the best of me. My lab work came back to today everything is normal i was hoping that my hemoglobin was higher but it is only 12.6 I'm praying i can get my levels up before June.

Omg... tears of Joy!!!!!

So this seem so surreal my time is approaching in 30 days. I have so many mixed feelings, joy, scared, anticipation, anxiety, and tears. I feel so bi-polar right now. My dreams is going to come true. Not only will my dream come true but my confidence will come back. I love my kids and i love that my body was once their home. Giving life is beautiful and a blessing. But they took mommy body now I'm taking it back abd it will look better than every. This has been a long journey for me. But I'm ready. Lord Jesus when my sx day approach but your blood over me and protect me. Protect these women that are going to have sx as well in your precious name i pray Amen...

Not getting a breast lift!

So i decided not to get a breast lift i figured i can do that in states. I just feel like I'm doing to much all at once so I'm getting a tt, bbl full back lipo including inner thighs and arms. Hopefully he will be nice and throw a lil chin lipo in lol. I'm excited i have on 24 days until I'm on the the other side. This whole sx thing has opened up another world for it feels like I'm in a sorority sister hood. Through this process I've made friends and some of them I'm closer to than other. But i love this sorority we have built. Thanks ladies for the support xoxo

Meds on board!

So my doctor prescribed me tramadol for pain and methocarbamol for muscle relaxer. I'm also taking Tylenol pain reliever with me as well. I hope this meds are strong enough

Almost time that time!

I'm super excited. I can hardly wait

Wish pics!!!

Thgt should share some more wish pics!


Two weeks left baby yesssss I'm so ready like spongebob lol

Yaaaaaaaayyy to the Yeah!

I'm officially 10 days away from landing in DR and 11 pre op... Thank god my lady red friend will be leaving friday kudos to her I will not miss her. But anywho I started taking gertiol with my iron pills and my pre op make meal heal vitamins. I so ready for this to be over this is a life changing event for I haven't been so happy for something since giving birth to my 3 babies. Now mommy is ready to get her body back. I'm finally doing something for me and it feel damn good. Thanking GOD for letting me get this far whatever I desire GOD shall delivery amen.... thanking him and advance

More wish pics!!!

Counting down my days I'm only one week away yaaaayy!


I'm just preparing my mind, body, and thoughts mentally i know sx will not be a walk in the park. So taking extra precautions on this journey. So hyped and ready tho.... :-)

FLYING TO DR!!!!!!!!!


Sx is today!

All my labs and everything came back normal. Yess will be having sx in few minutes... I'm ready

No pain!

I'm doing well I'm not in any pain sx went great my hemo was 13.1. I had got a tt, bbl, bl lipo to arms and inner thighs. I love my results and i will update pics later

Dr. Lima

So i switched doctor best decision i have ever made. I got a tt, bbl, bl, lipo arms, inner thighs and full back. Dr Lima has his own private clinic which i absolutely love i'm in no pain at all. Sx went excellent. Janet rh is perfect and so sanitary i love her whole family. I just got my first lymphatic massage today and it felt good but soreness at the same time Janet and her staff is amazing her spa is connected to her rh and its very professional. Overall my experience with Dr lima and his assistant Janet is amazing. When i am able to stand up completely i will take butt pics.. thank you all for your support

Doing fine!

Hey ladies thanks foe the support I'm doing great I'm healing and very I'm very healthy. I'm still swollen and draining but still no pain just discomfort

Ugh... still swollen

I absolutely can't not wait for the swelling to be over with. I'm ready f2f or a half top shirt lol. Overall my sx experience has been great. I took my drain out and now I'm in my stage 2 garment. Really stage 2 feel like uts stopping my breathing but it is so worth it I'm seeing my results so much better now. I love Dr Lima and Janet their whole team has been a blessing to me. My switch has been my best decision by far. Will upload more pics soon...

Happy Camper!!

All is well just a quick update i love my results everyday gets better. My measurement are 36, 26, 44 i will upload pics later. I absolutely love Dr. Lima work best decision i ever made.

Post op pics!

Breast lift no implants. Tt and bbl with Dr. Lima

post op pics dr lima!

Had to remove some pics to cover up my tattoos

Removed pics

Ok ladies i removed my post op pics those who have seen them thanks for the support. I removed them because my pics made it Facebook in some groups that i don't approve of. I don't won't my pics all over yhe web even tho I've blocked my face and tats i just still know i will surface up some where. Now i see why girls disappear after sx.

Round 2 with Dr Lima again!

I'm now 6 month post op with Dr Lima. Love my results but i already have a date with Dr Lima again for round 2 this time i will only get full lipo March 30th 2015 i can't wait yet again I'm excited!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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